How to Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently? Symptoms, DIY Remedies & Professional Treatments

Curious about ways to Kill Tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently? You must be delusional as this excruciating pain won’t go away permanently in any case. It’s a myth and where it stems from is crucial to know. 

In the past, when the pain would become unbearable for children, parents and professionals would tie the floss around the tooth and pull it outside but that’s the case with baby teeth. I’ll suggest you never pull this stunt with adult teeth. 

Toothache doesn’t influence oral health but overall quality of life is adversely affected. Your desperation is understandable as the pain sometimes become unbearable and discomforting that you resort to such illogical quick methods. But approaching such matters with caution is necessary as we don’t have any ill will for you. 

Quick methods do exist but resorting to them won’t deal with underlying problems lurking within your mouth. You must closely monitor which professional care treatments you can go for and will be effective in the long run. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into how to kill tooth pain nerve In 3 seconds permanently, what are the home remedies, professional treatments, and their causes and symptoms.

How To Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently Using Anbesol?

Before you start making any judgement, this technique isn’t meant for adult teeth. This method applies to the milk teeth of children. In childhood, you must have thus nearly forgotten memory of loose milk teeth which used to come out via floss.

How it works here? It’s breezy, you just have to follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Apply Anbesol around the affected tooth.
  • Tie the floss around the tooth which is paining. 
  • Pull the floss out quickly in a second so the pain receptors don’t feel that.
  • The tooth will be extracted effectively. 
  • Your loosened teeth will be out within seconds, however for adult teeth, never use the flossing trick or use pliers.

What Is Nerve Tooth Pain?

Before we dig deeper into its intricacies, we need to understand what nerve tooth pain is and why it starts. There are multiple reasons toothache occurs including tooth decay, infection, teeth grinding, or tooth fractures.

However, to understand how you can kill a tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently you have to be fully aware about the internal mouth.

A has three layers enamel, dentin, and the pulp and there are various nerves and vessels surrounding it. When decay starts nerves get inflamed and a shooting pain can be felt.

The pain indicates you have to immediately consult a dentist.

If you neglect such pain either it’s shooting or dull throbbing pain, an immediate diagnosis is required. It’s the first step towards adequate oral health. 

Always remember a quick fix is never a long-term solution. You must seek professional help for long-term results.

Symptoms of Tooth Pain Nerve 

The tooth pain nerve is rather ambitious it may start all over your mouth and sometimes you may get confused about where the pain originates from. 

There could be several other symptoms accompanied from a clinical perspective.

  • The infrequent throbbing in the teeth
  • Pulsing pain in the mouth
  • A sharp pain suddenly shoots up
  • You may become feverish
  • Teeth sensitivity to hot and cold 
  • Exhaustion and frustration from constant throbbing ache

These are indications of nerve inflammation, however, your symptoms may be signs of another underlying condition. So, immediately take any appropriate measures to stop it.

6 DIY Remedies To Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently 

Despite killing tooth pain nerve within seconds is a myth. There are still some quick fixes you can do at home that will relieve pain certainly.

Warm Compress

If the toothache is caused by infection, then put a warm compress over the affected area. It increases blood circulation and swelling is reduced. 

How To Do It: You just have to soak up the towel in warm water, wring it out, and put it where the pain is erupting from for at least 10-15 minutes.

Saline Water Swishing

Is saltwater effective in killing tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently? No method is permanent unless you have Laser technology. But still, it’s one of the most effective methods and rather convenient to do. 

How To Do It: You just have to put 1/2 Sea Salt in 1 glass of warm water, mix, and swish in your mouth for half a minute. Spit the water out and repeat the process until you feel relief. 

Clove Oil

This oil has a natural ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Can you kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently by using this oil? Well, that’s not something that we are sure of yet but it relaxes muscles that’s for sure.

How to Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently? Symptoms, DIY Remedies & Professional Treatments

How To Do It: You can put a few drops of clove oil and dab the cotton ball into the affected area. You can even do the oil swishing by mixing oil in warm water. 

Cold Compress

It’s one of the most useful home remedies to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. 

How To Do It: Just wrap an ice cube into a towel and place it on the affected area, the cold temperature is enough to do the task. 

Peppermint Tea Bag

You may know or not, but this natural remedy is effective in numbing muscles and nerves. 

Your concern about how to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently may not be possible by this, but the temporary numbing is certain.

How To Do It: You have to boil a peppermint tea bag in plain water for 5-6 minutes, once the temperature is cooled down a bit, put it on the affected area for 15-20 minutes or until the pain goes away. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Swishing

It is proven to have antiseptic properties and is advantageous to get rid of throbbing toothache, however, if you wonder is it your way to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently? Then you are wrong and it just reduces swelling caused by pain.

How to Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently? Symptoms, DIY Remedies & Professional Treatments

How To Do It: You have to add 3%of hydrogen peroxide in water and do the swishing for half a minute. Spit the water out and rinse again with plain water. 

If these homemade remedies don’t work for you, you must take immediate professional consultation.

Professional Approaches To Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently 

If your toothache persists despite using homemade remedies, you are recommended to seek professional help. A dentist can diagnose and treat tooth pain permanently. 


Is filling effective to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently? It will relieve the pain but the time frame is ridiculous. 

In this process, the dentist diagnoses if there is any tooth decay, it is removed and in its place, filling material is placed.

The filling material is a composite resin, a kind of plastic that fills up the space left by the cavity, and the toothache is relieved.

Night Guard

Teeth grinding is one of the most painful experiences you can have, so you can place a night guard within your mouth. 

Night Guard is a customized tool that is worn at night so that the clenching doesn’t bruise the internal skin or mouth. 

Root Canal Therapy  

If your tooth nerve is damaged and infected thoroughly, then your dentist may recommend you have root canal treatment. He will remove the infected tooth and fill out spaces within the fillings.

This therapy can be your ultimate route to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently. 


Antibiotics seem to be the quickest way to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently.  You just have to swallow a tablet down your throat prescribed by your dentist.

However, he may recommend other treatments but for the quick relief, these medications will be effective. 


It’s one of the best techniques to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently, only if your dentist is fast like a bolt of lightning. 

It isn’t possible, so the procedure may take at least half an hour but the nerve will be permanently killed as the affected tooth is removed from the mouth. 

In this process, the area surrounding the tooth is numbed by giving anaesthesia. Although the patient may feel some discomfort or soreness that’s not a matter of concern. 


In conclusion, multiple ways can be adopted at home to kill tooth pain nerve in 3 seconds permanently. You can do clove oil, saline water, and hydrogen peroxide swishing. 

However, if these DIY remedies don’t work, opt for professional treatments that are certainly permanent and have long-term impact.  

These treatments include Root Canal Treatment, Night Guard, antibiotics, extraction, and filling.

Give it a thorough read and share your opinion with us was it helpful for you? What is your go-to remedy if you get toothache? 

FAQs On How To Kill Tooth Pain Nerve In 3 Seconds Permanently 

How do you stop nerve pain in your teeth ASAP?

Toothache can be best relieved by taking medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen and gets and pastes made using benzocaine to relieve pain till you fall asleep.

Is there any way to kill the exposed tooth nerve?

I won’t recommend you kill any exposed tooth nerve on your own. You must consult with your dentist, he will recommend you suitable option which can be filling, extraction, or any other.

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