Perks of Playing Live Roulette

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Roulette is one of the few casino games that give its players a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Players watching the dealer whip a ball around the spinning wheel creates that feeling of anxiety and excitement at the same time. 

Well, thanks to technology, players can now enjoy live roulette in the comfort of their locations. Unlike online roulette, this live game is overseen by a live dealer, and players get to watch the action in real-time just as they would in land-based casinos. 

Here are some perks of playing live roulette

1. Players Get to See the Action in Real-Time

The best thing about live dealer roulette is that it brings the atmosphere and excitement of a land-based casino right to where the players are. 

Usually, live roulette is streamed live from land-based casinos with real croupiers overseeing the game’s activities. Then, players get to watch the action in real-time. 

Another great thing about live roulette is that it allows participants to interact with each other and the dealer. This is thanks to the live chat feature most live roulette casino platforms include in their live roulette games. 

With this interaction feature, players can feel more included and in control of the game. The opportunity to interact with other participants and the croupier also promotes transparency in the game. 

However, some participants may be distracted by the interactions between other participants and the live dealer, making them not concentrate fully on the game’s proceedings. 

2. There Are Many Roulette Tables to Choose From

Another significant benefit of live roulette is that there will always be roulette tables with vacant seats. Unlike normal roulette in land-based casinos, where gamblers sometimes have to wait for a table with an available seat, live roulette always has open seats. 

Some live roulette sites take it further by allowing players to choose their live dealer. So, individuals get a chance to go through the available tables and select their preferred croupier. 

This feature allows participants to feel more in control of the game. It also enables individuals to be more relaxed and comfortable while playing since they can choose the dealer they are pleased with. 

However, gamblers should be careful when choosing a live roulette table and not be carried away by the option of selecting a live dealer of their choice. 

When choosing a table, individuals need to look at the bet options and go for a table with bets they can afford.

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3. Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

Many live roulette sites have bonuses and rewards exclusively for live roulette players. These bonuses range from the welcome bonus to deposit bonus and cashback offers for the losses accumulated during a live roulette game. 

Individuals can take advantage of these bonuses to explore different roulette tables without spending money. Some players may be lucky and win real money with these bonuses. 

However, players should consider several factors before accepting a bonus. For starters, they need to consider its validity period. By knowing a particular bonus’ validity period, an individual can utilize it before it expires. 

Another important factor to consider is its wagering requirement. A casino bonus’ wagering requirement is like a rule stating that an individual must wager a certain amount of money before being allowed to withdraw the winnings made from a particular bonus. 

For instance, if a casino bonus has a wagering requirement of 20X, it means that an individual must place bets that are 20 times the worth of that particular bonus before they’re allowed to withdraw it or the winnings made from it. 

4. Players Can Abstain From Playing

Unlike online roulette, players can choose to abstain from playing live roulette. Perhaps, an individual’s funds have run out, or they aren’t in the mood for playing. Many live roulette casino platforms allow these individuals to join a live roulette table and watch others play. 

This feature is excellent for individuals, especially newbies, to watch and learn new skills implemented by the active players. What’s more, it’s also a great way to curb habitual gambling as people can still get satisfaction from watching other gamblers play. 

5. Players Have the Option of Speeding Things Up

Recently live roulette had an upgrade; live speed roulette, thanks to a game developer called Evolution. As its name suggests, this live roulette is super fast, with spins taking about 25 seconds. 

Evolution live speed roulette has brought a whole new level of excitement to this game by how fast it is. 

What’s more, speed roulette has eliminated the “dead time” in this game. This is the time spent waiting for all participants to place their bets. This has enabled individuals to participate in more live roulette games. 

6. Players Can Get a Realistic View of the Place Where the Game Takes Place

Thanks to technological innovations like virtual reality, live roulette players can now have a realistic 360° view of the land-based casino or studio where the game is taking place. 

Many live roulette casino platforms have invested in virtual reality to enhance their customers’ live roulette experiences. With a realistic view inside the game’s venue, players feel more included and in more control of the game. 


Live casino games, in general, have enabled many gamblers to have a front-row seat to realistic and authentic gambling experiences. Nowadays, individuals can have the same experience as they would in land-based casinos from the comfort of their current locations.

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