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Han Seo Hee:

Networking platforms like Instagram are booming to have the personalities like Han Seo Hee. That is her Insta-gram accounts @hxxsxxhee.

Han Seo hee Is Quite popular because she Is Quite busy with societal

Where she frequently sees photos of herself.

Han Seo Hee Vs  Her Controversial Statements
Han Seo Hee

Seo Han can be just actually a South-Korean Traineefamous singer, reality tv actress, Instagram Influencer, and social website celebrity who belongs in Seoul. 

She’s also

known as the headlines ex-girlfriend of all big-bang’s T.O.P

Han Seo-hee Asserts she Had Been a YG entertainment trainee (That an

The entertainment business in South Korea). This was that was not known

However, I have to acknowledge that with her scandals involving largely YG musicians,

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What makes Han Seo Hee so controversial:

she trolled fangirls once they strove to protect T.O.P and also It starts Backwards in 20 17 when she Had Been Understood since the”trainee Which Perhaps not only has she accused and blamed T.O.P for using medication (even though deploying it.

Coped with medication with a lot more idols, spread false rumors of them, and also

RUINED their livelihood.

 No. That’s why she’s indeed contentious,

Are relationship T.O.P out of big-bang” (A singer/rapper from South Korea from the k-pop group big-bang ) and she maintained she had been a YG Entertainment trainee?

Han Seo Hee Vs  Her Controversial Statements
Han Seo Hee

 This was not a significant dilemma, even though it had been a dating scandal. It never

made them find intense despise, mostly because T.O.P was nearing nearly 11-years being a singer, it seems he had been at a romance.  

Many knew she smokes bud but she refused she’d given it into T.O.P. She has been sentenced to 3years in prison for smoking because a little and for its purchase and application of medication.  

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What are the controversies of Han Seo Hee?


BTS V cubbing scandal – it is somewhat bigger compared to her additional doings but could have caused very large truths.  

Within her Instagram narrative, she’d promised she went with the singer from k-pop group BTS, specifically elbow.  

She maintained she had been encouraged by her close good companion and also version Kim Kibum (with no, perhaps maybe not SHINee’s Kibum).  

This got solved immediately after BTS buffs accused

her … well LYING, of course, and she immediately apologized.

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Ikon’s B.I:

Ikon’s B.I’s medication scandal – This today, is bigger. Since a number of you

guys understand, B. I abandoned his band Ikon this past year as a result of the alleged usage of medication.

 Well seemingly via a KakaoTalk conversation, it had been clear he got the medication out of a man he knew quite well, somebody he explained he thought he would count, as he said he desired the antipsychotic medication to develop into a “genius”.  

That individual reported functioning as… surprise … Han Seo-hee. She has been sentenced to prison time.

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Wonho and Jung Daeun scandal:

Han Seo Hee Vs  Her Controversial Statements
Han Seo Hee

Wonho along with Jung Daeun scandal- This had been the very contentious one

between Han Seo-hee this past calendar year. That is because Monsta X’s Wonho had to

repay some debt to Jung Daeun.  

This could become his fault also might have

been quickly resolved. 

BUT Han Seo-hee had to combine lovely controversy.

 If you did not understand Han Seo-hee is communicating Jung Daeun and additional flame for the scandal saying he turned out as a little, used medication, tried sneaking, etc.

 After he abandoned Monsta X, she chose to hurt his standing calling him

a “murderer in practice” and on her latest Instagram live,” talentless and also an attention seeker”.

Talking about the Han Seo Hee words:

“If I was an attention seeker, I would’ve debuted as a singer, like Wonho. If I was an attention seeker, I would’ve debuted as a singer like Wonho, right? But I didn’t. Because I committed so many crimes in the past.”

”You guys hate me, right? But Wonho and I have the same personality. So he and I are on the same level.” “I’m a little bit better [than Wonho].”

“Talent? What talent does he have? Dancing? Do you call that dance? Boo! Do you call that singing? No.”

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Han Seo Hee is an amazing Southern Korean famous figure that maintains her demand at controversies and those controversies get to be the rationale of her fame. Her behavior is wholly unacceptable.  

Maybe she’d little care to her parents or she’s severely frustrated she did not introduce an idol singer at YG, it generally does not provide her right to ruin the lives of different idol painters who did triumph.  

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