How to delete Facebook business page?

Are you looking to delete a Facebook page and could not find the right guide? Here we will unwrap all the steps that How to delete Facebook business page?  

Making a Facebook business page is a very easy process with easy steps. You just have to follow the given instructions from Facebook according to your page’s nature.   

On the same side of the mirror, if it is easy to make a Facebook business page then it is more easy to delete it. There are a plethora of options that you can choose from according to your requirements. or what you want

Definitely, Facebook will also ask you why do you want to delete your page. What is the reason?  

Whatsmind will guide you here step by step.   

There are two options to delete a Facebook business page.  

1. Unpublishing Facebook page:  

As germane with how to delete Facebook business page? There could be certain reasons behind this step. That you do not want to continue further with your business page so far.   

If you want to make your page invisible from public view. In this case, we would suggest you not to delete your page permanently. On Facebook, there is an option of “Unpublishing Facebook business page” while deactivating your business page.

After choosing this option, your page would not be visible to the public anymore. The major advantage of choosing this option is if you want to make some changes to your page. Or for the time being you don’t want to continue it. It will stop showing your page to the public.  

But after some time when you think that you want to run the page again. So it would be very easy for you. Otherwise, it will take extra effort to make the page again, inserting logo, business information, location, different verifications, and bla bla bla.  

So this is the reason this option is much more feasible if you don’t want to publicize your Facebook Business Page. Rather to delete it permanently.  

Delete Permanently:  

Secondly, if you have to change the total criteria of your page. Or is the existing business is not longer serving? Or for any personal reason you want to stop with the page. In this case, you can delete your page permanently.   

Because you do not have to continue with this page in the future. Moreover, now there is no need for the page. Then we suggest you delete it permanently.   

Most importantly, if you want to rebrand your business. Facebook business page must be deleted. It would be a good step for your coming business.   

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Restrictions to delete a Facebook business page:  

Regarding in the domain of today’s topic how to delete a Facebook business page? There are some restrictions from Facebook that you have to follow.   

There is no list of these restrictions. The whole process of deactivating or temporarily blocking the business page of facebook is very simple and user-friendly.   

You can just change the Facebook Business page visibility status or delete it if you have admin access. In other words, only the page administrator can change or delete the page and its visibility.   

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Step-to-step guide on how to delete Facebook business page?  

There are several steps to delete your Facebook page.  

  1. Login to your business page.  

2. Go to Settings and click on it to pursue further options available.

Go to Settings and click on it to pursue further options available. | Whatsmind

3. Click on Privacy. There will be an option for the business page information. Where you will be given different options in order to change it.

Delete fb page

4. Click on the Facebook page information. There will be an option at the end for Facebook page deletion and deactivation. Click on that.  

Steps to delete Facebook Business page | Whatsmind

5. There will be two options. Deactivate the page and delete it permanently. Choose according to your choice. 

Final step to delete Facebook Page | Whatsmind

There are two options available in this section of page deactivation. If you want to disable your page temporarily. As we discussed about “Unpublishing account” then choose the first option.

Or if you have to go for permanent disabled. Then go for the second option of the delete page.

Hope you would have got the authentic information that you were looking for on the topic of how to delete Facebook business page.


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