SETI Home Ends its Crowdsourced Search for Alien’s Life After 21 Years of Great Endeavour.

Whether extraterrestrial life probably exists or not. How do SETI search for alien’s life

This article is about search for aliens life. We have no idea whether there is any life beyond the earth but according to my personal perspectives and too many people would believe that it’s the 21st century, the century in which we can answer this ambivalent question. In this century we can say that, everyone is a genius!

Here I want to discuss extraterrestrial search or extraterrestrial technology.  we’ve been at this farrago SETI business since 1960.  

Search for Alien's
search for aliens

You might ruminate that we searched everything existing in this cosmos but infect we’ve searched almost nothing! Especially on this particular topic, the overall volume that we need to explore or inspect set that equal to the volume of all the earth’s oceans.

While since 1960 we’ve actually searched may be a hot tubs worth of the ocean really not very much. It’s such a huge and mammoth universe out there and we have observed such a really small part of it. 

Do we believe in aliens?

I want to discuss this question as, It’s not a right question we’re talking about a scientific exploration and discoveries whatever anyone believes has no relevancy. You want to know what is odds are reasonable that the chemistry and physics provided. Biology may have done so elsewhere. 

We have always asked to our ancestors or sometimes to our own self that are we alone on this immense cosmos?

It was our avid or we anxiously wanted to know who is over the next hill? What is out over there? I think we should try and answer it if they can help us to answer it. Because they come here. 

Unidentified Flying Objects, SETI Research: 

As germane with the search for aliens, we see a number of peculiar type of things or lights in the sky during fortnight. After seeing such type of weird objects this question raised in the mind, are they aliens? 

Search for Aliens
search for alien’s life

I have seen one in the sky, they are not necessarily related to aliens spacecraft or car. There is just no evidence or proof, which can holds up that says things are seen on the eye of camera.

For example, on the Navy radars it observed plethora times by the controller that relates with extraterrestrial baseball. They says, we can’t explain or claims about the alien’s spacecraft seen by those radars. I can just say that might be it is a new technology in this world. It is necessarily very stable yet. 

Whenever people see in the dark stars upside in the cosmos, they anxiously want to see what is over there upside.The question comes in the mind after seeing that object is, Is there any alien or a sign of life except earth? These all things that we can see on the sky make us crazy and raised different questions in our mind. 

A Sought Search for Alien’s Life: 

To search for alien’s life is a great task for scientists or astronomers. They all believe that there is another species on other planets like Mars and Jupiter, etc. Actually, it is nature or craze of humans they want to see other lives on the other plants. Just for the sake to see how they are living? 

In childhood we used to learn it from different cartoons, aliens movies and episodes. According to my personal perspective, may be these types of episodes are the reasons for this curious question raised in our mind and we started search for aliens.  

But still this time we couldn’t find anything special in the domain of search for aliens. The peculiar point is that now scientists have a craze to search for aliens that is there any specie like this or not? 

In different TV episodes they created their images according to their thoughts that how they can be? 

Now, it is the 21st century and still, we are continuously searching for aliens. The most important aspect is scientists have spent billions of dollars just for this puerile search for aliens. 

SETI stopped search for aliens life: 

As we are discussing about search for aliens life. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Home, a crowd-sourced space search program, has been shut down after 21 years of great search. But all-in vein. They couldn’t find anything that can give them a point about the alien’s life.

Search for Aliens
search for alien’s life

K processors process data from City at Home. UC Berkeley has announced the program for the search of aliens will close on March 31st

Regarding in the domain of UC Berkeley, it presented the City at Home Program to the world on May 17, 1999. 

The next come in the domain of search for aliens, the program used the university’s distributed computing platform, BIONC. Whenever users woke up from their computer, the program would start using the computer’s computing power and send the data to UC Berkeley. 

In this way, UC Berkeley developed a great supercomputer connected to the internet. They all are spending their time and money just for the search for aliens. 

As far as the point is concerned, in a statement, the project leader to search for aliens or SETI home said that a lot of information has already been processed under this program. This information needs to be sorted out to get results. 

In addition, the most part and parcel point is that City at Home is shutting down. But other UC Berkeley programs that use BIONC will continue to use your system’s computing power. Here the point comes, if you want to donate your computer’s computing power to another good campaign if you really want, Folding at Home campaign is the best. In it, the computing power is used for disease research. 

Recently, it has been used to discover a cure for the corona virus. Now, It is crystal clear that by the use of these computing powers we can kill many diseases and can invent cure for the most fatal diseases in this cosmos. 

What do you think about life beyond the earth? Tell us in the comment section and we will ruminate on that. It would be a sort of motivation for us to know your opinions.

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