The method of playing the ball bet makes it easy for you to make money

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As a football betting player, the concept of Asian handicaps is no longer strange. In this type of bet, there are many different odds offered by the house for each match. There will be matched with a clear division of the lower and upper doors with the handicap ranging from 0.25 to 3.0, 3.5. However, for some special matches where the bookie thinks that the two teams are relatively equal, the match will be offered. The actual type of bet is very difficult to play and is often recommended by experts not to touch if you do not have enough experience. However, there are still methods to help you play the ball effectively. Let’s learn about them with our betting guide on 22 Bet.

An overview of the rafters

Before coming to an effective method of playing, we need to know what a ball bet is. As we said in Asian markets, the house will offer handicaps ranging from 0.25 to 3.0 or 3.5 depending on the match. But in some matches that the bookie thinks are relatively balanced, they will offer a match on the ball, which means that no team will have to accept a handicap. In the most succinct way, a football match is a bet in which the handicap is 0. If a player chooses any team in this market, then when that team wins, the player will get money, if he loses, vice versa. In this bet, you will be refunded when the two teams tie.

The reason the match is difficult to play is because it only occurs when two teams are equal in all aspects. That is, being evaluated equally in terms of overall strength, performance, head-to-head record, or a team that is slightly weaker but has the home advantage. This turns your ball bet into a 50/50 bet. It makes the research, and analysis of the players before each match very ineffective. It can be said that the ball bet will not be a bet for new or inexperienced players.

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 The formula for betting

Granted, football is difficult to play and requires a lot of experience, but if you both want to support your favorite team in a match against a great rival and also want to make a profit, playing football, which can sometimes be difficult, is your choice. With this in mind, we will share with you two special formulas to make it easier to win when downing money on the ball.

The first formula is that you are determined not to drop money before the game takes place. For matches with a ball, it is best to watch for about 15 minutes to understand the match situation as well as the gameplay of the two teams. During this time, the house is also likely to jump, so you will most likely have a safer choice.

For example, when the match is played for 15 minutes, the home team scores 1 goal and the handicap changes to the home team’s 0.25. This means that the house thinks that the home team is more likely to win, so there is a move to change the handicap. At this point, if you want to make a profit, go with the home team, the winning rate will be much higher. Conversely, if the match has gone on for 15 minutes and no team has scored, the handicap will not change. Then you should rely on the analysis of the situation in your field to consider the choice. It is best to choose the team with better statistics than the opponent.

The second formula is not interested in home-and-away factors. You must have heard the advice that, when the match is offered, you should boldly choose the home team because that is a great advantage. However, this advice is wrong because not only you but the house also knows this, so they have carefully measured everything, including the guest factor, and the new owner offers such a ball. And if you only choose the host without conducting analysis during the game, then a complete defeat is more likely to happen.

In short, with these two formulas, you need to follow formula 1 and pay close attention to formula 2 if you want to win at the same ball. It is highly not recommended to choose according to your feelings because you think the ratio is 50/50 because you can simply increase your winning rate thanks to the two formulas above.

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