Innocams: Categories, Features, Installation, Applications, Merits & Cost Consideration

Want to improve your surveillance system? You have come on the right page as Innocams has taken the standards to new heights with its high security and advanced technology. Who doesn’t want proactiveness in their security? This cutting-edge technology comes with the right feature which allows artificial intelligence detection, advanced security footage, two-way communication, and interactive characteristics.

This type of surveillance is way beyond typical video recording as it allows the business world to keep a good eye on its surroundings. There’s advanced software to give comprehensive data analytics and real-time monitoring to elevate your security to another level.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Innocams, its unique features, how to set it up, applications, merits, security concerns, cost considerations, and possible Drawbacks.

What Is Innocams?

Innocams is a surveillance camera system used in public spaces to keep a keen eye. It’s preferred over others due to the use of AI with security that notices every detail, isn’t it fascinating? 

You can keep track of every moving object anything that feels suspicious to you can immediately take action. Besides that, this webcam system includes several cameras that are all linked to one server. That server uses a special machine learning algorithm that detects movements and the identity of objects whether they are harmful or not.

Another plus point of using this system is that it provides a configuration that sends notifications alerting us about suspicious things or if something has been placed in a restricted area. 

You will get HD images giving us maximum clarity. It has improved protection for your homes as you can monitor who enters and leaves your premises and who or what is a possible threat. Offices and retail stores can install these to prevent theft and other burglary issues common in such places. 

Isn’t it amazing? How you can keep 24/7 monitoring of your homes with advanced technology and safety.

Categories of Innocams

There are certain categories that you can choose as per your requirements and locations. You can install them either indoors, outdoors, or at remote locations.

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The product lineup is here:

Outdoor System

This one is suggested if you want to monitor a wide range of areas and they are weather-resistant means they can tolerate sunlight, rain, or snow.

Indoor System 

These are installed when you want to monitor small compact areas such as houses, retails or marts, and offices where you can effectively monitor everything. 

Mobile System

The way technology is progressing and people have switched to their smartphones for literally everything. Innocams mobile phones can be a perfect solution to monitor remote areas and vehicles. 

But still, you need to consider some points to choose the perfect model, including:

  • You must choose the one that is not too costly but still provides the right services.
  • You can consult a security expert to know which model will work best for you. 
  • You must take a detailed look at your requirements and needs when choosing the model, as we don’t want you to miss anything. 

Hesitant to buy this high-end security system? Don’t be as your security matters the most and you won’t be disappointed by choosing this.

Unique Features of Innocams

What are some amazing features you can access by installing these cameras? The prominent ones are:

  • It can effectively track suspicious movements and identify objects by advanced algorithms.
  • It aids in recognizing faces and is ideal in public places where you have to keep track of who’s coming or going out. 
  • One of the superb measures is that it effectively analyses human behavior. 
  • It sends alerts and notifications in case of emergency. 
  • It’s connected to a server or smart system providing a combined system that makes surveillance more secure and reliable.
  • It provides cloud storage allowing you to have your data stored. 
  • You can have HD images even if there’s pitch-black outside as it’s facilitated with night vision technology.
  • You can even talk to the person on the other end of the camera known as two-way communication. 

How To Set It Up?

There are some simple instructions that you can follow and set up your high-end cameras. 

  • Choose a location, whether you want to install it indoors, outdoors, or on your phone. 
  • Now grab all the essential tools, including a ladder (if you are going to mount it on ceilings), an anchor, drill, screws, and whatever else is required.
  • Each model comes with its instructions, so thoroughly read the guidelines to know about its specifications. 
  • Now secure the camera on your desired location (we suggest tugging it on to check it doesn’t fall off)
  • If you need to do wiring, do it discreetly to avoid visibility. 
  • We highly recommend you check how it monitors and captures the targeted locations and views. 

Isn’t the procedure just breezy? You don’t need any expertise, just some common sense and the right tools.

Applications of Innocams

Where can you effectively employ innocent? Have a look into its effective applications. 

  • They could be applied in the healthcare sector where you can keep track of patients’ movements, and doctor and patient safety, and send alerts in case of emergencies. Isn’t it convenient? 
  • These are employed in retail stores to analyze customer movements and prevent theft. 
  • You can use these cameras in traffic security which analyze traffic patterns and send alerts to higher staff to optimize management. It also helps in preventing accidents. 
  • Last but not least, you can have maximum security and surveillance at your private places and government-allocated areas.


Well, what’s so special about Innocams? Its technology and other functionalities set it apart from other traditional security domains. Here is a breakdown of the benefits you can have by blunting these cameras on your premises.

  • Who doesn’t want to be notified of the threats even before they happen? ALL OF US! These cameras send alerts to make you aware of anomalies and suspicious movements.
  • You can have sophisticated security protocols as these advanced cameras can recognize faces, track every movement, and detect whether something is threatening by using AI tools. 
  • You can integrate these cameras with smart systems such as alarms, and smart lighting which improves their security capabilities. 
  • You can access remote monitoring of the place even without being present there. You can access recorded footage and live feeds at any place at any time. 
  • You just can never be dubious about its effectiveness. Its tracking abilities are marvelous and are useful in public places and traffic monitoring. 
  • It allows you to customize and configure the cameras as per your needs. You can tailor the tracking, alerts, and analytics as per your preferences.  
  • It has brilliant prospects as it’s clear the way technology is evolving day by day. There’s a chance of more accuracy and authenticity shortly. 

Isn’t it just what we need in this world? Utmost security by all means.

Cost Considerations

Are they costly? Considering their services, they are budget-friendly. But still, the cost changes according to specific model.


Concluding these high-tech cameras, Innocams is an integration of AI and other modern technical features. It’s equipped with AI tools, night vision technology, two-way communication, face recognition, tracking, and surveillance. These can be employed everywhere, at your homes, offices, traffic areas, hospitals, and healthcare units. They are budget-friendly considering their amazing performances and features. 

Have a look into all its protocols and share your reviews on it. Would you mind installing it? 

FAQs on Innocams

Can I use Innocams without a subscription?

Yes, you can access all of the features at zero cost, but accessing cloud storage and AI tools may require a subscription. 

What is the range of an Innocams camera’s night vision?

It can detect objects as far as 100 feet or sometimes more depending camera model. 

Are Innocams cameras secure from hacking?

Security is of top concern, so you must choose strong passwords and two-factor authentication to avoid any malware and risk. 

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