Princess Alice of the United Kingdom: Second daughter of Queen Victoria

Princess Alice of the United Kingdom is surely an interesting topic to discuss. Alice Maud Mary of the Saxon Coburg and Gotha royal families was once the Princess of the United Kingdom. Late-life down 

He divorced the great Duchess of Hessen and Rhine in marriage. The beautiful Princess was the second daughter of Gorgeous Queen Victoria and handsome Prince Albert. 

Oh, the beautiful princess, the heart of her parents, Prince Alice, the wonderful kingdom of Britain. However, the most interesting thing about Princess Alice in Britain is the fact that she remembers the memories of defending and defending women’s rights. He also fought hard for health care during the Anglo-Prussian War. When his father contracted typhoid fever, he was cared for by Prince Alice of Britain and cared for in 1861 until his death. Princess Alice is one of the oldest celebrities. 

Quick facts about Princess Alice of the United Kingdom: 

British celebrity Born in April. 

Also known as; ALICE MAUD MARY 

Died at age; 35 

Spouse; Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse 

Father; Albert, Prince Consort 

Mother; Queen Victoria 

Died on; December 14, 1878 

Place of death; Hesse Germany 

City; London, England 

Children; several including the Prince of Wales, Princess Royal 

Cause of death; Diphtheria 

The childhood life of PRINCESS ALICE: 

Princess Alice of the United Kingdom of Great Britain was born on April 25, 1843. On June 2, she was named Alice Mood Mary, and since she was a woman, the reaction of the common people was quite hostile, as many were expecting a prince. From an early age, it was clear that Britain’s Princess Alice belonged to the common people.

As a child, Alice developed a close relationship with her brother, the Prince of Wales, and her eldest sister, Princess Royal. The princess was educated by her father and a close friend, Baron Stockman. 

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The Early life of Princess ALICE: 

Her connection to the British people was evident from childhood. She often visited tenants working on the grounds of Balmoral Castle’s royal estate, or escaped from his governor at Windsor Castle and sat on a public board to watch ordinary people watch their daily lives. During the Crimean War, 11-year-old Alice went to a London hospital with her mother and older sister to visit wounded soldiers. 

Her inherent compassion and courage led her to care for the royal family. When her father was diagnosed with typhoid fever in December 1861, he assumed his nursing duties and remained at her bedside until his death on December 14, 1861. After that, while Queen Victoria was still grieving the death of her husband, Alice served as her mother’s informal secretary. 


After some years of chuffed life with her parents, she has married the Grand Duke of tremendously alluring Hesse, PRINCE LIOUS. After that, she loco-motes Hesse with his Prince. It has Princess Victoria who suggested Prince Louis of Hesse, who she had met during her visit to the Hessian court.

Princess Alice of the United Kingdom: Second daughter of Queen Victoria

In 1860, Prince Louis and his brother Prince Henry visited Windsor Castle so that they could supposedly enjoy the Ascot Races along with the British royal family; in reality, the Queen wanted to evaluate them both as the best couple, Prince Albert was still alive during the engagement; the royal family has looked forward to celebrating the union. But his death in December 1861 cast a shadow of grief over the wedding of her daughter. Princess Alice of the United Kingdom and prince LIOUS spent their honeymoon at St Claire in Ryde. 

Life in Hesse: 

The first problem Alice and Lewis faced as a couple was their place of residence. Since she was the daughter of the Queen of Britain, the newlyweds were eventually given a house in the Old Town. It overlooked a busy street. She gave birth to her first child, Victoria Alberta Elizabeth.

Louis left Alice severely pregnant and left her third child to lead Hesse’s cavalry against the process. On July 11, she gave birth to her third child, Princess Irene. In 1869, Alice established Alice Hospital in Darmstadt for the sick and injured. She also founded the Alice Society for Women’s Education and Industry to promote women’s education and the Princess Alice Women’s Association for Nursing Education. Alice and Louis had four other children together. 

Later life and death: 

Princess Alice of the United Kingdom: Second daughter of Queen Victoria

Now we will unfold about the life and death of Princess Alice of the United Kingdom. Subsequent research showed that Alice, like many European royal families, was a carrier of hemophilia. He passed it on to some of his children, among whom Friedrich suffered from a genetic disorder. On May 29, 1873, he fell from the window of his mother’s bedroom into a fence 20 feet deep.

Although he survived the crash and survived without hemophilia, he died hours later from a brain hemorrhage. Alice clung to Ernest and her infant daughter, Marie, in an attempt to cope with the sudden loss and grief that followed. He devoted himself to his public duties, such as raising funds, medicine, and social work.

However, he and Lewis began to have serious marital problems.  He died on December 14, 1878, the anniversary of his father’s death. He was the first child of Queen Elizabeth to die and more than 20 years after his mother died. 

Interesting facts about Princess Alice of the United Kingdom: 

  • She grew up with older siblings named; Victoria, and Albert and with other siblings named; Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, and Beatrice. 
  • Birth sign of PRINCESS ALICE is TAURUS. 

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