3 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Plan

Did you know that 77% of internet users read blogs? Adding a blog to your existing website can increase traffic by up to 434%.

Creating a blog and randomly posting content isn’t enough to boost your online traffic upwards of 400%. You’ll need to build a content marketing plan and stick to it.

Keep reading to learn three essential elements of a content marketing strategy that can help you attract readers.

1. Entertaining Content

Your content marketing plan should focus on being entertaining and informative rather than being salesy.

You have to earn the attention of your audience. Most businesses assume that their leads find their business interesting when this isn’t always the case.

All of your content marketing should be about the needs and desires of your customers. To learn what they are searching for and what they want to know, you’ll have to dive deep into your research.

Content that benefits the reader usually solves a problem that they have or simply gives them a good laugh.

Your content’s formatting should be user-friendly. For example, when writing blogs, use these tips to attract the reader’s attention:

  • Break up paragraphs
  • Use subheads
  • Use white space
  • Write with a clear and legible font

Clarity is most important in content. Make sure the headlines and bulk of the information communicate how the reader is going to benefit from giving your blog a read.

You can outsource SEO blog writing services to ensure quality posts each time.

2. Shareable Content

SEO marketing works best when your content is shared so it’s necessary to offer a share button on your blogs.

You can use different social platforms to place content right in front of your target audience.

The hotspot social media platforms tend to change so stay up to date on the latest digital marketing trends. Find out what platform your audience likes to use and be sure to offer a share button to that platform.

3. Content Calendar

Part of your SEO strategy should include a way to consistently build a digital presence. A popular way to do that is by creating a content calendar.

This online tool can help you plan and stick to a reoccurring schedule for publishing content. It can include details of the content such as:

  • Content format
  • Time of posting
  • Posting channel

By using a shared calendar, your marketing team has visibility of the timeline and can coordinate easier.

A content calendar serves as a detailed plan to execute your SEO strategy without wasting time and resources at the last minute. Planning posts ahead of time can ensure quality and help with SEO optimization.

Content Marketing Plan Essentials

These days, a content marketing plan is necessary for businesses looking to rank higher on search engines, attract customers, and increase sales.

To find success with content marketing, create entertaining and informative blogs that readers can share to their favorite social media channels. Plan these blogs ahead of time using a content calendar.

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We have been working as marketing specialists for the past seven years. Our integral duties involve developing project strategy and outcome analysis. Recently, we have taken on more management tasks, and are currently leading two campaign creation teams. When we were in University, much interested in two things: business and leadership. When we learned about the field of SEO, we knew this is where our professional future would take place. We worked on successful SEO campaigns that have brought clients a profit margin improvement of more than 10%. In our spare time, we enjoy reading historical adventure novels and cooking.

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