Tricks and Strategies for an Easy Win in Heardle 70s

Are you looking for musical games? Or do you love listening to classical music? Heardle 70s is a well-known musical game, in which different clips from a specific historical period are played and the user is asked to guess the answers. Heardle has various versions, according to distinct decades. The songs depend upon the decade of the game. 

If you’re playing Heardle 70s, the songs will be from the 70s and you will have to guess them from the specific clips. In the article, you will find answers to some of the puzzles of previous weeks. 

What’s Heardle 70s and is it similar to Original Heardle?

What's Heardle 70s and is it similar to Original Heardle?

Heardle 70s is a clone game of Heardle, inspired by Wordle (word guessing game). In the 1970s version, you can play songs other than the specific historical period once a day and have similar functions as them. In the game, the player can copy the string of emojis in the clipboard and share their progress online. Moreover, players can pick songs rapidly, make a record, and share it with their friends. 

However, you will only receive six attempts to complete the puzzle, the estimate must be from a list of songs available on the platform. After each guess, the clip time playing will increase and the player can hear it for a longer period. The same strategy will occur after every right guess until the game finishes. At the last piece, you’ll receive a larger chunk of music to estimate the puzzle song. 

Henceforth, one needs to make sure they get the first songs right. As a result, the game will become easier later. Whereas, if they’re not able to estimate the correct guesses, they will be at a stalemate and the game will become harder to play. 

How to Play Heardle 70s?

While playing the Heardle 70s, you need to click on the play button to hear the song (use headphones or earbuds for a better experience). The player can hear the clip sample as many times as they want. After listening to the first portion of the song, the player needs to decide on the artist and the song title. 

The guide to playing Heardle 70s has the following steps:

  • Listen to the song
  • Choose proper song titles from 70s music from the list 
  • Incorrect or missing efforts will enable much portion of the song intro accessible 
  • Respond as soon as you can 
  • Increase the volume to hear the song clearly 
  • After every fragment of the clip or successive turn, a fragment of the song is accessible 
  • If you prefer to share the scores after winning, then do it 
  • If you fail to guess the correct song in the six attempts, you will lose the game 
  • When the player has opened all of the snippets, he has to make an educated guess

The results shared on social media networks illustrate the sequence of attempts to guess the puzzle answers in colored tiles but don’t reveal the outcome. Therefore, the results can intrigue the curiosity of other players. The other players try to know the song of the day and the guesses of the previous intros. 

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What are Some Tricks to Get Correct Estimates in Heardle 70s?

What are Some Tricks to Get Correct Estimates in Heardle 70s?

There are some tricks which players can use to play Heardle 70s:

  • Listen to the song in as many tones as you can and relate the intro sample with the singers or song titles in the list, it’s easier to identify the music in this way
  • Replaying the sample multiple times also helps in recalling the memory of the music 
  • Utilize the search box to browse the artists or singers you have in mind or who might be a good match 
  • Consider who can be the singer or the style of the beats connects to
  • Generate as many hints as you can until you get to the conclusion of the puzzle 
  • Heardle 70s algorithms generate songs based on the results of top streamed songs over the previous decade, hence, keep that in mind while playing the music puzzles

Strategies for Success at Heardle 70s

After learning the basic steps of the music game, explore the following strategies to enhance your Heardle 70s gameplay: 

Expanding Music Knowledge 

One of the key strategies to get better at the gameplay is expanding the knowledge of 1970s music. Find the popular and most streamed songs of the decade, their bands, artists, and other such aspects. Apart from that, one should try to remember the lyrics or beats of the songs, so they can estimate correctly. 

Leverage Context Clues 

Carefully look at any clues that appear in the game, such as the number of letters in the song title. The clues help narrow down the options and can help you mark the correct answer. 

Collaborate with Friends 

Heardle 70s allows you to play with friends, hence, use the knowledge of your friends to your advantage to make the experience fun and interactive. Team up with your best friends to solve the puzzles together while combining musical knowledge.

Don’t Overthink and Stay Persistent 

Sometimes, simplicity is the key and the player is complicating the core t answers. Hence, one shouldn’t waste time overanalyzing the audio clip, as you might miss the obvious answer. Trusting your instincts and staying persistent is the key to playing puzzles. Go with your initial guess if it feels right and see whether it was right or not as you have six attempts. 

Heardle 70s is a game of trial and error, therefore, every gamer shouldn’t be discouraged by incorrect guesses and keep on moving forward. With practice, the skills will improve and the player will be able to win effortlessly. 

Speed Matters 

In Heardle 70s, time is the essence as it helps in getting more points. The earlier one finishes the puzzle, the more points they will earn. 

The strategies and tricks of Heardle 70s help in securing the puzzle, share your tips and tricks in the comments section. 

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