Gaming Chair: Introduction, Advantages, Drawbacks & Factors To Consider Before Buying

To enjoy immersive gameplay, what do we seek the most? Undoubtedly the place where we can slouch on while controlling the game. Therefore, gaming chairs have gained huge popularity just recently and these racer chairs have emerged as stylish and modern equipment but are they healthy to sit on every day? 

The ergonomic chairs have been introduced to provide unparalleled comfort to gamers with their exceptional functionalities. 

Isn’t it amazing how these gaming chairs have elevated the gaming ambiance and become essential shortly?

In this guide, we will delve deeper into knowing what a gaming chair, what is its ultimate use, its drawbacks, and the factors you must consider before buying it.  

What Is A Gaming Chair? 

Are you a PC enthusiast and love surfing time on games? But sitting continuously poposesackache along with many problems namely inconvenience. To tackle these problems, a gaming chair has been invented to play computer or console games while maintaining correct body posture.

Ergonomic chairs aren’t only limited to gamers, even employees in offices and other workplace settings prefer them as it’s designed as per your body measurements and provide maximum comfort. 

If you building your gaming room, then this gaming chair must be an essential. 

Is Your Money Worth The Gaming Chair? 

Why the gaming chair is preferred, and is it a better choice than the regular office chair? It’s worth every penny as it adapts to the owner’s body dimensions and ensures a healthy sitting posture. There are other factors which are compelling enough to make a sound choice of buying it: 

Shape of Gaming Chairs 

The noteworthy thing about gaming chairs is their shape, they look beautiful and typically go with the name, racing chair. There’s a bucket seat featured in these ergonomic chairs which ensures a better sitting position. 

It’s not just about comfort, is it? It also enhances the enthusiasm, as the gamers get into another worth where they are driving off Lamborghini while playing Need for Speed

Gaming Chair: Introduction, Advantages, Drawbacks & Factors To Consider Before Buying

Another plus point of the design is how it blends into your gaming setup it looks more futuristic and matches the gaming desk. But remember with all the good things, there’s a matter of concern like the bucket seat which is elevated and leaves little room for movement to the gamers. Such ergonomic chairs adversely impact blood circulation comparatively to regular chairs especially if you like sitting cross-legged. 

Material of Gaming Chairs

What is it made up of? It’s usaully manufactured using materials like PU leather or real leather along with several other material choices. Why It’s better than the normal chairs? These ergonomic ones made up of real leather are soft, strong, and durable and don’t cause sweating when someone sits over them. 

Such chairs hardly got wear and tear, isn’t it just great? However, one thing which makes it a bad choice is it doesn’t get cleaned easily and the stairs just don’t go away. You can easily resolve this problem by buying a gaming chair in black.

PU leather in gaming chairs is usually an imitation leather made of plastic such as Polyurethane and soft PVC. The coating of the material is waterproof and absorbs more sweat, but good thing these can be cleaned easily as it isn’t prone to get bad by cleaning agents.

However, to clean real leather, you only need to use oil and wax to keep it sturdier. No worries, even the cheapest ergonomic gaming chairs are comparatively made of better quality. 

The price of each shape and size varies as per the material used whether it’s real leather or PU or its essential functionality. 

Drawbacks of Gaming Chair

There are certain drawbacks that you might need to endure while using a gaming chair.

  • The bucket seat or the racing seat isn’t quite ergonomic which restricts your movements. It even slows down blood circulation. 
  • There’s not much choice in the materials used, as these are only manufactured using real leather or PU leather. 
  • Cleaning real leather is a struggle and quite expensive. Real leather isn’t waterproof so it can only be cleaned using wax or oil. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair

The thing that matters the most while buying a gaming chair is the bodily measurement. The gaming chair design differs among men and women, and even among tall and smaller people. 

You need to be vigilant to consider all the manufacturer’s specifications to check whether this gaming chair suits you or not: 

Body Size 

Each person has a different body size which doesn’t make it an all-rounded choice for every gamer. Your chair must be height-adjustable so you can elevate or lower down the height accordingly.  

The height and width of the backrest must be tailored as per your personal choice, height, and weight by optimally levelling to the desk.


The backrest of the gaming chair should be height-adjustable so the top edges cushion your shoulder blades.

Gaming Chair: Introduction, Advantages, Drawbacks & Factors To Consider Before Buying

Moreover, they should be at least 45 cm above the seat to put your head behind them.


It is entirely dependent upon your arm’s length, and what is its purpose? These help to relax your neck area and the shoulders, and us accurately adjusted when your upper and lower arms are at 90⁰angle.

To avoid having pressure marks, go for a soft armrest as these are comfortable enough to relax you. 

Lumbar Support

It’s an ergonomic back support, which provides support to the lower back which is bent forward while sitting. 

A human spine is divided into five parts: The cervical, thoracic, lumber spine, sacrum, and coccyx.  The lumbar support must be adjusted as per height or the curvature. It significantly reduces back pain. 

Chair Mechanics

The rocking mechanism of the gaming chair is important for relieving back pain. It can even be adjusted backward up to 180⁰. The tilting feature further helps to relieve intervertebral discs which trigger while continuous sitting. 

The mechanism must be adjusted in this manner so that only minimal force to required to lay back.I’m afraid you won’t find this adjustable feature in the normal office chair or even ergonomic office chairs lack it. 

The greater the degrees of movement your armrest provides, the better it will be to relax your muscles.The flexible mechanism helps you to move in multiple ways and even helps with dynamic settings. 


In conclusion, the gaming chair is designed to leverage gaming enthusiasts so that they can relax while indulging into their obsession. The factors we need to consider in this racing chair are ergonomics, personal adjustment choices, and quality.

The ergonomics are directly associated with individual adjustment including how to adjust the backrest, armrest, and lumbar support. The more you adjust your ergonomic setting, the more you can sit precisely and doesn’t harm your curvature.

Give it a thorough read to find all the rubrics you need before buying and how it will be worth all the money.  

FAQs on Gaming Chair

What is the #1 gaming chair?

Among all the gaming chairs, ‘The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022’ is marked to be the best because it gives maximum comfort, and adjustability and is pretty stylish. Therefore it’s still preferred even after years since its launch into the market. 

Why are gaming chairs expensive? 

Because, these are made up of real leather or synthetic leather which are soft, smooth and tolerate wear and tear by ensuring durability.  

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