Which Colleen Hoover Movie Is Best Out of ‘Confess’, ‘Maybe Someday, ‘Ugly Love’ & ‘It Ends With Us’? 

Colleen Hoover Movie Adapted From Bestselling Novels Of All Time! Which Colleen Hoover movie are you excited about? Or should I ask, are you a Colleen Hoover fan as not everyone is? But there is one book liked by almost everyone is ‘It Ends With Us’. Atlas Corrigan is the universal love of every book nerd. Colleen Hoover is a New York Times bestselling writer who has published numerous books all with marvelous storylines.

Are you a book nerd? You must have heard about ‘It Ends With Us’ duology, and guess what? It has finally adapted into a movie giving us a fresh recall of our all-time favorite book. ‘Ugly Love’, ‘Confess’, and ‘Maybe Someday’ with some storyline raking romanticism and love to another level.

Although some of the changes are inevitable when movies are made on the story-plot of books. It’s impossible to capture each nuance.

Stay tuned with us to know who has been cast into Colleen Hoover movies, and how the movies stayed true to books.

Popular Colleen Hoover Movie Timeline Inspired By Books

Which Colleen Hoover movie has already been premiered? 3 books by this popular author have been adapted into books; Ugly Love, confess, maybe someday. One of the books ‘It Ends with Us’ is still in progress. It will most likely come into cinemas in 2024. 

What made Colleen Hoover so famous? Her books comprise intense romance and thrill captivating readers from all over the world. Her popularity is due to activeness on social media giving her wide exposure from all over the globe. 

Her captivating books have been adapted into equally enchanting movies allowing readers and viewers to experience their favorite characters in spellbinding performances.

Have you read any of these movie adaptations? Do you like your favorite books turned into movies or do you think they just ruin the plot? Sometimes the adaptation turned out good or sometimes turned out to be a flop. Sometimes adaptations are even better than books. Isn’t it great? 

It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us

Colleen Hoover’s books are not for the faint of heart. They delve into romance on the borderline of dark content. This Colleen Hoover movie adaptation has still not been released. When will it be premiered? The date is announced to be February 9th, 2024. 

The movie has some triggers as it involves vicious cycles of abuse and violence but still has made its way into the reader’s heart.

Characters: Who portrayed the main leads in this Colleen Hoover movie? Blake Lively will play the character of Lily Bloom, Justin Baldoni is going to be played by Ryle Kincaid and Atlas Corrigan will be portrayed by Robbie Amell. 

As per the trailer, the character’s performance is impeccable giving a great impact to this storyline. The actors are super talented and the director has worked wonders to bring out great content. 

Story Plot: What the plot is all about? Lily falls in love with Ryle when she leaves her home to run away from the bad memories of her abusive father. Although his father is dead, but still the memories linger creating a rift between Lily and her mother. 

Ryle and Lily got into a relationship and eventually married regardless of Ryle’s evasion of the relationship. Things go smoothly and suddenly Ryle pushes Lily down to the ground when she was just laughing over a trivial matter. It just instills a doubt in her mind that she will get the same relationship as her mother but she ignores it. 

Atlas’s reappearance made her understand more about the cycle of abuse she will indulge herself in.

Ugly Love

Ugly Love

This wonderful Colleen Hoover movie adaptation portrays the tragic love story of Miles and Tate trying to keep up in their relationship despite their differences.  

Characters: The lovely and ugly side of the relationship has been beautifully depicted by Nick Bateman aka Miles and Ana de la Reguera aka Tate where Miles tries to make the relationship work despite of his past demons. Tate is depicted as a powerful woman determined to fund love on her own.

Maybe Someday

What set the Colleen Hoover movie ‘Maybe Someday’ apart from its popular novel? It’s a unique soundtrack with compelling story visualization. The story revolves around Ridge and Sydney who fall in love with each other by working together while composing music. But their relationships made them tangled into a love triangle and many other miseries. 

This movie due to its compelling portrayal of emotions, and passion has given great tribute to this famous novel.



What do you need to know about this Colleen Hoover movie ‘Confess’? It’s a popular novel portraying the love story of Owen and Auburn who made their way to each other despite of all the hardships. 

Characters: Who played the main leads? Auburn’s character has been portrayed by Katie Leclerc who went into an art gallery and met the broody character, Owen played by Ryan Cooper. 

Story Plot: The story revolves around the resilient woman, ‘Auburn’ who has gone through a lot, and all of that made her the way she is. She met Owen who is a marvelous artist haunted by his demons. They met accidentally and developed feelings for each other. 

The movie has been directed masterfully with a great soundtrack and cinematography.


Concluding popular Colleen Hoover movies adapted from bestselling novels, Confess, Ugly, Maybe Someday, and to-be-released It Ends With Us. If we compare movies with books, you will be surprised to know how beautifully directors have created the scenes by keeping note of every nuance.

Ugly Love got so much hype because of its beautiful cast and unique portrayal of the characters’ chemistry. Confess and Maybe Someday have gotten the same hype as a novel. Now we are awaiting ‘It Ends With Us’ and how it will portray our favorite novel. 

Give a thorough look at Colleen Hoover’s movie breakdown, and share your feedback on it. Which one is your favorite BTW? 

FAQs on Colleen Hoover Movie

Is Colleen Hoover going to make a movie?

Yes, the most recent one ‘It Ends With Us’ going to be premiered in February 2024. Before that three of the novels have already hit the theatres. 

Who will play Atlas Corrigan in It Ends With Us? 

Brandon Sklenar is going to portray the character of Atlas Corrigan, much to readers’ dismay as they have always envisioned Moritz Hau. 

Are they making Verity into a movie?

We are not sure but in 2021, it was announced that this popular novel is under production at Amazon studios. 

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