How to factory reset iPhone without password?

How to factory reset iPhone without password is our discussion topic today. The iPhone is one of the more secure phones on the market, and the passcode can keep your data safe. If someone gets your phone and tries to use it, they have to delete all of its content before accessing any information from which sensitive photos could be taken. This means that people won’t ever see those embarrassing pictures you took in front of Leaning Tower Pisa!  

The next is about How to factory reset iPhone without a password? You may think you’re safe from the dangers of forgetting your code, but trust us when we say that’s not true. Unfortunately for those who are currently locked out and can’t remember their codes, there is no way to retrieve any lost data without a backup – it would be too late by then! Follow our steps here so none of these unfortunate events happen again in the future:  

1) Make sure all documents on iCloud Drive have been backed up onto an external hard drive or other types of storage device besides your phone (e.g., desktop computer).

2) Turn off Find My iPhone under Settings > Your Device.

3) Put SIM card into another unlocked iOS device 4) Tap “Activation Help”   

Regarding the realm of How to factory reset an iPhone without password? There are two things you need to know about if your iPhone is locked with a passcode. If the Find My iPhone feature has been enabled, then it’s possible that you can reset an iPhone without using any of these methods described below – however, in some cases, this may not be enough and we’ll show how to do so via iTunes on the computer as well!  

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Here is the way to reset iPhone via find my phone: 

1) You will first want to make sure that both iCloud access AND Wi-Fi connection have been disabled from their respective settings menu at least once before initiating the steps listed below;  

2) Tap on the safari browser and then type “applied. apple” into the Address bar followed by “/Icloud/Device”.

3) In the password field type “iCloud user”.  

Recapitulating about How to factory reset iPhone without password? It doesn’t matter what you do, if your data isn’t backed up somewhere else it will be lost when resetting an iPhone. The process is quick and simple but erases all the info on your phone-this includes contacts, photos, and anything stored locally that can help in a pinch (like directions to work). I have iCloud or computer backup of this information then restoring it once back online shouldn’t take very long at all!  

How to factory reset iPhone without password?

How to factory reset iPhone without password?

Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to access your iPhone, create a new passcode, and restore all of the data that was on it before:     

  • Log in to iCloud’s Find My iPhone site with credentials from an Apple ID account – don’t worry about entering your phone unlock code because we’re not going to use this method right now.   
  • Select which device is yours when prompted by clicking “Erase” next to its name in the list below 3rd Party Devices 4th Generation iPad 5s Gold 16GB Wi-Fi only model for example).
  • Click “Confirm”. If there are other devices listed as well (3rd party), select what belongs rightfully at home first then erase those after so they  

Complete procedure to factory reset iPhone without a passcode: 

While exploring How to factory reset iPhone without password? This is an essential question for the many people who lose their phones or have them stolen. Fortunately, there are some simple options to help protect against these problems and recover lost data if they occur.

One of those solutions includes using Apple’s Find my Phone feature which can be set up in iCloud on any other iOS device that has access to it as well as enabling remote wipe so when activated will delete all content from the phone such then becomes useless fast enough for thieves looking just grab something valuable but not worry about wiping out everything else with it at once.

You also want to make sure this time-consuming process only happens after verifying one last thing: does your old phone still work even though.  

Is it really possible to factory reset an iPhone without a computer: 

As discussed on How to factory reset iPhone without password? This is the most asking query from iPhone users. The answer to this question might surprise you, but there’s no direct way to do so on your own.

You can erase all content from that device if needed, and then use iTunes or iCloud backup (which are both free) for restoring data later as opposed to having it backed up online in another service like Google Drive or Dropbox which would be more expensive than just using Apple software for this function when available!  

The complete procedure for an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or later:   

Wrapping up the topic How to factory reset iPhone without password? Connect the USB cable to your phone and a computer. Press and hold the side button as well as either one of the volume buttons until you see the Power Off slider on the screen.

Slide it off to power down your device then release those two buttons while still holding onto that third – The Side Button! You will see Recovery Mode pop up where we can get started with transferring data from our old iPhone over to this new model!  

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The complete procedure for an iPhone 7 or 7Plus:  

Last about How to factory reset iPhone without password? When it’s time to power down your phone, there are a few different ways you can do so. You could use the side button as usual and drag the toggle until Power Off appears underneath. Or if you’re feeling really fancy or have an iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold that same side button for about 10 seconds while pressing volume buttons on either earphone jacks at once!

If those methods don’t work because of water damage (or some other reason), try this one: Connect your device with iTunes running in Recovery mode by holding both home-button long enough till “iTunes – Restore” is highlighted then release when prompted  

‘Power off from here. Keep clicking ‘Restore Backup…’ within iTunes until all data has been recovered. 

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