Why did Sharna Burgess was kicked out of the DWTS show? 

The feisty dancer Sharna Burgess has been in this profession since her early childhood. She has faced many hardships and struggles to be what she’s today, let’s peep into her story to appraise her life story! 

Age & Birthplace 

Sharna Burgess was born on June 21st, 1985, in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. 

She is 37 years old by 2022. Her constellation sign according to her date of birth is Gemini. 

She holds Australian nationality and she belongs to the White ethnicity.  

Early Life 

Sharna was given birth by her parents named Ray Burgess and Lucy Burgess. Burgess shared two siblings, Burgess Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Valentin Chmerkovskiy.  

Sharna has been raised in a happy and jubilant household. Since her childhood, she has been involved in extracurricular activities, her favorite of hers was dancing. With her flawless dancing abilities, she used to entertain her loved ones and her local neighborhood.  Although Sharna grew up as a tomboy, dancing was something that she pursued in stark contrast to her personality.  

When Sharna grew up to be 5 years old, she trained in gymnastics, Jazz, and ballet. At turn 8, she initiated practicing ballroom dance. She also participated in several competitions at the local and national levels, which she won because of her exceptional dancing skills.  

She took part in world dance championships. Her dance performances were usually related to Latin and standard styles. In 2000, a ceremony was held at a Summer Event in Sydney, New Southwest, Australia where she charmed the guests with her impeccable dance. This summer Event lasts from September 15th to October 1st as it was a sporting occasion. 


During her entire childhood, even in school, she has been more zealous and passionate about dancing among all other extracurricular activities.  

When she turned 5, she was enrolled in ballet, jazz, and gymnasium training.  

At 8 years of her age, she was enrolled in ballroom classes. So her education is purely based on her dancing and gymnastic training.  

During her entire childhood, even in school, she has been more zealous and passionate about dancing among all other extracurricular activities.  

All her training proved to be worthwhile for her as she learned all the tactics to practice in her professional career  When Sharna turned 18, sad migrated to London, she pursued her professional career there.  

Physical characteristics 

The stunning Sharna Burgess has beguiling looks and a charming personality. She stands at an average nice height around 5’4”, and weighs approximately 52kg.  

Sharna possesses compelling pair of warm blue eyes and her natural hair color is blonde but she is occasionally seen dying her hair. Just recently, she dyed her hair a striking burgundy color, which somehow suits her fair complexion.  


As per her earlier life, she has been training since her childhood. When Sharna turned 18, she starred for the first time in a TV show, ‘Simply Ballroom’, which was a UK tour show. In which she had dyed her hair fiery red color.  

Sharna was welcomed to a live dance show named ‘Burn the Floor’ by the choreographer Jason Gilkison. Afterward, she became the official member of the show and served for almost 6 years. 

Her official career breakthrough was when she made her appearance on TV in the Australian Dancing show, ‘Dancing With The Stars, and a TV show, ‘So You Think You Can Dance. At first, she became a troupe member in season 13th.  

During season 16, she was paired up with Andy Dick, a film producer musician, comedian, and American actor. She worked laboriously and aimed to be the best partner.  

In season 17, she worked with a retired football player in the NFL, Keyshawn Johnson.  

In season 27, she was awarded as a winner with Bobby Bones, who happens to be an American radio and TV host.  

In season 27, she was awarded as a winner with Bobby Bones, who happens to be an American radio and TV host.  

On February 2nd, 2019 she joined the Australian version as the only female artist. 

In season 29, the executive producer denied her casting in the show but she remained optimistic and made it to the finale for the 5times in her 13-season tenure. 

In 2020, she sat as a judge with ‘Dance With The Stars’ Australia.   


Sharna has been nothing but extremely passionate about achieving what she has today. She availed every opportunity to grow her career, and polish her maximally to make her performances award-worthy.  

  • In 2018, due to her endless efforts and incredible performance she won the winner of the series ‘Dance With The Stars’ with her dance partner, Bobby Bones in the 27th season.  

Sharna Burgess’s Dance Performances 

Sharna has worked with ‘Dancing with the Stars for approx. 8 years. During their tenure, she accompanied the choreographer of ‘So You Think You Can Dance, Jason Gilkison for the dance steps’ in American and Australian versions. 

For the 16th season of the series, she officially partnered up with an American comedian actor, Andy Dick. 

During her dance performances, she has partnered up with celebrities, including, Noah Galloway (Olympic ice dancer), Keyshawn Johnson, Antonio Brown, Bonner Bolton (pro bull rider), Derek Fisher an NBA player, and Bobby Bones a radio personality.  

Burgess and her established Dance partners reached the top three due to their incredible performances. 

She made it to the grand finale of the Dance competition three times before she was announced as the reigning champion of the 27th season where she performed with Bobby Bones. Her journey went smoothly and tremendously from the time of her as a troupe member in the 13th season till her winning season.  

When the dancers were being cast for the 28th season, the executive producer told her that they couldn’t pair her up with anyone. The news was quite shocking and saddening for her but she took it like a queen and consider it positively.  

Relationship history 

In 2010, Sharna had a relationship with an Australian choreographer, Paul Kirkland with whom her companionship lasted for 5 years. 

In 2017, rumors sparked of her being involved with her dancing partner, Bonner Bolton. The rumors were dulled as they closely interacted in their performance, Dance with Stars. After that, in the same year, word spread of Sharna having a fling with an American actor, Pierson Fode, which they claimed after a while of being silent.  

Relationship history of Sharna Burgess.

Burgess’s relationship was a bit unstable due to her being a tomboy.  

Sharna Burgess’s current Boyfriend 

Despite of having a long history of temporary relationships, Sharna Burgess has finally settled with Beverly Hill’s actor, Brian Austin Green. They bumped into each other by their mutual friend’s intervention. In February 2022, the couple announced that they are going to expect their child very soon. Brian already had three children with his ex-wife Megan Fox and one with Vanessa Marcil.   

Sharna Burgess children by whatsmind.

On June 28th, Sharna and Green welcomed their child by sharing a black-and-white photo of a baby boy on Instagram, where the 48 years old Green is holding the newborn’s tiny hand.  

Sharna wrote in her Instagram caption, “My heart is now forever outside of my body,”  

She further added that her son Zane is a ridiculously cute baby, by comparing him to his father,  

“Like father, like son,” Burgess said with swoon-worthy sentiments. 

After a week, they showed their child’s face when he was peacefully sleeping.  

Social media 
Sharna has been observed to be quite active on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc

Sharna has been observed to be quite active on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Her follower count exceeds 981k on Instagram where her username is @sharnaburgess. She has 184k followers on Facebook, and more than 151k on her Twitter account. She has approximately 14.5 subscribers on her YouTube channel.  

Her verified TikTok account has more than 19k followers and 589.1k likes. Burgess also owns a merch where she sells a plethora of products and shared her official email address for any kind of business query.  

Net worth 

Burgess’s net worth is estimated to be approximately  $1 million by the recent reports of 2022. Her income sources include her dancing profession. She has professionally danced at municipal, national, and international levels. Sharna has represented her country at the world championship in dancing. She has starred in various movies and TV series, including ‘So You Think You Can Dance, and ‘Dancing with the Stars, which all contribute to her annual income.  

FAQs on Sharna Burgess 

Who is Sharna Burgess?  

She is a professional dancer; she has been a part of ‘Dancing with the Stars Australia and also performed in several Dance shows.  

Is Sharna Burgess a lesbian?  

No, although she grew up as a tomboy, she is straight and has a history of dating several men.  

Why did Sharna Burgess wasn’t cast in season 29 of DWTS Australia? 

She was kicked out by the executive producer, although the exact reason is not known. However, she was saddened to hear this but she moved on really quick. 

Who is Sharna Burgess currently dating? 

She is currently dating Brian Austin Green, she recently has given birth to his son, and the couple is deeply in love.  

How many children does Sharna Burgess have? 

She has given birth to a son in June 2022, and he is named Zane. She loves him unconditionally.  

What is the net worth of Sharna Burgess? 

Her total net worth is estimated to be $1M.  

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