15 Best Kawhi Leonard Highlights and Moments of All Time

Kawhi Leonard is a professional American NBA basketball player. The player has received many awards while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) including two two-time NBA championships, and five five-time All-Star. 

The two-time All-NBA player has the nickname Claw or Klaw for his exceptional hawking skills, large hands, and being the best two-way player in NBA history. He’s also known as the best defender and often referred to as the Robot Defender. 

Moreover, he’s also known for being boring and underrated as many people didn’t watch how great he plays. However, Kawhi fans always express how much they love basketball when he’s playing in the game. Therefore, his best moments in basketball leagues are described below. 

15 Best Kawhi Leonard Plays, Moments and Highlights 

15 Best Kawhi Leonard Plays, Moments and Highlights 

The best Kawhi Lenorad highlights of his all basketball games are given below; 

15. Portland vs San Antonio

In the match between Portland and San Antonio, Kawhi Leonard gave his best shot in the third quarter and it’s known to be a historic moment in his highlights. The game scores were Portland (38) and San Antonio (49), however, it didn’t stop Claw from making a goal. 

14. San Antonio vs Miami Marlins 

In the third quarter of the game, the best defender got a goal, although a Miami Marlins player was trying to block him by pushing him. Yet, he was able to get a goal. 

13. San Antonio vs Oklahoma City Thunder 

When SA (108) vs OKC (107) with OT 44.6, the best defender Claw took the basketball from the opponent player before he could goal and it became a historic moment. The skillful defender showed his skills once again. 

12. Kings vs Clippers 

Kings vs Clippers 

In the second quarter of the match between the Kings (53) and Clippers (58), Kawhi came into the center and took the ball from the Clippers’ player. After taking the ball, he threw it right into the basket net from there, making another memorable goal.  

11. San Antonio vs Oklahoma City Thunder 

In the West Finals Game 6, Kawhi Leonard played the goal with his left hand in the game between San Antonio vs Oklahoma Thunder. The remarkable goal sent ripples down the audience and everyone was astounded at the skills of the legendary Klaw. 

10. San Antonio vs LA Clippers 

Amid the opponents on every side, with 86 over 78 points, Klaw once again took the hearts of the audience by making the goal in a tightly-knit situation. 

9. Utah vs San Antonio 

While the basketball net was jammed with players from both teams, Kawhi Leonard dealt with the players around him magnificently and got the point by making a goal while others were gaping at him. In the fourth quarter, the points of the teams were Utah (91) and San Antonio (86). 

8. LA Clippers vs Houston Rockets 

In the match, Kawhi Leonard made a quick move and scored a goal despite being enclosed by the opponents trying to push the ball away from the bet. However, he persisted against his opposition and scored a goal.  The third quarter was drumming with LA Clippers (71) and HOU (50). 

7. Boston Celtics vs LA Clippers 

In the fourth quarter of the Boston Celtics (90) and LA Clippers (84) match at 3:23, Kawhi passed the ball into the net splendidly. The moment is widely regarded as his 10 top highlights of Klaw attacking on the field. 

6. San Antonio vs Miami Marlins 

In the final match between SA and Mia, the third quarter at 6:00 witnessed one of the greatest hits of NBA all-time history. A massive goal was made by the two-time NBA star player. The moment was recorded in the hearts of basketball fans while taking the elevated ball to the top.

5. Dallas Mavericks vs LA Clippers 

In the West first round and third quarter of the match, Kawhi soared towards the net to score his goal and win the match. However, an opponent was blocking his way from the opposing team. Yet, he moves forward with astonishing speed and power to reach the goal. As a result, the player from the other team was struck a meter away. 

4. Houston vs San Antonio 

The shots in the match were indeed surprising. Kawhi Leonard added spice to the heart of the game by throwing the basketball from a few meters away while all the other players wide-eyed him after being unable to stop the shot. 

3. LA Clippers vs Denver Pioneer Men 

In the fourth quarter at around 2:00, Klaw defended the shot from Denver Pioneer Men just in front of the basketball net and threw it on the side. The phenomenal moment is available on YouTube and the beautiful block is often regarded as the best 2nd moment in his all-time history of NBA matches.

2. Utah vs LA Clippers 

In the second quarter of the game in which UTA was leading by one point against LAC, Klaw made an aggressive shot and scored a point at 1:26. The shot made Kawhi’s fans jubilant and became their all-time favorite as it showcased his skills and power. 

1. Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors 

The match between Philadelphia 76ers (90) and Toronto Raptors (90) final game 7 had a splendid climax. In the fourth quarter, both teams were tied at 90 score and just in the last few seconds, Kawhi Leonard made a goal just before the end of regulation. The whole crowd was buzzing into cheers at the win, which was possible due to the team’s hard work and last shot of Kawhi. 

Don’t forget to share your favorite Kawhi Leonard shots, moments, plays, and highlights in the comments below. 

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