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Faizon Andre love who has been struggling since he was a teen and has played TV debut, Movie debuts, and given voice-over to animated movies, has been scandalized numerous times and was arrested several times as well. Let’s look into his story to have a gist of his life!  

Age & Birthplace 

Faizon Love was born on June 14th, 1968 in Langston Faizon Santisima. He’s 54 years old by 2022. His constellation sign as per his date of birth is Gemini.  

He was raised in Southeast San Diego, California, and Newark, New Jersey due to his father’s profession who was in U.S. Navy.  

Faizon belongs to the black race and is of African-Cuban descent.  

Distinctive features; Height & weight 

Faizon is unerringly considered one of the bulkier Hollywood actors. He stands at approximately 5 feet 10 inches, in correspondence to that, his weight is roughly 158kg. 

Faizon Love has started taking concerns regarding his weight. Resultantly, he is exerting himself to maintain a balanced diet. 

Faizon has mischievous dark brown eyes and is predictable considering his heritage, and he is Bald.  

Concerning Faizon’s distinctive features, he has a round face, Snub Nose, thick lips, and thicker Eyebrows.  

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Faizon spent much of his childhood and earlier life in New Jersey. Unsurprisingly, he attended high school in New Jersey at his residential place.  

Faizon earned a degree from Moose High School, Southeast San Diego.  

Although there is not much information on his education history, it is assumed he holds a degree from a high education institution.  


Faizon was rather close to his parents in his childhood, but his personal life has always remained under the radar. He has also been quite secretive while revealing his family. Although, as per the reports, his parents’ names have been revealed, his father Richard was in U.S. Navy, while his mother’s name is Ernestine. Although, the profession is not known. 


Melanie Brown, Faizon love relationship

Faizon’s personal life has never been confronted by the actor himself. He has always remained tightlipped while disclosing his private life. The actor and the comedian have indulged in several scandals and controversies concerning his private life in the passing years.  

In 2012, Faizon revealed the identity of his love lady, Melanie Brown in a tweet, who happen to be a professional singer.  

Although, the netizens are still wondering whether he was serious about his confession about the singer or not.  

Similarly, Faizon again posted a picture with a lady mentioning her as his sunshine. Faizon has quite a way of being cryptic about his relationship status.  

His flings aside, Faizon is married and has a gorgeous daughter named Archy.  

A career at a blooming age 

Faizon had the kick-start of his career at the age of 15 as a standup comedian, afterwards, he had his first debut in acting. 

After three years roughly at the age of 18, he indulged in acting by being on and off in this profession, he officially played his debut in Off-Broadway in the Harlem national black theater. 

The multifaceted actor clutched his talent and decided to make an appearance in the animated movie, ‘Bebe Kids’.  

Blooming career of Faizon love at a early age

Right after that, he started appearing in movies like ‘The Meteor Man, ‘B.A.P.S’ and ‘The Replacement’.  

Faizon never backed off from working hard and is highly devoted to his career. He performed tremendously in the movie ‘Friday’, where he played the role of a drug dealer.  

In 1992, he also gave his voice to an animated cartoon. 

Movies & Brand Endorsements  

He portrayed himself as outstanding in the films such as Made, The Meteor Man, The Replacements, B.A.P.S, and Couples Retreat. 

His first theatrical film debut where he played the role of Maurice, where he was portrayed as the Woman’s Husband in the action-comedy The Meteor Man. 

In 1992, he made his theatrical film debut as Robin Harris in the comedy movie, Bébé’s Kids.  

Faizon made his first TV debut on Def Comedy Jam as ‘Himself’ in 1993.  

Besides acting, Faizon has also endorsed Boost Mobile Wireless Company.  

Controversies and Criticism  

Faizon has indulged in several controversies in the past years. Primarily, he was criticized for showing support to his fellow actor and comedian Bill Cosby who was accused of sexual assault.  

During the mid-2010s, when Cosby was guilty of rape, drug-induced sexual assault, child sexual abuse, sexual battery, and sexual abuse by over 60 women, Faizon was the first person to stand up for him initially on the Instagram post, and later on, got discouraged by the Twitter community in November 2014. 

He also made derogatory remarks about the women who accused Cosby on Twitter, he also spoke against Black people who also supported those women instead of Cosby’s defensive statements, which got him under the heated comments of his fans.  

Faizon physically attacked comedian Hannibal Buress who mention such allegations during a show, and later on, also tried to defame news anchors like Goldie Taylor and Richelle Carey. But when Taylor how ridiculous his behavior was, he has to back off from his insulting statements.  

In July 2015, when the court revealed that Cosby had indeed drugged women with Quaaludes, his supporters who were backing him initially took their statements back, but Faizon was still adamant about supporting him and instead criticized black people who backed off.  

Coincidentally, Cosby was caught indecently assaulting a victim and was charged to prison with a 3-10 years sentence. 

In August 2018, Faizon was also accused of sexually harassing his assistant, Tashiana Luke, who worked just 17 days for him. 

In March 2017, he was arrested by cops for being involved in a violent brawl with a valet at John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio. He initially denied all the accusations but when he was proved guilty by several viral clips where he was seen grabbing the valet from behind the neck and throwing him over the ground, he took his pleas back to avoid jail.  

He was also arrested again for being guilty of fourth-degree domestic assault in June 2011, when he was already on probation for assault.  

Net worth 

Faizon Love has gained huge popularity and fame throughout his career and has made his name in the entertainment industry. The famous star doesn’t possess just fame and name but a whopping amount of money as well.  

As per reports, Faizon has an approximate net worth of $8M. He has several income sources such as social media revenue, the movie industry, Reality shows, comedy shows, and sponsorship.  

FAQs on Faizon Love 

Who is Faizon Love? 

He is a famous stand-up comedian and actor who has appeared in several movies, and TV shows and given his voice in animated movies and cartoons.  

Does Faizon love belong to the black race?  

Yes, he belongs to the Black race. 

What was Faizon Love’s first movie? 

His first movie was The Meteor Man, an action-comedy where he played the role of Maurice. 

Has Faizon love appeared in a TV show?  

Yes, he made his first TV debut in 1993 as Himself on Def Comedy Jam. 

Why Faizon love was criticized? 

He was criticized for supporting his fellow actor and comedian Bill Cosby who was charged with sexual assault. 

What is the total net worth of Faizon love? 

He earns approximately $8M. 

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