Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Electric Vehicle  

Only a decade ago, electric vehicles were considered a fad or novelty product. There were not many options and, the ones that were available were not too aesthetically pleasing.

However, fast-forward to the present and electric cars can be seen everywhere and bought anywhere. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new vehicle and you’re debating whether an eclectic car is a right choice, keep reading, this is the article for you.  

Rising Fuel Prices  

Recent international conflict, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as the health epidemic of Covid-19, has had a domino effect on the global economy. So much so, that we’ve seen fuel prices skyrocket and the cost of living follow suit. When you invest in an electric vehicle, you don’t have to rely on the cost of fuel. Instead, you can fully charge your car for as little as 6 dollars.  

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Countless Charging Stations  

Back in the day, a large drawback of electric vehicles was the lack of charging points available, especially in comparison to gas stations.

Nowadays, you can find many charging points near main motorways, hotels, and even large malls. If you struggle to find a place to charge your car, download a mobile-friendly app to point you in the right direction.   

Protecting the Environment  

Perhaps the most poignant reason for purchasing an electric vehicle is the fact that you can help protect the environment. Electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions which helps reduce the level of air pollution by a significant amount.

The average petrol-fuelled vehicle emits a total of 140 grams of carbon dioxide for each kilometer it drives and the average driver emits around 4.6 metric tons of this dangerous gas each year.  

Lower Maintenance Costs  

Electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs because they are made from fewer parts, therefore, it won’t need as much servicing. So much so that Yale Climate Connections estimates electric cars cost up to 40% less to maintain than gasoline cars.

If maintenance is an issue you are worried about, you can opt for a Tesla extended warranty plan to cover any replacements or repairs.  

Enjoy Federal Tax Credit and Local Incentives  

Some people are put off by the initial costs of purchasing an electric vehicle, however, we suggest you do your research and see what federal, state, and local incentives you have available. For example, you could get a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for purchasing or leasing an electric car.  

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your vehicle and that it fits your lifestyle choices.

If you like the idea of a fully electric vehicle but you don’t see it being compatible with your day-to-day life, you can always opt for a hybrid model. It’s worth getting used to the idea of eclectic cars sooner rather than later, as gas models will soon be outdated and obsolete.  


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