Australian Shepherd: Breed History, Appearance, Temperament, Maintenance & Health Issues

Do you like keeping a furry friend? Then you will love this beloved breed ‘Australian Shepherd’ which is popular among dog lovers. When you hear the word smart, then this particular breed of Aussies will be on priority because of its devoted and affectionate nature. 

If you are a fitness freak, then you will get a perfect companion by keeping Aussies as they love to jog, like doing a lot of exercise, hiking, and fetching. By having this canine buddy for your next adventure out, you both can have one hell of a workout because of the agility. 

Here we will discuss in detail its history, appearance, personality, how to properly upkeep this breed, and the possible health issues you must be aware of. 

History of Australian Shepherd

Like all the people out there, have you assumed the same this Australian Shepherd has originated in Australia? Well sorry to say, no they are not. This dog breed has come from the Basque region of Spain, particularly the mountains intersecting France and Spain. 

In the 90s the natives of the Basque region hailed these dogs with them and settled in Australia, and this breed found its way into shelters, rescuing and ranching. This breed grew up with other herding dogs as well i.e., Border Collies. 

After that, in 1993 the migration continued to West America where Californians mistakenly considered them as Australian and Californian ranchers praised this breed for its extraordinary capabilities and work ethics and decided to breed them with another one and cross-breed its miniature versions which are popular in the world today as Miniature Australian Shepherd. 

The Australian shepherd breed has been widely preferred for its agility, and sharp senses, and is used by ranchers in chasing and searching. 

Do you intend to add one Australian shepherd to your family? Well good luck, as you won’t be disappointed with this amazing canine friend. Just look for all the features that are healthy and sound like its elbows, hips, and eyes. 

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Appearance Facts About Australian Shepherd

Although Australian shepherd possesses striking abilities what do they look like? How to recognize one? Well, we have got you covered as there is a detail of all the physical attributes of this breed is mentioned here. 

Eyes: The eye color of this breed varies. Sometimes Australian shepherds possess amber eyes, deep brown but the most popular color found in this breed is light blue color. Some may have not even the same color and are heterochromatic. 

Nose: Australian Shepherds have pretty straight noses with black or maybe brown tips. Sometimes they have cute pink spots over the tip.

Ears: They have cute ears sitting high over the head with an adorable natural fold but their hearing sense is quite sharp. 

Size: The size varies in male and female Aussies. Male Australian shepherds are as tall as approx. 58 cm while the female one stands at approx. 45 cm. 

Weight: The weight varies in males and females. Females weigh less around 40-55 lbs. while male Aussies weigh approx. 50-65 lbs. 

Coat Color: The coat is usually tan-marked. The coat color may be black red or blue.

Coat Length: This feathered baby has a medium-length coat with two layers one underside insulating coat and one outer side waterproof coat. 

Tail: The tail may be shaped straight, bobbed, or docked. 

Are you excited enough to bring this stunning breed to your home? Don’t hesitate anymore as this striking beautiful creature will weave its way into your heart. 

Temperament of Australian Shepherd

The personality of Australian shepherds is considered by the general view, as your training and grooming may bring a difference in the temperament of this breed. 

How do the Australian shepherds usually behave? Well, your dog has a naturally bossy personality, it may demand your attention 24/7. Are you a first-time owner? Then we highly recommend you buy any other timid less demanding breed as it will not be a suitable choice.

Buying it for an addition to your family? Good, as this breed is quite familial, and with your constant attention you can build a strong bond. 

Australian Shepherd: Breed History, Appearance, Temperament, Maintenance & Health Issues

Your dog requires socialization from a young age from the puppy state as if they were not socially engaged, they remain antisocial and standoffish towards strangers. 

To polish their social skills, you may invite your friends over, and give your dog maximum exposure to their surroundings by taking them for strolling daily. 

Engaging your dog in outdoor activities may keep your dog healthy and increase their life expectancy as exercise is as important to them as oxygen. 

Looking for a domineering dog? Good luck! Australian Shepherd will prove to be an excellent choice. 

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Breed Care & Maintenance

Want to keep your Australian shepherd healthy? So, keep track of your dog’s lifestyle and keep it agile as much as you can. 

  • The Aussies remain healthy if you provide them with a fenced yard, where they can wager around, although they are escapees but possess fast speed, so remain careful if not properly trained. 
  • You must take your dog for an hour-long walk in a park, to keep it agile and improve their socialization. 
  • You should bath your dog regularly but not much as the bath time should be maintained once in 8 weeks to avoid stripping natural body oils. 
  • Brush your dog’s teeth regularly preferably daily.
  • You must brush your dog’s coat frequently if the skin is falling off in the shedding season.

Health Issues 

Are you considering buying an Australian shepherd? First get a health clearance certificate from the veterinary clinic, breeders, and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. It is not necessarily certain that your dog may have or will have this ailment. However, you must be aware of all these possible health issues that your breed is prone to getting in its lifetime. 

  1. Epilepsy: Your dog may acquire this, and it causes seizures. It’s not curable but you can control this medication. With proper control, your dog will live a healthy long life. 
  2. Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD): This disease causes stiffening of cartilage in the joints. The sensations are extremely painful and impede elbow movement. Overfeeding puppy dog formula causes this illness.
  3. Cataracts: This eye disorder causes difficulty in a dog’s vision. It causes cloudy vision and has its onset in old age, it can be cured by surgery. 
  4. Hypothyroidism: This indicates a shallow level of thyroid hormones and in this, the skin becomes harsh and brittle which falls off on its own. Your dog may become dark in color and lethargic. You can give medication and treat your dog for a healthy lifetime. 
  5. Allergies: The most typical ailment found in dogs. Your dog may get contact allergies by touching something such as bedding and shampoos etc. Or the Australian shepherd may get inhalant allergies inhaling pollens and dust. An ear infection is one of the symptoms.

If you find anything suspicious in your dog’s health, immediately contact the veterinary doctor or an expert breeder. 


In conclusion, the Australian shepherd is one of the most praised dog breeds because of its exceptional characteristics including its agility, smartness, work ethic, and stunning physical attributes. You must keep your dog in an outdoor environment or give it the maximum of your time and attention for its proper upkeep. You must be well aware of the dog’s health concerns and have your dog properly checked before buying. 

Have you decided to finally buy this breed? Tell us about your feedback what inspired you the most? 


Is the Australian shepherd a good dog? 

Yes, the dogs seem to get along well with their owners. They love to please their master and are one the smartest and easiest-going breeds.

Do Australian shepherds bark a lot?

Well, they do if they are not given enough attention and care. You can keep them for a maximum of four hours. 

How long do Australian shepherds live?

Well, these dogs have a maximum life expectancy of 13-15 years. 

How do I keep my Aussie busy?

Engaging them in dog activities, jumping, hiking, backpacking, outdoor obstacle training, etc. 

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