Guide For Parents To Enable TikTok Privacy And Safety Settings

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TikTok is a sensational social media platform that is popular worldwide for its easy content creation and sharing features. As TikTok Privacy And Safety Settings is the main topic. Once opening the application, users will discover more short videos and get greater inspiration to create content of their own by presenting the most memorable moments. You can best utilize its filters, special effects, fun stickers, etc.

TikTok’s endless entertainment videos have addicted younger generations to the platform. As the trends are rapidly moving, it is best to buy tiktok fans to better enhance your fame on the platform. Now, TikTok is the most influential Gen Z platform on the globe. However, there may be some threats associated with the platform, so the parent should be more cautious and ensure what their children should watch out for. Read this guide and explore more about the privacy and safety settings to control your children’s use. Therefore, parents can easily protect their children from watching the unwanted content on the platform. Let’s kick-start this article. 

TikTok Privacy And Safety Settings 

If your child is using the TikTok application, the first thing is that you have to become more familiar with the platform and its privacy and safety settings. TikTok has introduced privacy settings for users aged 13-15, which means that default settings may vary on the user’s age. Get to know that a few of the application’s settings can be varied, so as a parent, make sure to understand how the platform works and look at how to enable, block, and report the inappropriate content on the platform. 

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TikTok Account Privacy 

TikTok accounts settings are set to private for age groups under 16. And for those above the age of 16, the settings are set to public by default. The private account should authorize who can follow your account and explore your videos. All TikTok users can see your profile picture, username, and bio even if you have a private account, so don’t expose any personal information. If you are aware of account privacy, create and share valuable videos regarding privacy settings and utilize Tikviral to make it viral. Viewers under the age of 16 have such a private TikTok account by default, but there is an option to change it to a public account. 

TikTok Video Downloads 

Users easily download TikTok videos by adjusting the settings on the platform. However, if the users are below 16 years of age, the video downloads are automatically set to ‘off’ and cannot be changed. 

The option to enable/disable video downloads is under ‘Settings and Privacy’ of the user’s account. 

TikTok Video Comments 

The TikTok privacy setting is to set default depending on the user’s age. However, users can change the setting. For instance, if the user is under 16 years, the default setting is set to ‘Friends.’ It means that the followers of your account can only comment on your videos that everyone can’t. In contrast, if the user is over the age of 16, the default comments are set to ‘Everyone.’ Later can be changed as per the user’s need in the Settings and Privacy menu. You can even turn off your comments for your videos under the posts. 

TikTok – Recommend Your Account To Others 

TikTok users can choose the other accounts to suggest their videos to other account holders, and they will like or follow you. For users aged below 16, the setting is ‘Off’ by default. Later, it can be changed to ‘On’ by the users. For users above 16 years of age, the setting is set to ‘On’ by default. Users can change the settings in the Settings and Privacy menu. 

TikTok – Blocking & Reporting 

As a parent, you should watch your children’s activities and block and report the unwanted videos to safeguard your children from unwanted activity. So here, let’s see about it. 

1. Blocking: If any users badly interact with your account through likes, comments, follows, or direct messages, it is suggested to block them immediately. 

How you can block a user: 

Tap the two dots in the upper right corner of the user’s profile. 

Select ‘Block.’ 

2. Reporting: If you are a viewer, you can report other users’ videos, hashtags, direct messages, comments, live videos, and sounds. 

If you want to report a user, direct message or video: 

  • Tap the two dots at the upper right of the screen. 
  • Choose a report. 
  • Select the valid reason for reporting. 

If you want to report a sound or hashtag: 

  • Tap the Share button. 
  • Choose a report. 
  • Select the valid reason for reporting. 

If you want to report a comment or any live video comment: 

  • Tap and hold on to the comment. 
  • Choose a report. 
  • Select the valid reason for reporting. 

Filter Content & Comments 

In the privacy setting, you can enable comment filters and restrict offensive comments or spam until they are approved. In addition, filter keywords on videos until they are approved. For users below 16, this setting is default and will not be changed. 

Restricted Mode 

The restricted mode will restrict the inappropriate content for the user in the TikTok newsfeed. You can enable this setting through the Digital Wellbeing menu and protect the password. Restriction mode filters and restricts the videos and ensures your children’s using the internet safely. 

Family Pairing 

Family pairing is a helpful feature on TikTok to involve the parents or guardians to connect with the children’s or teenagers’ accounts. Parents can control the Screen Time Management, Direct Messaging, Search, Restricted Mode, and who can find your account and comment or like on your videos using the Family Pairing feature. 

Wrapping It Up 

Putting it all together, I hope you become familiar with the privacy and safety settings. As a parent, be more responsible and talk to your child about what content they should share on the platform and how to protect their profile.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the child’s safety and want to be aware of users worldwide, then create and share the content related to the privacy and safety settings. To widen the reach of your content, leverage Tikviral which best helps to leave a solid digital footprint. It means a lot to increase the interactions around the platform and increase the conversation to take the precautionary steps to ensure children’s safety and security. 

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