Kyle Baugher: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Family, Career, Spouse, & Net Worth

Curious about Kelly Reilly’s real-life lover? Kyle Baugher, her husband and lover ever since the couple got married in 2012. Kelly Reilly became popular by acting in Yellowstone, Sherlock Holmes, True Detective, Above Suspicion, etc. Kyle Baugher was a regular citizen before marrying Kelly Reilly, but once they got married, he got the limelight.

The media started to pay attention to him and wanted to know everything about his personal life. Professionally he is a financier from America. Like all other celebs, Kelly Reilly doesn’t like to flaunt her personal life to the media. She has kept her family’s information under wraps. 

This article will delve into Kelly’s husband Kyle Baugher, his early life, family, professional career, love life, and net worth.

Kyle Baugher’s Early Life & Physical Attributes 

Kyle Baugher’s Early Life & Physical Attributes 

Is he born American? Yes, he was born on July 18, 1977, in New York, United States of America. His astrological sign is Cancer. 

What is his ethnicity? He descends from a white ethnicity and has American nationality. He follows Christianity. 

What does he look like? He is pretty tall, stands at 5’10’’, and weighs around 70kg. He has ocean-blue eyes and his brown hair is cropped short. He maintains a healthy lifestyle and eats healthy organic food. He avoids junk at all costs giving him great physique.

Where did he get his early education from? He studied at his native school for early education. He participated in extra-curricular activities during his studies. He got his bachelor’s degree in History and arts from Princeton University in 2002.

What brought attention to Kyle Baugher? His association with Kelly Reilly. Otherwise, he’s the average American guy. 

Kyle Baugher’s Family & Spouse

Kyle Baugher’s Family & Spouse

Regardless of very little information, we still have carved some tidbits about his family.  His parents are Harry and Kathleen Baugher. Unfortunately, his parents are dead. Besides that, he has a sister and brother, Whitney Baugher Godfrey and Thomas Spencer Baugher. 

Who is his spouse? Kelly Reilly, the popular American actress. He became the attention of tabloids when he married Kyle Baugher. They met for the first time in Texas in 2010  They started dating, love bloomed and they eventually got hitched in 2012. The wedding took place in Somerset, UK. 

Kyle likes to keep his personal life out of paparazzi and doesn’t use social media. However, Kelly Reilly shared a photo of the wedding ceremony. Both were looking over the moon. 

Is he a familial person? Well, we aren’t sure about it as he is rarely seen in public with his wife. He doesn’t use social media which gives a glimpse into their personal lives. But again, not everything on social media is true. However, Kelly shares photos of the couple together which tells us that they are in love and living a blissful life.

Do they have children? No, but they have a dog named, ‘Hairy Baby’ who is super adorable.

Kyle Baugher’s Career

Kyle Baugher’s Career

There’s much to Kyle’s personality besides being Reilly’s husband.  He as his work as a financier in Southampton. He also works as an investigator at Profound Recovery Solutions. 

Does he have any involvement in the Entertainment industry? Yes, he contributed to Jimmy Kimmel Live Show and worked as production staff in 2 episodes in 2009-2010. But he realized early that he couldn’t pursue any more. 

He switched back to finance and got involved with several investment enterprises

Kyle Baugher’s Relationships

Does he have any particular relationship timeline? No there isn’t any information given about his previous love ladies.

If he had, then he kept that private. Currently, he is happily married to Kelly Reilly. We are in awe of their lovely relationship which has lasted for more than a decade. The couple had a very short courting period in which they dated, but have still maintained a healthy balance.

Kyle Baugher’s Net Worth

He is hardworking and dedicated to his finance field. He has immense experience in investments. What is total net worth? His net worth is estimated at $2M in 2023. 

Considering his interests and professional experience, it will increase shortly. 


Concluding Kyle Baugher’s biography, he is a financier by profession, but his reason for popularity is his spouse. His wife, Kyle Reilly has made appearances in several movies and is a superstar. 

Kyle, on the other hand, lives a normal life where he is associated with his finance and investment field. He has no social media and doesn’t like to show off his personal life to the world. There’s little information about his family. He became the center of the media’s attention when the actress disclosed her relationship. Kelly’s fans become curious about the mysterious husband. He has gathered a pretty nice net worth from his business. 

Give a thorough look at Kyle Baugher’s life story and share your thoughts in the comments below. What did you find interesting? 

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FAQs on Kyle Baugher

What does Kyle Baugher do for a living?

He is a financier by profession and is an experienced investor. He has invested in many companies. 

How many kids does Kelly Reilly have? 

The actress never mentioned having any children with Kyle. The couple is quite private when it comes to their life. They never posted any photos with kids. 

Who is Kyle Baugher married to? 

He is married to Kelly Reilly. She is widely known for her acting debut. Her most popular show is Sherlock Holmes. True Detective, and Yellowstone. 

How much is Kelly Reilly’s husband worth?

He is quite proficient in his finance field and has a total net worth of $2M by 2023.

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