Allison Wardle: Ex Wife of Graham Wardle

Where the beautiful lady Allison Wardle has gone? It’s still a question mark! The taciturn lady who happens to be the ex-wife of handsome Graham Wardle has been a mystery for the media.

She is a remarkable photographer and has always kept the media wondering about her life. Let’s dig into her story to find out what she has in store for the peeping eyes!

Biography of Allison Wardle

Alison Wardle, Graham Wardle’s ex-wife’s birth name Allison Poff was born in 1980, although the date is not known. But as per the information available, she is 42 years old by 2022.

Allison was born in Canada, thus she holds Canadian nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.


There is no accessible information concerning Allison’s education, not even the school she attended. She is an introvert and a secretive person and keeps all of her information to herself.

Physical characteristics

The gorgeous lady stands at 5”2’ approximately 157 cm, although her weight remains unknown. Allison possesses a fair complexion and a pair of striking hazel eyes perfectly complimenting her skin tone and brunette hair which hardly ever makes her glossed over.   The lady owns a pretty smile and an enchanting personality overall.


Allison Wardle got popularity by being the wife of famed actor Graham Wardle, but besides this, she has magnificent photography skills adding to her talent. Her ex-husband also appreciated her talent by voicing out in an interview that she possesses an excellent photographic eye.

He, himself also posts some of her work o  his social media accounts and applauds her. The lady could be frequently seen traveling to numerous places because of her fondness for photography.


Because Allison is reticent, she never revealed her family, Sibling, and her earlier life and always kept the media wondering over these small pieces of information.

Allison and Graham Wardle’s Marriage

The only information available about her family is her marriage to Graham Wardle. The couple got hitched back in 2015. Although, Wardle has got celebrity status and his wedding was expected to be extravagant but still, the marriage discreetly happened in the presence of close friends and family. There is not much information on how they met, but it’s obvious that they relish their time together.

Allison Wardle’s Ex-Husband

Graham Allison’s ex-husband is a famed Canadian actor, director, film producer, and writer. He has played some tremendous roles in popular series namely Heartland which is a CBC series in which he portrayed the role of Ty Bordon.

In addition to that, Graham has also made an appearance in movies like Supernatural released in 2005, and Women’s Land (2007).

Allison Wardle: Ex Wife of Graham Wardle

Moreover, Graham has produced several projects like Vessels with friends and Capilano Alumni. Being the wife of such a fabulous star, Allison receives similar reverence and love. Graham and his co-star Amber Marshall had sizzling chemistry in the reel for a long time which made the fans wonder why they haven’t fallen for each other but as both were married the spark didn’t happen in real life.

The duo married in April 2015 and were together for 4 years. The couple was frequently seen in public by attending events and award ceremonies hand in hand. Moreover, Allison was supporting him and the couple was attending the premier of season 10 of the Heartland series at the Calgary International Film Festival.

The couple spent a blissful time together. Allison didn’t conceive during the while as they weren’t in rush to start a family. Allison likes to be low-key and hardly ever reveals anything about her life. She has no social media account and is rarely caught by media on the outside.

Life of Allison Wardle after Divorce

Despite the couple having a blissful time together, their marriage didn’t last for a long while. They parted ways in 2018, but the reasons remain uncovered due to both of them were tight-lipped about their separation. Graham did discuss the divorce on a live broadcast on Facebook in 2020 but still, the actual reason remains obscure.

Allison has remained low-key throughout her life and has never been eloquent about her matters. Although they didn’t remain together for a lifetime still we wish them happiness.

Net Worth

Allison earns approximately $3 million as per various resources. Her income source is her exceptional photography which is quite evident in the posts of her ex-husband.

She has also made an appearance in the movie ‘Land of Women besides Adam Brody and Meg Ryan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Allison Wardle?

The hazel-eyed gorgeous lady is the ex-wife of popular Canadian star Graham Wardle.

What is Allison Wardle’s career?

She is a photographer by profession and travels a lot to capture captivating photographs. But she got the popularity after her marriage to Graham Wardle who happens to be a Canadian actor.

Does Allison Wardle have any children?

No, she didn’t conceive during her marriage.

Who is Allison Wardle’s husband?

Graham Wardle, an eminent actor, director, producer, and writer is her husband.

Why did Allison Wardle break up with Graham Wardle?

The reasons remain unknown, they never revealed what went wrong.

What is the net worth of Allison Wardle?

She earns approximately $3 million.

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