The Hottest Cat Trend in 2022! How To Easily Make a Cat Room

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 25.4 percent of American households own a cat. The question is, how many of them have a dedicated cat room? 

Cat rooms are for people who want their cats to have their own space to play and feel free within the home. They offer a safe haven for cats whose owners feel like it’s unsafe to let them out into the surrounding outside environment. 

Of course, even if you do allow your cat to go outside, it’s surely a great idea to have a cat room too to keep them entertained in a safe space. So let’s now check out how you can easily make a cat room for your little feline friend.

Decide Where to Put a Little Nook

Cats love to have a little space where they can hide and relax away from everyone. So, it makes sense that the first part of planning your cat room is to decide where you should put a little nook for your cat.

And if you think cats rule, why not get creative with the concept and make them a small castle design where they can be a little cat king or queen? Corners of rooms are good spots for creating a cat space. Or you could even use a closet.

Create Some Climbing Elements

One of the better cat room ideas you should implement is to create climbing elements in the room. You can do this by adding screw-in shelves that act as steps going up the wall. 

You could also add in small trees if you are willing to maintain them. There is the option to get fake trees and plants as well, which will require no maintenance. 

Make a Window Seat

Sometimes cats love to look out and stare at the world going by. Thus, among your cat room decor, you should consider adding a window seat for your little pet. 

A nice idea is to make it soft and cozy so they can laze there on rainy days or soak up some of the sun’s rays on better days. You could make it easy for your cat to get up there by adding shelves leading up to the perch point. 

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Hang Some Backpacks Up on the Walls

To make things more interesting with your DIY cat room, why not hang some empty backpacks on the walls? The idea is your cat can jump in and out of them for a bit of fun. 

Click to find a wide range of affordable backpacks that you could use to do the job. You might find that one of the backpacks becomes a favorite spot to sleep and hide for your cat. 

Cat Rooms Are Awesome

If you have the space and a small budget, you can come up with some super-creative ideas in cat rooms. Your cat will love you for the installations, and you’ll feel happier that you can play safely indoors.

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