How to Choose a Disposable Vape

Approximately 1 in 20 people vape. Some people vape to quit smoking, while others start vaping for other reasons.

If you enjoy vaping, you might want to try some different ones to find one you like the best. While you can buy reusable ones, choosing a disposable vape is more common. 

But, how do you choose a disposable vape? What should you look for in one? 

Check out this guide to determine the best ways to choose the right vape for your needs.

Understand the Difference Between Reusable vs. Disposable

People call vapes many different things, including disposable e-cigarettes and vaping pens, and you can pick from reusable vapes and disposable ones. But do you understand the primary differences?

A reusable vape is a device that you don’t throw away. Instead, you purchase vape juice or pods to refill the device when it runs out.

Refilling a vape with vape juice takes a little work and time, but replacing a pod is simple. 

A disposable vape contains vape juice already. When it runs out, you throw it away and buy a new one instead of refilling the fluid or replacing the pod. 

Consider a Chargeable Vape

Many people prefer disposable vapes for their simplicity, but people also prefer rechargeable vapes.

When you buy a rechargeable one, you can plug it in to charge it when the battery runs low. After recharging it, the device works like new. An air bar box rechargeable vape is one example of a good type to try.

View the Nicotine Level, E-Liquid Capacity, and Flavors

Vapes also come with various levels and flavors, starting with the nicotine level. Vapes state the nicotine levels in terms of a percentage. For example, a low-dose vape might contain 2% nicotine, while higher ones contain 5%.

Secondly, most disposable vapes list the e-liquid capacity. Some list this by the amount, in terms of milliliters, while others list it by the number of puffs. You can compare these things to find one with enough capacity for you.

Additionally, you can choose vapes by flavor. Most brands come in many different flavors, including a traditional tobacco flavor. However, you can also buy flavors like strawberry, kiwi, berry, and more. 

Try Some

One of the best ways to choose a disposable vape is by trying some. When you try one, you can see how well you like the flavor.

You can also see how it hits. For example, is it smooth? 

Additionally, you might judge a vape by how long it lasts. For example, does the battery seem to die too quickly, or does it last a long time?

You’ll find the brand and flavors you like as you try various vapes. 

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Find the Best Disposable Vape

You can consider all this information as you find the best disposable vape. But, of course, testing various ones is the best way to find the one you prefer. 

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