Baking Gear – Mixer

Baking requires a lot of abilities and gear. With the right preparation hardware, you can finish everything impeccably, and have the option to partake in the cut of cake you make without any preparation.

One of the main bits of baking gear that you need to have is a stand blender.

Indeed, the stand blender is so significant in ensuring you are blending every one of the baking fixings appropriately. You would not have any desire to utilize a hair and blend every one of the fixings physically, as it tends to be really tiring and exceptionally weighty practising for your hands and biceps.

In spite of the fact that utilizing the hand to blend the fixings is the customary method of baking, we strongly suggest you utilize a stand blender all things being equal. This mechanical development of kitchen machines will give ease to the preparing system and ensure every one of the fixings is impeccably blended.

It is likewise wise speculation on the grounds that a stand blender will be extremely valuable in the kitchen. You can utilize the blender for a wide range of cooking, and top-notch electrical kitchen apparatuses last longer as well.


This 2.8L stand blender is one of the top mixers for baking in Malaysia, a reasonable blender that will satisfy you and your pocket. It has every one of the essential capacities and provisions, which settles on it the most ideal decision for amateur pastry specialists.

The machine size is little, with a greatest limit of 2.8 liters. It has a size measurement of 190cm x 300cm x 340cm. The thing makes a decent counterpart for a more modest family, with a little or medium-sized kitchen.

It accompanies 5-speed control and an additional super choice. You can utilize the distinctive speed choices for an alternate sort of blending. The speed is controllable by means of a basic speed regulator, with extra fasteners to wind down the apparatus on and, just as to confine its hair.

2. Butterfly 6.5L Heavy Duty and Commercial Stand Mixer

This is an uncompromising stand blender that will be exceptionally valuable for baking. The apparatus is intended to take into account rock-solid preparing however can likewise be utilized in your home kitchen.

The apparatus has a greater limit of 6.5 liters and is fueled with 1000 W of energy. Since it is a substantial machine, the use of energy may be heavier, yet when contrasted with the incredible blending capacity it is giving, it is absolutely awesome.

The entire machine has a modern look with its tempered steel body. The blending bowl is likewise treated steel, which gives higher strength when contrasted with plastic.

Baking Gear - Mixer
Baking Gear

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3. Elba 4.2L Stand Mixer

The Elba 4.2L Stand Mixer is the ideal apparatus to use for preparing at home. The brand guarantees that this apparatus has the best and best quality, and higher toughness as well.

It has the greatest limit of 4.2 liters and is controlled with 300 W of energy. The limit is simply ideal for family use, and you can heat for the whole family impeccably.

The machine has a 5-speed work and an extra super speed choice. The speed is controllable through a speed regulator on top of the stand blender, and you can undoubtedly change the speed, just as control different capacities like catapulting the bristle.

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