Why did Russell Wilson divorce Ashton Meem?? 

The media still portrays Ashton Meem as a celebrity and she got her fame by being the ex-wife of Russell Wilson. Besides her past relationships, Meem has a tremendous history of business achievements and gained huge success over the passing years. Let’s look into her interesting tale to know better about her life!  

Age & Birthplace 

Ashton was born September 6, 1987, in Richmond, Virginia. She has been raised there as well. Ashton’s age is 34 years by now. 

Ashton belongs to the White race, the majority of the Population residing in Virginia.  


Ashton’s parents’ names are Lang Meem and Molly Meem, who have been supportive of her throughout her life and honed her to be what she is today, a smart and strong lady.  

Physical attributes 

Meem towers over the average height of females and stands tall at 5’9”, approximately 175.6 cm. She weighs around 58kg which goes fine with her gorgeous height. 

She has stunning blue eyes and ravishing brown hair which makes her magnificent.  


Ashton attended St. Catherine High School for her schooling. During that earlier time in 2006, she met her future husband and sweetheart, Russell Wilson.  

Wilson was attending Collegiate School which was located a few miles from her school, but distance didn’t instigate any hindrance in their blooming love story.  

She went to the University of Georgia before she migrated to North Carolina State.  

From North Carolina State in 2010, she graduated with a B.A. in Communications as her major.   

She studied advertising at the University of Georgia after her graduation. 

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After graduation in Communication and studies in advertising, it’s no wonder that Ashton pursued the advertising industry to rise as a shining star. 

Meem did her first internship at Lewis Media Partners and McKinney right after her graduation.  

In 2011, Ashton was appointed to her first job at the designation of account executive at Richmond-based Morton Consulting after acquiring adequate experience from her internship. 

After gaining some more experience she moved to serve for American Family Insurance, where she is presently employed.  

She now works in the advertising domain and she seemed to be quite content with her job. 

Ashton Meem’s ex-husband 

Ashton had quite a story with her ex-husband Wilson, he proposed to her on August 1st, 2010, while they were staying in a Presidential Suite at a luxurious hotel in Cary, North Carolina.  

He proposed rather romantically while going down on one knee, with their adorable dog Penny, as to cheer them, Wilson said to her, I had arranged for everyone in the foyer to be quiet, Meem’s parents were waiting outside to congratulate her.   

The couple got hitched on January 14th, 2012, at the Country Club of Virginia in the presence of 300 guests.  

The wedding happened during Wilson’s NFL training at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. So the couple’s honeymoon was delayed for a while. 

Ashton Meem’s divorce from Russell Wilson  
The couple had a terrific honeymoon together. NFL drafted Wilson in the third round of Seattle Seahawks during the same year, their marriage took place.  

Just two weeks later, Wilson signed a four-year $2.99M deal.  

But in the backend, things got strained between the couple, and Wilson divorced her in April 2014. He voiced out his situation in The Seattle Times:  

“I have decided to divorce. These are not easy choices. This is a challenging time for Ashton and me. I shall no longer comment on this personal matter.” 

In the reports of USA Today, it came into notice that Wilson revealed his separation 13 weeks before the divorce, as he stopped posting pictures with his wife on social media.  

Allegations on Ashton Meem and her teammate Golden Tate 

The divorce raised rumors among the people. People speculated that she cheated on her husband with her teammate Golden Tate.  

Tate voiced out his frustration in an interview with The Cauldron: 

“I had no affair with Russell Wilson’s wife and no involvement in his divorce. Anyone who knows us laughs at that. His ex-wife, Ashton, is my girlfriend’s best friend. Russell knew the accusations against me were untrue, detrimental to my image, and an attack on my character when I was in Seattle. Whoever spread the rumor was simply negligent.” 

The uneducated minority of people, bloggers, and everyone else promoting ridiculous allegations should cut it out,” he tweeted. 

Neither Ashton nor Tate claimed that they cheated on their respective partners. No proof backed up this allegation, although Tate’s girlfriend supported her partner by writing on Instagram,  

“A blogger made up the story, Golden, Russell, Ashton, and I all know.” 


Ashton hadn’t conceived during her marriage with Russell Wilson. So reportedly, she has no children.  

Net worth 

Ashton’s net worth is surmised to be approximately $4M by the latest reports of 2022.  

Meem has various income sources as she worked as a media marketing intern, an art buyer, and a consultant in her first years after her graduation in Communication, and then she finally got a job as an Advertising Operations Assistant at American Family Insurance and still working there. 

FAQs on Ashton Meem 

Who is Ashton Meem? 

She is best known as being the ex-wife of Russell Wilson and is talented and is an Advertising Operations Assistant at American Family insurance. 

Who is the Ex-Husband of Ashton Meem? 

Russell Wilson, the renowned NFL player is her ex-husband.  

Why did Ashton Meem got divorced?  

The reason has still not been revealed, although there were a few allegations on Ashton that she cheated on her husband with her teammate and her best friend’s boyfriend Golden Tate.  

What is Ashton Meem’s relationship with Golden Tate? 

Both of their reputations were sullied due to the media’s speculation identifying Ashton and Wilson’s divorce.  

What is the net worth of Ashton Meem? 

She earns approximately $4M per year. 

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