The Best and Worst of Home Improvement Shows

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During the coronavirus pandemic, the United States saw an unprecedented housing boom. This makes sense considering that so many people wanted to leave the claustrophobic cities and live in homes with more space and breathing room.

It also led to a lot more interest in various home improvement shows. But while some home improvement shows are great, other home improvement TV shows are just awful. 

So keep on reading and we’ll take you through the best and worst home improvement shows that you should know about.

Best: Flip or Flop

Flipping houses is all the rage these days. But while it might seem easy to do, veteran flippers know that there’s a real art to it.

If you don’t have the time to flip a house, the next best thing is watching Flip or Flop.

This show follows former real estate agents as they purchase bank-owned properties, short sales, and foreclosures and flip them for profit. 

Worst: Flip Or Flop Spinoffs

Flip or Flop has been a hit show for nearly a decade now. However, it’s become too popular for its own good.

Now, there are no less than four different Flip or Flop spinoff series. These shows take place in Nashville, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and Las Vegas respectively.

Each show follows the same format as the original. However, these shows lack the magic that the original brings and are just simply not that interesting to watch.

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Best: Renovation Island

During the pandemic, we saw people living in the big, cold northern cities moving to warmer southern towns. And if you’re in that group, you’re going to love Renovation Island.

This show follows a contractor and his wife who try to renovate a beach club in order to turn a profit. It combines travel and design into one show. If you have your own beach house, you’ll certainly get plenty of inspiration from this show.

Worst: Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a hit show for HGTV. It follows twin brothers, one is a contractor and the other is a real estate agent. While the show was fun at first, every episode feels like the same thing. 

Basically, the brothers show a client a home that’s too expensive. They then show them a fixer-upper and turn it into a beautiful home. While that can be fun for a bit, it gets old after a while. 

Best: Home Improvement

While the tv show Home Improvement is a sitcom and not a traditional home improvement program, it’s still a ton of fun. This show helped make Tim Allen a household name and is full of hilarious moments and catchy quips. 

A lot’s changed since the show aired in the 1990s. It’s worth taking a look at the Home Improvement cast and seeing what they look like now. 

Which Home Improvement Shows Will You Watch?

There are a lot of home improvement shows out there. And while many feel formulaic, others feel refreshing and new. Hopefully, this list has given you some shows that you want to check out and some that you’ll know to avoid.

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