Talkatone: Introduction,  Features, Setting Up VPN, Why VPNs & Popular Choices

Does spotty network coverage have been your biggest hassle, and looking for a quick fix? Talkatone can be your ultimate solution as it has taken communication technology to new heights with its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

This communication app allows free texts and calls to connect people seamlessly in the US and Canada. Its quick navigation and exciting features have made travellers and locals compelled to it and has 10M downloads so far.

Despite its benefits, it has some drawbacks like hacking, geographical restrictions, and surveillance issues. VPNs help greatly in securing your data and providing access.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Talkatone, its features, why VPNs are being used for it, how to select VPNs and popular choices. 

What Is Talkatone?

Want a break from traditional phone plans? Talkatone is for you, as you can make several phone calls, and send numerous text messages to US and Canada. However, this app is supported in several other European regions but so far it has its limitations in other regions. 

So how can you make use of it even if it’s restricted in your location? No wonder, VPNs can help you greatly in accessing it. Around 10 million people have downloaded it and currently using it to get in touch with their loved ones.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey of Talkatone and which VPNs will work best to get smooth access? 

Exciting Features of Talkatone 

What are the compelling features and benefits setting it apart from other calling and texting apps? Its innovative technology has made life easier for people connecting through far-off places, let’s learn how. 

User-friendly Interface 

One of the prominent aspects of using this app is its swift navigation through amazing features. 

Its user-friendly interface can be the biggest incentive to get a ride through your desired icons. 

Seamless Communication 

One of the biggest hurdles while outside is interrupted communication with your family and friends. Roaming charges and phone plan costs are concerning. 

By using Talkatone you can contact your loved ones by making clear phone calls from anywhere in the world at no cost. 


Well, who doesn’t want to personalize their communication features? Here, you can customize your voicemail greetings, call blocking, and forwarding options at your convenience.  

In-app Tutorials 

Do the latest technologies overwhelm you? Don’t panic, as it has in-app tutorials and customer support allowing you to maximize your experience.  

Cost Effective 

Does excessive billing of phone calls bother you? This technology can be your rescue as you can make hundreds of calls and send multiple texts in the US and Canada without worrying about bills. 

Travelers, students, and locals looking for means to cut down budgets no longer need to get tensed over making costly phone plans.

Are these aspects tempting enough to get started? Are you still hesitant? Put your worries aside and get on it, you won’t be disappointed. 

Why You Must Use a VPN To Access Talkatone?

Why there is a need to use a VPN to get access to Talkatone? As there are security and accessibility issues that could hinder your connection. Using a VPN encrypts your network connection and connects it to a remote server. 

Talkatone: Introduction,  Features, Setting Up VPN, Why VPNs & Popular Choices

Your activities and identity will remain anonymous. Let’s get a detailed insight into the need to use a VPN.


Your country may restrict your access to it, but that has become sorted by using VPN. You can bypass any firewall or restriction and easily get your hands on it from anywhere around the globe. 

Privacy & Anonymity 

Are you discrete about your communications getting leaked? Using VPN will open a path to Talkatone that will secure your calls and no one can pry on what you say and text. 

VPN changes your IP address and your online activities become private and hidden.

Safety & Security 

When access becomes possible, security gets jeopardized usually. We can keep our system protected from hackers and government intervention by using a VPN that encrypts your Internet connection.  

How To Set Up VPN for Talkatone? 

As you are now fully aware of the features of a VPN, let’s learn how to get started with it by setting it up:

VPNs are particularly required in regions where your content is restricted and not easily accessible. VPNs bypass those firewalls and take you to the heart of your desired app.

  • Initially,  you have to download a renowned and speedy VPN and then install it on your device.
  • Now open the VPN and select a region that is compatible with your Talkatone app, i.e., the US and Canada. 
  • Connect, it will take a few seconds and you are ready to proceed.
  • Once your device is connected, open the app, and add your credentials. 
  • Make sure your VPN is working perfectly by making a random call and texting somebody.

Things To Consider While Selecting VPNs For Talkatone

There are some of the factors which you must keep in mind while selecting a VPN, including:

  • Always choose VPNs with no logging policy so that your data is never stored or saved. 
  • Choose those VPNs for Talkatone that have robust encryption protocols including IKEv2 or OpenVPN to keep your data secure.
  • Choose VPNs that are compatible with multiple devices to run smoothly.  Several VPNs are compatible with your apps on Android and iOS devices whether they are Windows or Mac.
  • A lagging VPN will disrupt your communications? Do you want that, no right?’ So, opt for those VPNs that are fast in speed and can easily connect to your device.

These tips will certainly help you in making a better choice, however, you can explore on your own as well. 

Popular VPNs for Talkatone 

VPNs are essential to seamlessly use Talkatone, but out of varied options, which ones you should choose? Here we have selected a few for you that are best.


Do geographical restrictions hinder your access to this communication app? Choose CyberGhost, which has perks that will blow your mind, including: 

Extensive Bandwidth: It allows you to use this VPN as long as you are using it, it may go on for hours.

Huge Server Network: It allows you to connect through almost 90 countries, with connections from almost anywhere.

Customer Support: The interface is quite straightforward, swiftly taking you through the app. Are you still having difficulty navigating? Contact customer support by either sending them a mail stating your query or communicating it through live chat. 

Robust Security: It particularly focuses on keeping your data secure and encrypted. It yes military grade security ensuring your activities aren’t pried upon.


Want to confidentially communicate and look for a reliable option? AtlasVPN is for you as it comes with excellent features.

Tight Security: Its no logging policy keeps your data secure and your conversations aren’t leaked and saved.

Talkatone: Introduction,  Features, Setting Up VPN, Why VPNs & Popular Choices

Fast & Stable Connection: Do laggy audio and video calls bore you to hell? This VPN will be your top choice as it provides fast and stable Internet connection.

Affordable & Adaptable: Costly VPNs can be a big turn-off, right? Choose this one as it provides flexible pricing plans and is quite easy to use.


Hands down the best VPN you can access to have encrypted conversations with excellent features.

Vast Network Servers: You can connect to almost 59 countries with 5000 servers accessible. You can easily access content that is typically restricted to you.

Advanced Security: Besides providing military-grade security, it allows advanced features including double VPN and CyberSec. 

Double VPN routes your Internet traffic from two servers enhancing your security. CyberSec protects your data from malware and rusks while you are browsing through the App.

Besides that, it has a user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, and compatibility with multiple devices.

There are multiple other BPNs available for you to explore and use. You can choose any that suits best your interests, and budget plans. 


In conclusion, Talkatone is a convenient communication app that allows you to free call and text from all over the world. Although it is restricted in some regions you can opt for VPNs that additionally give robust security and vast network servers and navigation features.

You can set it up by installing it on your device and logging into the communication platform.  The VPNs you can choose include Cy, NordVPN, AtlasVPN, and many others.

Give it a thorough read to know all about it and share your opinion about it so far.

FAQs on Talkatone 

Which countries is Talkatone allowed?

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices in certain locations including New Zealand,  Australia, Mexico, Japan, the UK, Singapore, South Africa, and the US.

Is Talkatone a free number? 

Yes, you can make free calls and messages if you are within range of a wireless network, and no need to worry about grant billing charges.

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