How to Accurately Execute Wall Decor – Smart Tips

Wall decor makes your space complete by adding a sense of completion by introducing texture, colors, and focal points. Adding a perfect piece of wall decor without paying attention to the little details reduces its appearance. Proper wall decor placement is essential to get the most out of it.

So, keep reading to learn how to execute wall decor with some smart tips. Let’s have a look!

Choose Your Space

Selecting the appropriate space is the first step to perfectly executing wall decor. For example, a wall people glance at while walking makes the most suitable wall for some wall art. For instance, as you enter your living room, visualize a cheerful artwork of a sunflower on the opposite wall. It immediately makes you happy and changes the vibe of the place.

So, some of the most suitable places to hang wall art are:

  • Wall art looks brilliant on large blank walls. It can be in your living room or bedroom. It makes a statement that is both bold and minimalist.
  • Over the fireplace or adjacent to it, wall art looks amazing. A fireplace is the focal point of any room, and when paired with decor, the combo seems very interesting.
  • Wall decor over a piece of furniture like a sofa, bed, console, etc., completes the setup and creates visual interest.
  • Another amazing location is the staircase wall, where you can align attractive decor.

Be Sure to Consider the Height of the Wall Decor

Another factor that steals away the essence of wall decor is wrong height placement. Therefore, it is crucial to place decor at the right height according to the different setups. 

Some of the thumb rules are:

  • Always hang decor items at eye level when hanging items on a large blank wall. It’s 57 inches from the ground to the center of the wall art.
  • While mounting decor over a piece of furniture, the distance between the bottom of the wall art and the top of the furniture can be 10 to 15 cm.
  • Also, wall art can be 150 cm above the stair step for a better view.
  • While mounting wall art in the dining area, the eye level is lower while sitting. So, hang wall art a bit lower in this area.

Ratio is Critical

You can’t put a tiny piece of wall on a large black wall. In the same way, oversized wall art on a small wall will look absurd too. Therefore, before picking decor limits, consider the ratio.

Choose artwork covering 60 to 75% of the wall on a large blank wall. If you’re adding multiple wall pieces, treat them as one.

While mounting the wall art over furniture, make sure it’s 2/3rd or 3/4th of the width of the furniture. In addition, ensure even spacing between multiple wall pieces. The spacing can range from 5 to 15 cm depending on the size of the wall art.

How to Align Multiple Wall Arts

Aligning multiple wall pieces is tricky, but some tips can make it successful. Before drilling nails on the wall, arrange the wall art on the floor. Large pieces can go at the bottom left, and small ones are for the bottom right. In the center, you can align medium size wall art.

Also, create an imaginary center and divide the wall art equally. Ensure proper spacing and treat the whole unit as one. Wall decor having multiple wall arts like canvas, paintings, signs, planters, wall sconces, etc., looks gorgeous.

Bonus Tips

So, the trick is to choose your favorite spaces and choose pieces according to the ratio. Follow all the rules of height and spacing. Adjusting the wall decor a bit will surprise you with the enhanced effects. Regularly clean your wall art with a dry cloth, and don’t place them under too-bright sunlight. So, start now and revamp your wall decor!

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