How To Prepare To Move To College

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You have just graduated from high school and are ready to go to college. You will be living away from home in your dorm room on campus. There are many things that you must get ready for before the day comes and you take that next big step in your life. Here are a few items that will prepare you for your relocation to school. 

Get What You Will Need

How To Prepare To Move To College? When you move to your dorm at college, you should take the essential items that will make life there easier for you. Contact your new roommate to determine if you want a refrigerator, microwave, vacuum, and the other comforts that you are used to.

You can also discuss decorations as well as sleeping and studying schedules. You will want to get a laptop for school in order to do your assignments and keep up to date on campus news. These are also handy for online courses or to video chat with everyone at home.

Choose a new set of bedding and towels that are separate from your current bed. This saves on transporting it all when you come back for the weekend. Consider getting storage containers for your stuff. The space you will be in will be small so consolidating is a great idea. 

Dispose Of Extra Packaging

Many of the items that you purchase, such as a comforter or microwave, will be bought in the packaging that it was sent to the store in. While this may be convenient to pack them into boxes, it can be a hassle when you take them out in your dorm room. It is a significant amount of waste that you will need to take to an already overflowing dumpster.

To make life simpler for yourself, remove the wrapping from everything that you plan to take with you before you put it in a bag, tub, or suitcase. When you arrive at school, you can easily put your items away instead of having to break down containers and assemble them if needed. 

Begin Your Packing

It is easy to throw what you own in a box and be done with your packing. However, to make a smooth transition from home to school, you should be well-organized and careful with what you do. Find containers that are easy to carry or wheel to where you need to go. Consider using plastic tubs or suitcases for this.

Use multiple containers instead of large ones. They will be lighter to transport and are easier to arrange in your vehicle. Mark each one clearly so you know what is in it and where it should go.

Although the space you will live in is small, it will be a chore if you are bouncing from one place to another to put stuff away where it belongs. Get a layout of the building or search for pictures of it on the institution’s website. It will provide you with an idea of what you are working with as well as provide you with a color scheme for your decorations. 

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