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If you use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media app. Then, you must know about the era of changing my mind meme. It became a hot sensation that is alive till today. Now, you must be going through all of the change my mind memes in your brain. And there must be a lot of them you had scrolled through on the internet. If not, then it must ring a bell. 

What’s changed my mind meme?

Memes are just memes, right? Everyone likes memes, if not change my mind. 

Likewise, this meme started with a remark with a caption that change my mind. Reading the change my mind meme caption, people felt the urge to lend voice to their ideas and that’s how the popularity era of these mems begin. It’s no wonder that this meme was retweeted millions of times.  

change my mind meme
Whatsmind change my mind meme
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These all are some tweets about the topic. Some are humorous while others are ironic but they all have one similar thing. That they all are the descendants of Coward’s tweet.

Origin of changing my mind meme

A white young man with a blue sweater and a cup of coffee. You can imagine him sitting on a chair with a table in front with a white sheet. On that white sheet, it was written boldly;

Male privilege is a myth 

Change my mind 

The man was Steven Crowder, a YouTuber and a conservative podcast host. He went to Christian University for a podcast. He wanted to observe whether people believed the claim that male privilege is a myth or not. And how many people thought it was wrong? He wanted to experiment with whether anyone can persuade him otherwise. But it didn’t lead to a much progressive result. Although, it became a star in a night with overflowing fame and ridicule. 

How this meme got popular?

At first, when Coward posted it on his Twitter account. It amassed negative comments as it was an anti-feminist post. The trolling ceased after a while with another wave of funkiness. People started photoshopping the picture to meet their claims and that’s how the meme took its height. Everyone had something to say and that’s where its popularity skyrocketed. 

It was also characterised as a legendary meme by many analysts. 

Legendary Meme

Why has this meme called legendary, you must be thinking that. The reason is simple: it inhabits all types of memes in it. Hence, it’s no wonder that change my mind meme has become a sensation. Some people think it’s over popular. Such people think it’s overused and old. Wanting a change isn’t a bad sign but many people still love this meme as it’s as if this meme is new. There’s another reason for its popularity which is linked with the anatomy of memes. There are a total of types of memes. 


Wholesome ones include positive memes that are heartwarming or considerate. They don’t only amuse the readers but also generate optimistic sentiments. They’re encouraging or complimenting. Like you must view some memes that compliment a person and at the last line, they tell it’s you or see in the mirror. They’re lovely. 


The second type is the one that’s used widely. They include ironic, sassy, flatly silly, shocking, and creative content.


As its name suggests, these spread like cancer. They’re tweeted the most as they’re utterly amusing. One can’t help but love them.

Change my mind meme covers a vast scope that fits all three of the types. Not one or two, but all. That’s why it’s a celebrated one. 

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