Danielley Ayala; surging Instagram Star 

Danielley Ayala is a makeup artist and influencer. Her popularity is primarily linked to a remarkable Twitter following a trend in which many companies are looking to find her.

Ayala works mainly in makeup and has online endorsements for brands, and has also acted as a part-time swimwear and lingerie designer, occasionally featuring products from different brands. You can help. Ayala has a huge amount of online content ranging from model shoots to makeup sequences, destinations and cruise travel and everyday activities. Can anyone identify Danielly Ayala? Here’s an overview of her life.

Danielley Ayala’s complete bio: age, measurements, net worth, height, Instagram, and surgery

Danielley Ayala

If you’re reading this, it must be because you are curious about this new Instagram and Twitter star. Here is everything you need to know about Danielley Ayala. 

Biography and Wiki

Danielley Ayala was born on February 23, 1994. As of now, she’s 28 years old. She graduated from the Los Angeles School of Make-up. She has taken a few other courses to sharpen her make-up skills.

Once she posted on Twitter in November 2019 about taking a make-up course. She worked as a make-up artist, hair designer and model. She also enrolled in a college for make-up courses (California’s Makeup Designory College, Burbank).


As mentioned above, Ayala loved flashy and glamorous things. Hence, she took up on a journey of becoming a makeup artist. Later, her life took turns and now she is the most sought-after model and influencer in the United States. 

Her pursuit of becoming a renowned make-up artist took her towards soaring success. She even established her own website and guides people about beauty products and cosmetics. She also works with Found Model Management; a modeling agency. She’s a signed model with them. 

She has also showcased her complementary make-up skills in the Dance of Vengeance 2018 (movie). Her career milestones don’t end here. She promotes various brands and models like Andrew Beasley, Sydney Nichole and Guetcha Tondreau. Elle and SKYN also have featured her model’s portrayals. 

Soft-Hued Agency 

Being a model and makeup artist wasn’t enough for Danielley, she made her own agency that advocates for talented models. Her fundamental focus is on talent representation. She offers many services; editorials, advertisements, commercials, and bookings. She also offers long-term contracts, particularly in the entertainment, fashion, and modeling industries. 

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Net worth

Ayala earns more than $200,000 from all her gigs and social sites (that includes her website, agency, Twitter and Instagram accounts, Patreon account, and her modeling and makeup artist projects). Tiktok was also her income generator until they banned her account under their nude and profanity section. 

Fans couldn’t get enough

The superstar Instagrammer rose to fame not just from her hard work but also from the monetized use of social media. She’s known for posting content that is elicit and profane. She has her own fan club where she posts most of her content and it’s also her fortune generator. 

Boyfriend or Dating

Tons of pictures Danielley shared on her Facebook and Instagram pages of her and Peter Lobanov from 2014 to 2016. Which means she dated him. They went to Disneyland together. She even shared some of their pics at family gatherings. But they broke up and Ayala deleted all the shots featuring him from her Instagram account. 

On March 28, 2017, she took to her social media account and posted her picture with Peter Shelegin. That was the last post she shared about her dating life. Nonetheless, nothing much is known about her private life and none of them has spoken about their relationship. 


Danielley Ayala is provocative on her social accounts but she never shared anything with her family. No pictures or even their names. Likewise, little is known about her hometown but from a source, it has been confirmed that she enjoys a healthy relationship with her family. But there are no details available on her family yet. 

Social media accounts

Twitter @dddanielley

Instagram  @danielleyayalaa 

@sonicandbrody (Ayala’s dog IG account)

Youtube @DanielleyAyalaa

Ayala’s measurements


FAQS about Danielley

Did Danielley undergo plastic surgery?

It’s rumored that Ayala has undertaken augmentation mammoplasty surgery. But it’s not confirmed. 

Does Danielley Ayala have any social media accounts?

Yes, she has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Is Danielley Ayala single?

No, she is dating Peter Shelegin according to her Instagram post that was made years ago. But it could be only a rumor as nothing much is known about her private life. 

Does Danielley Ayala have a pet?

Yes, she has a Golden Retriever whose pics she had shared on her social media accounts. 

Is Ayala a cat person or a dog person?

Is Ayala a cat person or a dog person?

Dog person as she loves dogs. According to her Instagram bio, she loves dogs more than humans. 

Hope this helped you in learning everything you wanted to know about this popular Instagram star. 

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