How Does VoIP Enhance Business Success?

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For those who don’t know it, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a phone system that supports businesses in making calls over the internet. It works under the principle of converting sound into digital voice communication and transferring it through internet broadband. It may sound funny to the older people who were used to letters and telegrams to send information, but they continue learning new ways due to the evolving communication world.

In recent years, businesses worldwide have turned to VoIP systems due to low operational costs and efficiency. With its many benefits, it has helped small businesses to rise and more prominent corporations to continue thriving.

Impact of VoIP on Business Growth

Below are the benefits of VoIP defined.

Cost friendly

How much you can save is the bottom line for any business. One reason why many companies have opted for this beneficial VoIP is that it’s relatively cheap compared to old landlines. Doing away with a landline is a way of cutting the cost of maintenance, hardware, and phone line service. This is why growing companies may opt for VoIP, considering the lower price that business owners may incur by adding another phone line using a cloud-based solution.

Add-on features available in VoIP like call forwarding, group ringing, call queuing, and much more greatly impact cost savings in a business. For example, service providers can redirect callers to a centralized site with call forwarding. This reduces the number of serving staff, thus reducing cost.

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Enhances multitasking

Besides making phone calls, clients and business owners can use a VoIP phone system for video conferencing. This makes you stay in touch with your business partners and workers regardless of the distance. This dramatically increases team efficiency and collaboration. One can send an image, document, and videos in a conversation using VoIP. Remember, these can be done simultaneously without any delays or hang-ups.

VoIP phone can also effectively do the following:

  • Teleconferencing
  • Voicemail.
  • Instant messaging
  • Send and receive fax via email

Quick and Easy Mobility

Customers nowadays need a quick response once they contact their service providers. This is why VoIP is accessible everywhere as long as you have a stable network. This can be of great importance to your business because you can be in touch with your clients even when you are out of your working station. Furthermore, small businesses that cannot afford to hire a receptionist can benefit from VoIP as it is limitless as long as you have internet connectivity.

More secure

Information security may be a priority for many companies nowadays. This is due to increased information breaches, which may cause various losses to clients and business owners. Unlike the landline, which does not have VPNs and antiviruses to detect possible intrusions, VoIP phone calls are interconnected with digitalized features. For instance, VoIP phone calls can be encrypted. This encryption makes it harder for any intruder to intercept a phone call.

International Calls

Basic international calls can be expensive to make, especially when using a landline. A VoIP phone system can relieve this burden. Purchasing a phone number in another country is a great advantage of VoIP regarding international calling. Calling clients and coworkers abroad using VoIP can cost as low as two cents per minute.

Apart from many business advantages associated with VoIP, several may also experience downfalls when using VoIP. It would help best if you were keen on the following:

  • Latency and jitter
  • Reliable internet connection
  • No tracking for emergency calls


As many ditch old phone systems for modern ones, what’s important is to look for an efficient VoIP provider. There are many existing service providers with different features and pricing. So, please do your research and get one that suits their business.

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