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4 Of the Best Entertainment Options for People on The Move

Travel is one of the best ways to enjoy your time and broaden your mind, and this is an accepted fact in the entertainment sector. However, even as you travel, commute or simply move through your normal day, it is pertinent to have a plan for your travel entertainment and the downtime and the time spent in travel hubs and airports. Here are a few ideas to keep you entertained while on the move.

Simply enjoy your travel

For many people, the principal idea of holiday travel is to do absolutely nothing and just enjoy the places you’re in. Even if you’re in the departure lounge or waiting for a flight or a train, simply people-watching or relaxing is good enough for many. So, one of the best entertainment options, while you travel, is the travel itself and the people. Engaging with or interacting with the people that you meet on your travels and being able to learn from them about the local places and culture is one of the most entertaining aspects of travel.

Streamed movies or series

Taking your smart mobile device, with all the movie or television apps that you have on your television, with you is a great way to travel or commute. The technology allows you to watch what you like when you want to watch it, just as long as you have the right mobile streaming apps loaded and the requisite data. Just ensure that you have the appropriate earpieces or earbuds as no one else wants to be able to hear running commentary of the things that you’ve chosen to watch.

Engage on social media

Having a fully charged battery and taking the requisite pictures of yourself and friends, and all the places that you have been and what you’ve done is the best way to update and keep your social media up to date and the ‘Likes’ growing. Being able to update your social media accounts and work on building your personal brand is one of the best ways to spend your time when on the move. Furthermore, you can take additional pics, comment on others’ posts and just keep the socials as up-to-date as possible. For the gamers out there you can also use your social media to watch the gaming that you may be missing, whether it is watching the latest Dota 2 competition or just friends playing at the top online casinos, social media can be the place for it all while on the move.


Being able to read on the go is one of the biggest changes to mobile entertainment that we have seen over the last few decades. Yes, many people still like to read hardcopy books and turn pages, but the trend for most is to use a smart screen or electronic reading device. A kindle or e-reader that is well recommended (and can provide sufficient backlighting and reading time) is a must. Then simply find the titles that interest you.

In an information and data age, the way we access and enjoy entertainment and have fun has changed and now takes place more often than online. The tips and insights provided above are based on well-researched ideas and suggestions that have been put forward to ensure that you’re kept entertained no matter where you are or where you’re going.

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