Drift Hunters Unblocked: Introduction, Access, Gameplay, Features, Tips & Precautions

Are you on the hunt to play thrilling games? Drift Hunters Unblocked is at your disposal as it has risen to the top list of web-based games. You can play this challenging unblocked game where you can customize your car and choose from numerous vehicle options, modify them to perfection, and play against your competitors from around the globe. 

These restricted games are fun and thrilling, so if you have been struck by a boring situation at school or office, just get on board with this game. However, you must be familiar with your school’s policies that allow access and downloading, if they don’t you can go for alternatives like VPN, Proxy, or browser extensions. If luck is on your side, you can easily get around this game and enjoy this drifting gameplay with a whole lot of adrenaline.  

In this article, we will discuss Drift Hunters Unblocked, its features, how to access and play, and which tips will come in handy.

What Are Drift Hunters Unblocked? 

What is it all about? This unblocked game takes you on an adventurous journey of 3-D drifting that treads through 10 different locations with twists and turns that will blow your mind.

You can choose 26 customizable vehicles, whether it’s a Nissan, Porche, or Dodge Challenger, and you can track and modify each issue to excellence. You can make the most out of this drifting by changing turbo, and balancing brakes with fixed rims at the house.

Once you have a vehicle right with all the perfection you are to hit roads and bring your drifting dream to existence. You can go as long as you can and it will boost your score and you can effectively compete against your competitors. It works great as a multiplier game. 

Want to add a soundtrack that will keep you going? Choose Emashi and Forest, the tracks that will keep you charged throughout the game. 

Be cautious while playing this game and never lose treasured factors. We want you to rack as many points as you can while living off your dream of every car lover. 

How To Access Drift Hunters Unblocked?

As unblocked games are usually restricted at your workplace and schools and you may feel hindrance. You can use alternatives to access either through a browser extension, VPN, or Proxy.

Drift Hunters Unblocked Access Via VPN

To access via VPN, follow these guidelines:

  • You have to turn on your VPN beforehand. Once you have connected it to your device, you are ready to move ahead.
  • Get on browse and navigate to the official website of ‘Drift Hunters Unblocked’.
  • Once you have landed on the homepage, click on it and start playing!

As VPNs are software-based and easy to configure. It will change your traffic and make your access seamless by creating a tunnel between your device and the remote server.

Drift Hunters Unblocked Access Via Browser Extensions

  • Using browser extensions seems to be the easiest path to get past the web restrictions. You just have to install a browser extension on your computer or any other device and you are good to go.
Drift Hunters Unblocked: Introduction, Access, Gameplay, Features, Tips & Precautions
  • The popular extensions are ZenMate, TunnelBear, and Hola Unblocker which you can download and access Drift Hunters
  • You can also use Drift Hunters unblocked Chrome extension which allows you access without downloading any extra software.  

Drift Hunters Unblocked Access Via Proxy Server

  • To access via a proxy server, you have to adjust settings on your browser to make it accessible to Drift Hunters.
  • Navigate to the official site. Land on the game and start playing.

The Proxy server makes your IP address camouflaged and your traffic will be encrypted. No one detects your location. You can easily surpass demographical restrictions. 

How To Play Drift Hunters Unblocked?

Once you have gotten access to Drift Hunters unblocked, now the question is how to play. Just follow this step-by-step guide to make your way ahead of the game.

  • You should use Arrow keys or WASD to move your car across the track. 
  • Use the space bar to handbrake.
  • You can change the position of your camera to ‘C’.
  • You can shift up gears by left shift.
  • To shift down gears, use the left control. 

You can unleash your gaming potential by drifting across 10 adventurous track routes.

Features of Drift Hunters Unblocked

What are some of the excellent features setting it apart from other plethora of unblocked games? Its gameplay is surely exciting but there are other features as well for you to explore.


You will get 26 different luxury cars which you can personalize according to your preferences. You can change paint, turbo anything you want. 

You can unlock expensive cars the way you will be progressing ahead. You can customize tracks as well. 

Freedom of Selecting Locations

Are you a fan of urban streets or a track that is intended for racing? We have got you covered as you can have 10 different locations. 


Tuning can enhance your gaming experience and can improve almost all aspects of your selected car.

3D Graphics 

What better than a high-quality display while playing?

Drift Hunters Unblocked: Introduction, Access, Gameplay, Features, Tips & Precautions

The game comes with a 3-D appearance that will enhance your gaming experience. 

Handy Tips To Follow

Getting around this unblocked game is easier as you can follow a few tips and tricks to get a lot of points and make the most out of this game. 

  • To avoid getting flipped over which is common while drifting so slow down a little while taking turns. Beware of accelerating at bullet speed when you are at any corner. 
  • When you are moving on straight roads, you can extend your brakes. 
  • Tuning becomes important especially when you are drifting. It will modify your handling of vehicles to a great extent. 
  • Always keep detailed maps around you which allows you great room for practicing. 

These strategies will keep you ahead of your competitors and you can rack up as many points as you can.

Precautionary Measures

You must follow some precautionary measures while playing unblocked games at schools. You may face some serious action at being caught so beware of accessing these games illegally and abide by the institute’s policies. 

  • You must have a clear understanding that the games you are going to access are not restricted by your school and office. You can do it by consulting with the IT department.
  • You must access the games through a safe browser to get privacy and not expose your data to malware attacks.
  • You must turn off all the cookies beforehand. 
  • You should make sure you are not indulging in copyright infringements which usually result in serious consequences. 


In conclusion, Drift Hunters Unblocked is a web-based game that is usually restricted at your workplaces and schools due to security and productivity reasons. Students and workers indulged in it and abandoned their important tasks. But accessing these unblocked games proved to be a great respite and access has been made possible via VPN, installation of browser extensions, and proxy servers.

You can access 3D quality games with appropriate tuning options and customization. However, be cautious while playing and accelerate carefully.

Give it a good read to understand everything about this unblocked game and share your opinion with us about this guide. Do suggest what you would like to read next and we will come up with that.

FAQs on Drift Hunters Unblocked

Can you hack Drift Hunters?

You can hack by drifting at maximum speed when you reach the corners that will make your earning shooting the highest level.

What is the top speed in Drift Hunters?

You can drift as fast as 320 km/h on the Lamborghini Huracan STO (HRCN), a true beast in the game, and is best to play. 

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