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Why to do Edgar Cut? 10 Unique Ideas to follow in 2022

There are multiple alternatives of having an Edgar cut. It has its classic yet rugged look which is achieved by trimming the top part of hair. Let’s find out its multiple types to choose from!!

What is Edgar Cut?

The eminent Edgar haircut is one of the categories of crop cut which has its significance due to high skin fade on the sides. While there is a fine and perfectly shaped hairstyle will be at the top. It got some of its characteristics from the French crop, Caesar, and the classic undercut.

Although it has a close resemblance with the Caesar cut, the fringe style is alike but the Edgar got more class and edge. 


The deceased name of this haircut was ‘Takuache Haircut’ which was famed among South American men. The Spanish translation of this cut was ‘possum’, many men were seen pulling off this rather ingenious cut.

In early 2019 though, on February 9th, 2019, to be exact, A Puerto Rican barber named @anthonybarberpr on IG was featured on the account @mlbpuertorico, visualized etching the hall of fame MLB player Edgar Martinez into the back of a young boy’s head. From that moment, the haircut was referenced in the reel and the baseball player’s namesake.

Some postulations insinuate that the Edgar haircut has been in existence since the indigenous South American culture, the Mayans. Although, it wasn’t dubbed the “Edgar” until early 2019 on Instagram. 

The Reason for Edgar Cut Hype

In 2021, the Edgar haircut starts to gobble huge attention by being spread over social media. It got its popularity over Tik Tok.

On October 31st, 2021, a TikToker posted a video on his account which gained approx.3.4 million plays or 731,300 likes and the video was backing a Bhad Bhabie song.

On January 18th,  2022, a TikToker again posted a video that went with the title ‘Edgar’ and that gained numerally 1M plays and 154,400 likes in just a short span of time.

In 2022, a TikTok trend started where there was a walk behind Edgars. Edgar pieces also started to get viral over TikTok, in both cases, the ‘Who Do You Love By rapper YG was being used.

A TikToker named Diego. Smoove posted a reel on March 30th, 2022, gaining 3.8M plays and 647,500 likes.

Several other videos were also posted way TikTokers who had Edgar cuts. On April 16th, 2022, TikToker, who goes with the name, chedgar_isa posted a reel with the caption, “POV: ‘Edgar hasn’t found his Latina,’” reaching 3.5 million plays and 846,000 likes.

‘Anti Edgar Cut’ Petition

A petition was signed against this popular Edgar cut by the students of Riverside High school in El Paso, Texas in November 2021. The petition pivoted around banning such haircuts at school. A page named ‘therealfitfamelpaso’ was primarily posted by using an image which against approximately 11,300 likes.

Why to do Edgar Cut? 10 Unique Ideas to follow in 2022

Later on, the page again posted a video where the students were seen signing the petition which got roughly 10,700 likes over six months. The whole incident took place on November 2nd, 2021.

The story of this petition went viral on both Twitter and iFunny gaining huge attention.

Types of Edgar Cut

 The Popular edgier haircut has been classified into several types and definitely a way to pull off swagger.

  • Classic Edgar Haircut

The classic Edgar haircut is an epitome of insurgency for guys with short, thick hair. It consists of blending a more significant portion of faded skin into a short Caesar cut. Your trained barber trim the front of your hair and create a straight line over your forehead. Regardless of it being neat and clean, the classic Edgar haircut still gives off a rebellious look because of its signature sharply-defined lines.

  • Wavy Edgar Haircut

 The classic Edgar goes well with straight hair, but a wavy Edgar lets a person flaunt his hair’s natural texture and gives off quite an ingenious and cool look. In this, the barber skin fade hair at the sides but the top portion of hair will be insinuated as undercut because of length. The hair is moved aside and trimming is done while creating a straight line over the forehead.

  • Short Spiky Edgar Haircut

To get an enhanced rebellious look, a spiky texture is added to the upper portion of hair by using either clay or pomade. But in the hairstyle, the front of the hair is kept product-free to acquire a shabby carefree look. An ostentatious undercut hair effect is gained by adding short spikes with a less blended fade on the sides.

  • Mid Fade Edgar Haircut

Mid fade is added so to have a more striking edge to one’s look. It gives off a rather creative straight-line effect if one’s staring from the sides. This look is usually adopted by guys having straight medium-length hair.

  • High Fade Edgar Haircut

Mostly it is adopted by those who already are pulling off high and tight haircuts, so it gives quite a subtle change in a guy’s appearance. The sides of the hair are buzzed short with sharp high fade and the fun part is that the top portion is not equally cut short, but is styled using a brush into a mini Caesar look. The ultra-short cut hair gets life by this change.

  • Edgar Haircut + Platinum Hair

By seeing the popularity of platinum hair in men, it got equally popular by blending with Edgar’s cut. It not only pops you in a huge crowd but drastically changes your look. The white color which is acquired by using bleach makes the hair weaker, so a buzzed short Edgar cut is an excellent option. It gives ‘80s vibes due to the style and color.

  • Edgar Haircut + Choppy Hair

Blending textural elements with sharper angles is an excellent option when you want to go for choppy hair. It is acquired when the barber cut the top of hair into numerous shapes by insinuating a rugged and messy look, whereas the signature straight-line fringe is still in place.

  • High And Tight Edgar Haircut

This haircut comprises over reaching over the straight line of the entire forehead while at the same time,  an uneven contrast is ensured with the buzzed sides.  The absolute ‘lidded’ effect is captivating yet not too ostentatious.

  • Edgar Haircut + Beard

Another option for pulling off this haircut is to pair up with a beard which dramatically changes the entire look. As the beard makes a man look more mature while defining the jaws and cheekbones. This modern haircut is curt and angular and goes well with similar beard characteristics. Anchor beard is the one to swing by such a haircut.

  • Edgar Haircut Bald Fade

This type is ideal for guys with short hair, for giving a sleek but tacky fashion. In this, the sides of the head are cut short without blending into the upper section which is cut by extending the forehead line across the head. It is sharply contrasting and provides a stark ‘lidded’ effect. Mostly pulled off by the guys who prefer street style or by the athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edgar cut?

This famous hair cut has been adopted by a number of guys these days to classy edges and buzzed skin fade effect on the sides and a rugged look on the top by the messy fringes.

Where does the Edgar cut come from?

It comes from South America and closely resembles Caesar cut, and French crop.

Is the Edgar cut date back to ancient times?

Yes, thus indigenous Haircut dates back to the early 20s in South American men.

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