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4 Surprising Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

The CBD is worth nearly $50 billion. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that is present in the hemp plant. As an endocannabinoid, CBD is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body.

CBD is effective on people and animals and comes with a variety of benefits. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the most surprising benefits when it comes to CBD oil for dogs. So keep on reading to learn more!

Joint Pain

If your dog has joint pain then your vet might prescribe NSAIDs. However, these drugs can come with damaging side effects, including harming your dog’s liver and kidneys.  

CBD is anti-inflammatory and doesn’t come with the same side effects. By binding with receptors in the body, CBD is able to reduce inflammation and prevent joint pain. 

CBD can be beneficial for dogs with sprains, elbow and hip dysplasia, and arthritis. 

2. Cancer

Sadly, cancer is extremely common in older dogs. It’s believed that CBD can actually help to fight cancer. 

There are natural characteristics in cancer that are able to slow the growth of tumors. 

CBD also produces energy in the body which can kill cancer cells. It can also stimulate the immune systems.  

If your dog is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy then it might be nauseous and out of sorts. CBD can quell nausea and help your pup feel better. 

3. Dogs With Seizures And Epilepsy

CBD is extremely effective at treating epilepsy and seizures. Conventional drugs come with harmful side effects and don’t always work. 

CBD is able to significantly reduce seizures in people and in dogs.

In fact, one famous example was a young girl, Charlotte Figi. Charlotte would have hundreds of seizures every week. After taking CBD oil, she was down to having a few seizures every month. 

Scientists are still trying to understand how CBD is able to prevent seizures. Currently, they believe that seizures are caused by abnormal electric charges in the nervous system. CBD is able to bind to receptors in the nervous system and stop seizures from occurring. 

4. Anxiety

Anxiety is very common in dogs. Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, noise phobia, aggression, and more. 

CBD is able to regulate hormones in the brain, like serotonin. This regulation helps dogs stay emotionally balanced and be less anxious.

When you shop for CBD for dogs, it’s important that you go with a reputable vendor. 

Understand the Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs 

Like people, dogs can suffer all sorts of problems. And CBD oil for dogs is proving to be a natural and effective way to treat a variety of conditions. If you think that your dog might benefit from taking CBD oil then you should speak with your pet’s vet to learn more.

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