David Harbour movies and tv shows

Within this guide, we are going to discuss David Harbour movies and tv shows in detail. And will inform you about all of the films and television shows where David Harbour acted.   

List of movies of David Harbour: 

David Harbour movies and tv shows: The masterful exclusive detail.
David Harbour movies and tv shows


So far as the stage is worried about David Harbour movies and tv shows, the Kinsey film is among those extraordinary films of David Harbour. This film is about the search for unique questions from students about novelty.    

A Science professor Alfred Kinsey includes a leading respectable life instruction. In this picture, when he realizes his pupils, nearly every man married and with kids. Still visit Mr. Kinsey with personal questions regarding human sexuality.   


From David Harbour films and television shows, acknowledge is a thrilling film. This film revolves around the narrative, by obtaining assistance from an accomplice, an undeceived ex-hacker utilizes his pc and online skills to snoop on CEOs, politicians, and another doyen member of this power elite.   

3-Brokeback Mountain:  

This picture premiered on the displays on November 30, 2005. The title of the manager of the film is Ang Lee.

After hitting the cinema display on November 30, this film “Brokeback Mountain” earned 178.1 million US dollars. And get the award of the best composing picture and several others.   

4- War of the worlds:  

War of the World was also published in 2005. This can be an action picture. For the complete details of the picture click here on David Harbour movies and tv shows  

5- The wedding weekend:  

The wedding weekend premiered in 2006. Only after the war of the worlds. If we’d recapitulate this film by David Harbour. Then let’s start by unfolding the list as, the men who filmed a Cappella collectively 15 years before in faculty reunite to perform in a friend’s wedding service. Together with their significant others and a single Swedish nanny, Taking a rest from their pristine lives in Manhattan. They all spend their weekend at a nearby beach house, where they see who has progressed.  

6- Awake:  

Click here on David Harbour films and television shows to see this picture.   

7- Revolutionary road:   

Revolutionary roads really romantic film, published on December 15, 2008. A brief overview of the film is after a mention in another line. Frank and April those 2 characters with this particular title are apparently a perfect couple. They choose to proceed to Paris in their hometown. But their marriage starts to melt.    

8- Quantum of solace:  

From the film Quantum of solace that an investigation leads bond on the road of Dominic Greene. A world-renowned programmer of green technologies. When Dominic aids a coup in Bolivia to fulfill his own goals, Bond must save the day.  

9- State of play:    

From the record of David Harbour movies and tv shows, state of play film premiered on April 17, 2009. And David Harbour has been the significant character in this film.   

10- Every day:  

In this movie, a tv writer combats a slight of personal and professional crises. Including his wife’s meltdown and a rude boss who rejects all his ideas.  

11- The green hornet:  

The green hornet was released on January 13, 2011, in Germany. David Harbour made this movie pulsating by performing his enthusiastic character.  

12- W.E:  

The W.E movie of David Harbour has a very interesting and mind-blowing story with beautiful characters. We’d strongly recommend you to watch this movie at once.   

13- End the watch:  

An action movie with the main story depending on the very dangerous neighborhoods.  

14- Between Us:  

The movie revolves around the story of two guys who met with each other before. And now each and everything has changed a lot when they catch up with each other again after a very long time.  

15- Knife fight:  

A clear message that sometimes you have to fight with your enemies or the villains of your life very peacefully.  

16- Snitch:  

A boy was caught up by the cops due to the illegal blames of drug traffic.  

17- Parkland:  

As we are informing you about the David Harbour movies and tv shows. Parkland movie is really an awesome thing to watch for the families.  

18- X/Y:  

A good movie on the discussions of relationships.  

19- A walk among the tombstones:  

Full action movie especially for the fighting lovers. And for those who have a craze of fighting tricks.  

20- The equalizer:  

This movie was also got very famous in the cinemas when released.  

21- Black Mass:  

As it is clear from the name of the movie black mass. This movie is about an FBI agent.  

22- Suicide squad:  

After hitting upon the cinema industry this movie got the price of best hairstyles in the movie.  

23- Sleepless:  

It a stellar movie to watch.  

24- Hell boy: 

From David Harbour movies and tv shows, the last but the last movie on our list is Hell boy. David Harbour performed very well in this movie.  

In the above section, we discussed the David Harbour movies in which he performed in the shape of different marvelous characters  

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David Harbour Tv shows:

David Harbour movies and tv shows: The masterful exclusive detail.
David Harbour movies and tv shows

Now we are going to open the list of David Harbour Tv shows.  

David Harbour movies and tv shows,

Let’s have a look at David Harbour Tv shows.  

  1. Law and order   
  1. Law and order: special victims unit  
  1. Hack  
  1. Law and order: criminal intent  
  1. The book of Daniel  
  1. Lie to me  
  1. Royal Pains  
  1. Pan Am  
  1. The newsroom   
  1. Elementary  
  1. Rake  
  1. Manhattan  
  1. State of affairs  
  1. Banshee  
  1. Crises in six senses  
  1. Stranger things  

These are the Tv shows in our list in which David Harbour performed his talent of acting with different characters.  

David Harbour stage:

David Harbour movies and tv shows,

Now let’s have a look on stage by David Harbour.  

1-The rainmaker  

2-The invention of love  

3-Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf  

4-The Coast of Utopia: Part 1- Voyage  

5-The Coast of Utopia: Part 2- shipwreck  

6-The Coast of Utopia: Part 3- salvage  

7-The Merchant of Venice.  


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