Teeth Braces Cost, Types and Procedure

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Imagine hanging out with your best friends and having a great time. One of them asks to take a selfie to remember the love and laughter you shared, but that finds you in an uncomfortable moment of stress and agony because you aren’t confident about your smile.

Would you hide your smile behind your friends or step out of the picture altogether? If you aren’t confident about your teeth and are tired of giving a half-hearted smirk in every picture, it might be time to give your teeth a makeover!

With braces, your teeth can be aligned perfectly in a short-time period, so you can smile while showing your perfectly aligned teeth every time! There is a range of braces available in India, and you can pick one according to your dental needs. 

When you are selecting an orthodontic treatment, making sure that it is within your budget is also of primary importance. If you have been searching for how much braces cost in India and the different options you can research, this process can be time-consuming but we’ve got you!

Read on to find out how much teeth braces cost, their types, and procedures!

Types of braces

Metal braces

The wired metal braces are what spring to mind when someone mentions braces since they have been widely used for many years and are the obvious choice. Because they are bonded to the teeth and cannot be removed, these braces are popular among parents because they are less expensive than other types.

The procedure includes a dental appointment, creating a mold for your teeth, after which your braces would be placed on your teeth.

Ceramic braces

Metal braces are disliked because they are noticeable and thick, which might change someone’s look. If this was a concern for you as well, ceramic braces are the next best option because they use the same metal wires in white along with tooth-colored brackets. 

The procedure of getting ceramic braces is similar to metal braces, however, the cost of ceramic braces would be slightly higher than how much metal braces cost.

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Lingual Braces

These braces are the most specialised and have a very distinct design from metal braces. You don’t need to be concerned about your braces being seen because these are placed behind the teeth offering a cosmetic advantage. After taking impression of your teeth, customised brackets are made for you.

How much do teeth braces cost in india?

You may be curious about braces pricing in India now that you are aware of the many types of braces that are offered on the market. If so, stop searching right now. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that each person’s orthodontic treatment will vary substantially, which will also have an impact on the cost of braces.

Make the best choice with clear aligners!

Clear aligners, which are more modern than traditional metal braces thanks to advancements in orthodontics, are quickly taking their place. Clear aligners are simple to wear, provide results seamlessly and will make you feel confident.

Your teeth will eventually be straightened with the use of clear aligners. These provide you with greater mobility and comfort as compared to braces, and their translucent appearance makes them invisible to the human eye.

Take the free smile evaluation if you’re thinking about obtaining clear aligners, and then contact toothsi to schedule a scan.

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