Is Venom Dunking on Spider Man real?

by whatsmind

Wondering what it means by Venom Dunking on Spider Man after watching memes on TikTok and if it is real. It’s not derived from SpierMan Homecoming; a brand new movie of Spider-Man. The exploitable image was rather taken from the 35th edition of Venom. This edition could also be searched by its original title; Kael Ngu dunk basketball variant. 

In late 2020, numerous trends were relishing in the limelight through different challenges like; This Pic Goes Hard and Feel Free To Screenshot. They were the basic reason for this meme to go viral. 

The illustration depicted a Marvel anti-hero dunking on spiderman, a famous superhero with a basketball. In 2020, that illustration rose to the heights and began to trend on TikTok. There was a trend going on of bait-and-switch memes and skits that also popularized this meme along with Deez Nuts jokes. 

Who first posted the Venom Dunking on Spider Man meme?

According to our findings, on March 4, 2021, the earliest meme was posted on the internet by a Twitter user @kaelngu. Kaelngu is also an artist who frequently posts his art on his account. Kaelngu posted a picture in which Venom was dunking Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. This post obtained 1,180 retweets and 4,400 likes in a short while. 

Kaelngu particularly drew this illustration for SpiderMan Basketball Slam Dunk Variant — Venom 35th issue 200.

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What’s the TikTok bait-and-switch trend? 

Goodwill Pants Section by Misery creates a fervor on TikTok. You must have seen memes and short clips trending using this music. On July 1, 2002, a Tiktoker dxkvstheworld posted the meme of Venom Dunking on Spider Man after using the apparel brand Puma. The image used a Goodwill Pants Section audio clip. 

The sound and format of the meme were quite contagious. Hence, it took a jiffy to make its place in people’s hearts. People were trying to use the same setup with numerous different pictures along with punchlines. Deez Nuts jokes were having a tough competition with Venom Dunking on Spider Man meme. 

In July 2022, this meme was over popularized and many felt the need to put forward this claim. Everyone was using it occasionally and it became a staple for every TikTok user. Its surplus use soon became annoying for many and they started picking on this meme with their satiric remarks. 

Tiktoker @itsKibs was one of them who made counter memes, responses, and skits to backlash against the meme. His clips received over 102,000 likes in just five days. 

Why did Venom Dunking on Spider Man receive massive backlash?

As it was quite well-known and requested among TikTokers. Henceforth, it soon bored people and frustrated them. It’s a common belief, access to anything is bad. Access to memes is bad as it distinguishes the fiery passion they retain. 

Tiktokers created several parodies in their clips to build up the suspense. At the mid-end of the video, the suspense was lifted by an abrupt statement like; “I ****ed your father”. Soon, it became reminiscent of another trend (John Cena) that was quite popular. 

Rather than utilizing Deez Nuts jokes, social media enthusiasts followed Mic Drop moment to viral their counter clips on the Spider-Man jokes. 

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