Ring of Fire Rules: Prerequisites, Rules and Method of Play

Are you a lover of playing the Ring of Fire drinking game? If yes, then you need to know the Ring of Fire Rules. Let’s get started! This popular drinking game is popular throughout the world and is fun to play during a hollering night out. As people have different perspectives, they maneuver the rules as per their convenience, but the game’s concept remains unchanged.

Prerequisites for Ring of Fire Drinking Game

However, rules while playing may vary as per the circumstances and the company you are playing with, but the item required for the games remains unchanged.

The items comprise over:

  • Deck of cards (52 cards)
  • A solo cup
  • Any alcoholic drink
  • Group of players; usually ranges from 2 to 8 people
  • Pint glass

While playing, an empty cup is placed in the middle but the deck of cards is spread all over, and the players surround the solo cup to make a circle of face-down cards.

Alternate Names: King’s Cup OR Waterfall

The Popular drinking game goes by several other names mainly King’s Cup or Waterfall. Although the rules of the game are the same in King’s Cup there is usually a cup of liquor instead of the can and during this game, the card of the king will be drawn some of the liquor is poured into the cup which is placed in the center. The last person will have to drink the ‘King’s cup’ or the first person who breaks the circle of cards will have to take a shot.  

How to Play the Ring of Fire Drinking Game?

Primarily, all the willing players are gathered around the table, then the deck of cards is splayed around the solo cup in the form of a ring.

One by one, in their respective turn each player will pick up his card as the rules of games are according to the card which has been picked by the player, in case, he has picked ‘Two’, then he will nominate a player who will take a sip of liquor.

As there are just 4 kings, so each time the first three kings are chosen, they will add some of their liquor into the king’s cup (dirty pint).

And regretfully, the last of the king will lose the game and will be obliged to shove all of the dirty pints down his throat in a single sit.


The gameplay is clear; players take turns while drawing cards from around the king’s cup. The game rules are followed as per the selected card, the game goes on until the last king has been pulled from the ring of fire.

Ring of Fire Rules: Prerequisites, Rules and Method of Play


When the cards are spread around the drink and placed in such a there are’s no gaps could be seen in the face-down cards. Now the players can take turns either from left or right whatever suits them and will be performing the task accordingly.

Tasks as Per the Chosen Cards:

Ace: Waterfall

Each player picks up their can of beer and starts drinking at the same instant as the player on left. No one will stop till the person on the left stops drinking.

Two: You

You will choose a player who will have to take a sip of liquor.

Three: Me

Alas, now you will be the one who has to drink.

Four: Floor

Each player will touch the floor in a ‘shot not’ or ‘not it’ manner. The one touching the floor will be the one who will have to take the shot.

Five: Guys

All the boys will take a shot.

Six: Chicks

All the girls will have to drink.

Seven: Heaven

Each member will look upwards to the sky or if playing indoors then to the ceiling, the last one who will move his head upward will have to drink.

Eight: Mate

The player will have to select a companion with whom he will drink. The selected companion will drink every time you will drink and vice versa. Although, the situation could be changed if you perhaps choose a new partner.

Nine: Rhyme

You will pronounce a word, and the following person after you will have to rhyme with you with another word. For instance, the word ‘orange’ has been recommended. The rhyming will continue throughout the circle until a person says a worth match doesn’t rhyme and says gibberish, then he will drink.

Ten: Categories

Any category is selected as per the player’s choice, i.e., Classic cocktails, liquor, states, and colors. Each player will name anything from the chosen category. The player who will get out of options and say anything out of the board will have to drink.

King: Make a Rule

The king will make a rule, which every other player has to abide by. If anyone forgets to abide by the rules, he/she will have to drink and it applies to all other players, all will drink. The player who will be drinking will compliment the player by having a king card either before the drinking or will continue drinking till he compliments.

Queen: Question Master

Now by drawing this card, you got the privilege to ask questions from anyone at any time. The person will either respond with a counter question to avoid drinking. If the questioned player got out of the question or failed to respond adequately will drink. The reign continues till another player draw this particular card.

Jack: Never Have I Ever

It’s an interesting way to know somebody. In this game, each player raises three-finger and take their respective, turns and name things that they haven’t done. Each time you have done something which others haven’t, you will lower your finger. The first player who would have lowered all of his three fingers will have to drink.

Ring of Fire Rules Variations

A typical change goes in this game in the rule as “4 = whores,” “5 = drive,” and “6 = dicks.” As it’s obvious, 4 means women drink and 6 means men drink. The driving rule applies when each player drives a fictitious steering wheel and the player who will have drawn the card  turns either direction whichever suits him while pronouncing “vroom.”

The person they moved towards can either follow the same direction by also saying the exact word “vroom” or change directions by saying “skrrt.” This game goes on until someone screws up the game, and that person drinks. 

End of Game

Officially, the game terminates when the last king is drawn and the player drawing the particular car shoves down all of the liquor from the king’s cup also known as the gross cup which is placed in the middle.

Discarding the Cards

It also goes with the name of breaking the ring of fire, dumping the cards occurs when a player breaks the ring of cards. Whoever does this will have to drink from the solo cup where all players dump some of their drinks. When the ring of fire is broken, you must start the game again.


Despite the game being fun and all, caution is important to consider as hard liquor is involved and you must drink discreetly. Alcohol shouldn’t be consumed too much to affect sanity. A designated driver must be kept, who will drive home.


What is king in Ring of Fire Rules?

When a player draws King’s card, he will make rules which every other player will have to follow. On breaching the rule, he will have to drink.

What happens when a player’s drdraa queen card?

The player becomes the question master, he can anyone any question at any time. The other player will have to counter question and if he doesn’t give an adequate response, he will have to drink.

What if a player breaks the rules of a ring of fire?

If a player breaks the rules, he will drink from the solo cup and the game will be started afresh.

What is Ace by the Ring of Fire Rules?

Each player starts drinking at the same moment on the left will and will continue to drink till the person on the left stops.

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