How to recover Snapchat streak?

Snapchat streak lost? And searching for how to recover Snapchat streak? Here is the complete guide. Snapchat is a social app that connects folks from around the globe in order to see their daily activity?   

Moreover, a lot of people engage with each other just because of Snapchat. What actually does Snapchat do?  

If you are a regular user and sending your daily activity with your friends, it makes a streak. This streak is based on the number of days you connect with your friends by sending your daily activity. There must not be any break in between the days.   

Regarding in the realm of how to recover Snapchat streak, we have complete guidelines. This has to continue to increase the number of days. For example, you start a Snapchat streak with your friend. When both of you will send a snap it will be counted as 1 streak. And the number of streaks will be shown on the right side of the chat. Here you can see the example.   

In case, you forget to send a Snapchat streak due to your busy schedule or any other activity.   

First, there will be a warning time that you should send a streak otherwise it will be lost.   

Mostly, due to swamped routines people forget to open the Snapchat app. So, how they could check this warning? After 24 hours the streak will get lost.   

Do you want to recover your streak and couldn’t find how to recover Snapchat streak? Here is the complete guide to recovering the streak. By following these steps your streak numbers will be recovered. But you have to follow the instructions.  

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6 Steps how to recover Snapchat streak:

It is very simple. Just read the below article.   

  1. Click on the picture at the top left side. And then click on the setting that you will see at the top right side. 
how to recover snapstreak |
  1. When you will click on the setting there will be a page with various options. When you will scroll down to the support section. There you will see an option of I lost my streak. 
A complete guide to recover snap streak |
  1. Click on I lost my streak. You will see some frequently asked questions in order to guide your problem.  
Recover Snapstreak
  1. Click on I need help on the back page of these FAQS. 
  1. Finally, you will see an option for I lost my Snap streak. 
I lost my Snapstreak |
  1. After doing click on this option, there will be a complete guide to recover your Snap Streak. 
Snapstreak lost recovery |

Last but not least about how to recover Snapchat streak? This is to inform you that first, it was totally free to recover the snap streak. But now Snapchat has done some changes. When you will lose your streak with any of your friends, at the exact right side an option will come to recover the streak.   

They have made it more simple for the users. Just click on the option and there will be a complete procedure to recover the Snapchat streak. 

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