How do you recognize the house’s volatility in online football betting?

When participating in football betting, everyone knows that the house side will often have fluctuations in the odds. So how can you recognize the fluctuating odds, helping to choose a safe and suitable betting door? All of this will be explained in more detail in the 20Bet.

What are the volatility odds?

Volatile odds are simply understood as the continuous change in the odds that the house offers. During the betting period, depending on the time, the odds will have many different fluctuations that can increase or decrease depending on many factors, mostly due to the number of players betting that the house will have. that changed.

How do you recognize volatility odds?

In fact, there are many ways to help you know the volatility of the odds. Here are some suggestions for your reference about football:

 The time of the house’s bet

Usually, 2 hours before the match takes place, you should immediately see the odds table. Usually,  at this time, the house will start to make moves to customize the odds. The reason is to balance the ratio so that we can enjoy higher profits. If the odds decrease, the player will also consider placing the bet again. Therefore, the house side will also make adjustments to balance the most appropriate odds.

In addition, when the two teams participating in the competition are quite different from each other, most players will bet on the stronger team. At this time, the house side will have to use the trick of changing the odds to direct players to bet on the bottom door to create a balance, or maybe it is a trap to lure players. When the difficulty level of the rafters increases, the player side will also have the flexibility to change their bets to increase their chances of winning.

 Look closely at the odds

To be able to know if the odds are volatile or not, people need to know the initial odds offered by the house. Specifically:

– If two teams are at the top of the league table, the away team is handicapped, then bet on the away team.

– If the odds are at first 1/4 then reduce to 0 if the odds are higher, then everyone should review the situation and choose the appropriate rafters.

– Compare the strengths of the two participating teams. If the strong team has a large initial handicap and the odds increase, it is advisable to bet on the weak team. After the volatility, the strong team is at a big disadvantage.

– When watching football bets, everyone should learn carefully about the performances of the two teams. If the away team and the home team are not too different in performance, it is best to bet on the away team or choose a ball bet.

– In case the two teams are too different in form, now bet on the home team. Then it is very likely that the bet amount on these odds will change.

– If the strong team plays against the weak team, please rely on the football odds to participate in betting. For example, if the handicap is under 1 or ½ left, choose the weaker team. If the handicap is over ¼, choose a strong team.

– The odds increase, the bonus increases, the odds decrease, and the bet decreases, you should choose to bet on the underdog team.

Based on the volatility of the rafters

When participating in betting and comparing the correlation of forces between the two teams, if the above handicap is given as 1, then the volatility decreases to 1/4, but when the upcoming match continues to increase, you should bet on the lower door to be safer because it is possible that the upper team is having problems and the house wants to lure you.

In cases where the performances of the two teams are similar, it is safest to choose the home team or the away team.

In cases where the two teams are different in strength and the away team has a better performance than the home team, it is recommended to bet on the home team. The odds will have many good fluctuations before the match takes place.


Above are the shares to help people recognize the house’s fluctuations. There are many other signs that, when you participate regularly, you will easily recognize and gain experience for yourself. So, follow the odds table regularly to not be led by the house to choose the wrong one.


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