Gimkit Join: Description, Gameplay, Features, Merits, Strategies, Troubleshooting, Pricing Plans & Reliability

Do monotonous schoolwork bores you? Exploring Gimkit Join can be your best shot as it brings fun to your typical educational methods. The way technology advances, having means that can elevate your learning can be interesting. The students can have quizzes, answer usual questions, and win rewards in return. It builds a competitive streak motivating students to take an interest in their studies. It even encourages collaboration and gives a well-rounded experience. Its transparency makes it a safe platform to probe.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Gimkit Join, how to get started, its features, benefits, strategies to get the maximum out of this platform, effective game codes, and how to troubleshoot. 

What Is Gimkit Join? 

Why it suddenly has become hyped? Gimkit Join got its fane after the teachers and mentors started using it to engage their students. 

This entertainment yet educational platform involves quizzes and games that involve learning outcomes and competitive gameplays that rattle your mind.

Getting started with Gimkit is way easier. You can even create your own games and have immense fun. It fosters collaboration, and engagement among students or players and is a great innovation. 

How To Get Started With Gimkit Join?

Getting started with Gimkit may not be as overwhelming as you originally thought. The process is easy peasy with simple steps. 

  • Initially, you have to create an account. You can do so by browsing its official site and clicking on sign up. 
  • Add your credentials (i.e., username, password) to sign in and you are ready to embark on this exciting journey.
  • Now you are required to join Gimkit, you can do it either by class code or by joining on your own. If you join through the code provided by your teacher, you will be redirected to the selected game. However, you will choose a random game option if you select yourself. 
  • At this point, you need to enter a PIN to get started. If it’s a class project, you will be redirected to the gaming interface directly. 
  • If you are joining by yourself, you need to enter the game pin manually which is unique and new for each game.
  • Now choose a nickname by which you will be recognized on the game leaderboard. Ensure, it’s unique, funny, and totally vibes with your personality. 
  • After following all these steps, you are ready to enter the game lobby. Here, you will find the game timer which will be ticking off indicating the time left in game initiation. You can also see your fellow players. 
  • Now, you are all set to play your game. You can answer questions and take you high on the game leaderboard. Keep your wits on point, and Enjoy!

Note: You can use powerups or upgrades to answer some of the tricky questions for you if you have enough cash. 

Features of Gimkit Join

Several factors set it apart from similar sites. You can access these powerful features and make the most of your learning experience while sitting in the classroom. 

Leaderboard: Players can keep track of their performance at the player leaderboard which shows how you are ranking up or down. Even your teachers can keep track of your assessment by seeing your progress.

Customize As a Student: You can tailor and customize your games as much as you desire. You can customize your name, your avatar even your game theme.

Gimkit Join: Description, Gameplay, Features, Merits, Strategies & Troubleshooting

You can even communicate with your fellow players, send chats, and emojis and compete with them.  

Customize As Teacher: You can customize the game for your students by setting the difficulty level, timer, and cash value. 

Rewards & Powerups: There are multiple powerup options students can access and gain an advantage in their games. These powerups include: 

  • Freeze: The opponent’s screen is frozen.
  • Ice Breaker: Resume the opponent’s game.
  • Mimic: Copies your competitor’s answer.
  • Disrupt: Change your competitor’s answer.
  • Multiplier: It multiplies the cash value you receive on each answer.
  • Insurance: It ensures your cash values won’t be deducted on wrong answers.

Versatile Game Modes: Similar things lose their appeal quickly. Putting this thing behind us, we have multiple game modes that you can choose as per your preference and style. 

  • You can choose classics to answer trivial questions and earn rewards in the form of cash. Brilliant, right?
  • If you want a competitive edge, play head-on with your competitor in team mode.
  • You can play ‘Trust no one’ where you can steal and protect yourself. You can play humans or zombies mode to cure and infect your opponents. 
  • Play the Homework mode by getting back to your home, or you customize your questions by joining ‘Kit Collab’.

Merits of Gimkit Join

There are multiple advantages you can have by joining Gimkit. It not only improves your learning abilities but also your interpersonal skillset.

Language Skills: Versatile gaming options allow you to improve your vocabulary. You can even learn antonyms and synonyms along with grammar and comprehension. 

Science Skills: You can improve your observational and experimentation skills by applying scientific facts and principles in games.

Problem-solving: Several math-based gameplays ask you to solve problems and apply decimals and calculations, which ultimately solve problems.

Engaging Experience: Students can engage with each other through different game styles and can either collaborate to solve the game together or compete against each other. 

Great Assessments: Teachers can effectively assess their student performance and students can get constructive feedback on their performance. 

The technology revolutions have been wonderfully utilized in creating these fun games. You can never get short on gaming options and styles on this platform. 

Tricks To Get Maximum Out Of Gimkit Join-In Classrooms

If you are giving Gimkit games to your students, then there are some strategies you must be aware of:

  • You can test the games beforehand and see if is there any issue with the game mode or setting. Test it on volunteers to check internet connections, devices, and sound systems.
  • You can set a clear goal before starting the game. Discuss game rules and prompts before starting the game to avoid confusion.
  • Keep an eagle eye on your students and their performance. monitor how they are interacting with what they are learning and facilitate whenever necessary.
  • Review the results at the end and even take feedback from your students on what they learned. All of this will serve the purpose behind these educational games

How To Troubleshoot Gimkit Join

The recurrent errors you can experience while joining Gimkit are that the game code is incorrect internet problems or you will have difficulty getting connected.

  • To troubleshoot these errors you can follow these simple tips: 
  • You should refresh the page and delete all the cache data.
  • You can use a stable Internet connection and can change your device by switching on your smartphone as it will tell you if there is an issue with your device. 
  • You can update your browser to avoid such errors as with the old version the gameplay may not be compatible. 
  • Whenever such issues arise, don’t panic inform your instructor and resolve them on your own.

Pricing Plans of Gimkit Join 

Is it free to use? You can join it for free but accessing features requires you to pay. The pricing plans include: 

  • To access Gimkit School, you will be required to pay $1,000 per year.
  • To access the Gimkit Department,  pay $650 annually. 
  • Joining Gimkit Pro comes with an annual press of $59.88 if you need to pay monthly, it costs you $4.99.

However, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to proceed with paid features, you can enjoy its basic version where you aren’t even limited to make number of kits. 

The paid version comes with certain features such as image uploads, audio-based questions, and other useful codes. 

Is Gimkit Join Reliable? 

Certainly! Its reliability isn’t something you can doubt. The recent improvement by the developers has made it more secure and safe to use, but should it be the sole platform for learning? Not at all it might be great but can’t be a replacement for physical education. 

Teachers and students shouldn’t rely on it completely as physical education will give you an entirely different mode of learning. Online education will sharpen your cognitive skills but it will compromise your social skills as you won’t interact with your fellows much.


In conclusion this revolutionary platform, Gimkit Join where entertainment meets with education. The gaming options are versatile and can be easily accessed. Teachers mostly conduct these Gimkit games during class and practically access students’ performances through the leaderboard.

However, you may come across technical or other kinds of issues, that you can resolve by yourself. 

Give a thorough read to this informative guide and share your opinion with us. 

FAQs on Gimkit Join

How many people can join a Gimkit? 

The maximum number of people who can join Gimkit at once is 500 participants.  

Can you play Gimkit without paying? 

You can access currently featured unlimited game modes with the free plan. However, Gimkit Pro gives access to all the game modes.

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