Best Sneakers to Start Your Collection

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Did you know the 2009 Louis Vuitton x Kanye West sneakers were once advertised for 10,000 dollars? Start your sneaker collection today with the latest pair of sneakers, and in ten years, they might be worth thousands.

Begin your sneaker collection with a golden-era sneaker or the hottest ones on the market. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about what kind of sneakers to buy.

This guide will teach you the best sneakers to add to your collection. Try adding a mix of sneakers like Air Jordan’s all the way to Converse.

Ready to learn more? Check out the sneaker shopping tips below.

You Could Order a Pair of Reebok Sneakers

The Reebok Club C sneaker debuted in 1985, first under the name of Reebok Club Champion. This sneaker has a tennis silhouette, supple leather, and a padded lining, improving comfort.

The Reebok trainers are pretty popular among sneaker fanatics.

Don’t Leave Out the Air Jordan

Air Jordan’s dropped in 1985 and have been popular ever since. Michael Jordan popularized these sneakers because of his natural talent on and off the basketball court. Even years later, Air Jordan remains popular.

Look at getting an Air Jordan 1 if you want the original sneaker. Air Jordan 1’s are versatile. You can wear these sneakers with jeans, joggers, or even shorts.

Some people will prefer the original colors; if that’s you, prepare to spend on them. Shop around and find the perfect pair of Air Jordans to add to your collection. 

Adidas Adizero Pro Shoes

The Adizero original tech runners remain popular among sneaker fans. They have remained functional and aesthetic, thus maintaining their popular position. 

During the pandemic, running became popular again.

People all over the world went outside and took up running. If you have become a runner, ensure you get new running sneakers when necessary so you don’t injure yourself.

You can buy a pair of Adizero pro shoes. 

Nike Air

Do you want a less bold running sneaker? You could look at getting a pair of Nike Air sneakers. They aren’t as attention-grabbing as other options. But you can still enjoy these slightly underrated sneakers.

Samba Stan Smith

Stan Smith Adidas sneakers are a popular choice. You won’t break the bank by buying these sneakers. This shoe isn’t clunky yet is the right amount of sleek. Enjoy the design details like a colored heel tab.

The Samba Stan Smith sneakers will go with any outfit. These sneakers were first created for indoor soccer.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers 

Some people love designer sneakers and will seek out the Golden Goose Superstar. The Italian brand became inspired by the different sneakers already mentioned.

Chuck Taylor Sneakers

The Chuck Taylor is an old but popular shoe. They first released this sneaker in 1917, a simple design with bare rubber soles and a textile upper region.

Chuck Taylor sneakers are a popular choice but one of the most copied and ripped-off. Cheaper brands all over the world have used Chuck Taylor as the inspiration for their sneakers. 

It received an update years later. There’s a Lunarlon insole and minor details. The shoe survived over 100 years, and not getting many improvements shows its popularity because of its simplicity.

Chuck Taylor sneakers will always remain popular among sneaker shoppers. Rappers, powerlifters, and rockers wear these sneakers. You could wear a retro style or get the low-top version of black or white Taylors.

Chuck Taylors run larger than expected, so you might want to go a half size less than you usually would. Some people wear thick socks or put their orthotics in their shoes.

Air Force 1

Look at buying Air Force 1 sneakers. They are a favored basketball shoe and a canvas for new designs. Most people wore these sneakers in Baltimore or Harlem. Yet, there’s also an influence from Bruce Kilgore and Moses Malone.

The Air Force 1 is a solid staple if you’re looking for a white sneaker. There’s also a white-and-gray version. Enjoy the fresh look with jeans or shorts. 

Nike Flyknit Racer

The Nike Flyknit is an innovative sneaker different from Free and Air technology. The Flyknit franchise is worth over a billion dollars. You can choose from over 28 other models.

Consumers will enjoy the knitted sneaker in the Flyknit Racer.

It’s the debut pair; the Racer works as a performance shoe for marathon runners. Yet, people embraced the sneaker as a fashion option, as well. The sneaker’s well-known for its sleek shape and simple weave pattern.

People love this as a fashion choice because it’s super easy to integrate with their clothing. The Racer has essential colorways like Oreo and Multicolor.

Enjoy wearing a pair of Flyknit Racers because it’s a staple of fashion and sports.

Try Getting a Pair of New Balance Sneakers

New Balance is a New England brand of sneakers, loved across the States because of its American origin. The sneakers are simple, but the quality is relatively high. The most popular brand of sneakers to try is the 998 brand.

You shouldn’t have a challenging time finding these sneakers.

Try getting at least one pair of New Balance Sneakers for your collection. The New Balance 998 brand has a pigskin suede upper part and an Absorb midsole.

People will wear these sneakers with jeans or even sportswear. People might also argue that you should get 1500, 577, or 997 brands.

Are you looking for a super comfortable sneaker? Look at picking up a pair of New Balance 990s.

The iconic sneakers debuted in 1982 and began with the New Balance 990. These sneakers are pretty popular because of their retro look and mesh panels.

If you’re a runner, you should replace these sneakers when they begin to break down. You want to prevent any potential injuries.

Don’t Leave Vans off Your List

Consider picking up a pair of Vans called the Authentic, debuting in 1966. It isn’t an ideal pair of sneakers for skating, but it will work with any colorway. There are many releases and collaborations on this sneaker.

Shop around until you find a pair of Vans that will suit your style.

Pick up a Pair of Yeezy Sneakers

Kanye West created a new line of sneakers called the Adidas Yeezy label, filling the line with Boost-cushioned sneakers.

The Yeezy Boost 350 came in four colors: Oxford Tan, Pirate Black, Turtle Dove, and Moonrock. Yet, in 2016, you could get the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga, the first colorway of the 350 V2s.

All the sneakers have a Primeknit-woven upper and also a full-length Boost midsole unit below. Shop around for a unique pair of Yeezy shoes here.

Do You Have a Pair of Nike Dunks?

People who love streetwear will have already seen Nike Dunks. These sneakers were for the basketball court in 1985, inspired by the AJ1s. The Nike Dunk looks a bit like Air Jordan 1’s.

Only a couple of years ago, the Nike Dunks went through a significant edit. In 2019, different colorways and co-branded editions appeared.

Adidas NMD

The Nomad is a popular sneaker, first created by Adidas and Pharrell Williams in 2014. Then, shortly after, there became a new line of casual Adidas sneakers celebrating the nomadic history of humans.

Look at getting one of the colorways from Pharrell Williams Inspiration Pack.

Nike Sacai Blazer Low

The Japanese luxury fashion brand Sacai and Nike worked together to create a unique collab shoe. In 2021, they teamed up and released the Nike Sacai Blazer Low.

Look no further if you want a fashionable sneaker to add to your collection. You’ll find a unique pair of sneakers in the Nike Sacai collab.

The designer Chitose Abe reworked the original Nike Blazer and added more details. There are interesting accents like oversized orange and yellow swooshes.

You’ll also find lace guards and double exposed foam tongues. The laces are both orange and white, and finally, there’s a stacked sneaker heel. The bold accents found on the Sacai Nike stand out on the base of white leather.

Choosing the Best Sneakers for Your Collection

Think about what kind of sneakers you’d like to buy for your collection. You might want a pair of Air Jordan’s because you’re a major basketball fan.

Other people might want a super comfortable line-up of sneakers, so check out the New Balance options. Keep watching the new sneakers that debut to find out the best sneakers you can add to your collection.

Did you find this sneaker guide helpful? Check out our fashion resources on the blog for more tips.

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