Style Staples for Summertime Heat: A Guide for Women

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This is the season of flip-flops, bikinis, and beaches. But you don’t want to sport scrapes and severe sunburns because you were unprepared.

As far as essentials are concerned, temperature-wise, summer is one of the most rigorous seasons. Everyone is rushing around and having fun, which makes dressing for hot weather more complicated than it ordinarily is.

We’ve got you covered with a list of easy summer fashion staples that are both fashionable and functional.

The Best Fabrics to Keep You Cool in the Summertime Heat

When summertime heat hits, many women’s go-to style is a sundress. However, there are a variety of other options that can be just as stylish and significantly more comfortable. The following are some summertime fashion style staples for the summertime heat with the best fabrics to keep you cool.

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Linen Blazer

A perfect option for a summertime work event or a weekend brunch. Look for one that is tailored but not too fitted and in a light color.

Cotton T-Shirt

A classic cotton t-shirt is a summertime staple. Look for one that is fitted but not too tight and in a light color. Light-colored clothes help keep your body cooler by reflecting the sun’s rays.

Khaki Shorts

Khaki shorts are a great option for a summertime barbecue or a day at the beach. Look for a pair that is comfortable and in a neutral color.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a great option for a summertime wedding or a day out. Look for one that is flowy and in a light color.

Summertime Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

Warm weather means it’s time for cute summer hairstyles! Try a high ponytail or top knot for a quick and effortless style. These styles are perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep your hair off your neck.

Try a beachy wave or messy braid for a sophisticated look. These styles are perfect for summer parties or days spent lounging by the pool. 

Summertime Makeup Tips to Keep You Looking Fresh

The heat and humidity can wreak havoc on our makeup, leaving us looking anything but fresh. Steer clear of heavy, full-coverage foundations. Opt for a lighter foundation or even a BB cream. Be sure to set your foundation with a powder to help keep it in place.

Go for a more natural look with light eyeshadow in a nude or champagne color paired with a lengthening mascara. Steer clear of dark, vampy lips and go for something a little lighter. A peachy nude lip gloss or a light pink lipstick is perfect for summertime.

The Best Accessories to Keep You Cool in the Summertime Heat

A great summer hat will protect your face and head from the sun. Click here for more info on the perfect summer hats available for you. Also, a pair of sunglasses will keep the bright rays out of your eyes.

A lightweight scarf can also help keep the sun off your neck, and a cooling neck wrap can be a lifesaver when the temperatures start to soar. And of course, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Feel Your Best in These Summer Fashion Style Staples

To feel your best during the summertime heat, it is important to have the right summer fashion style staples. Bring out the summer fashionista in you, and choose the perfect clothing and accessories to keep them cool and comfortable all season long.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your summer style today!

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