Ways to Get Paws Printing of your Pet Dog

by whatsmind

Paws printing of your pet dog can be a great piece of art. You may take the print of your dog’s paw for great art projects, holiday cards, or even for mold casts to show to the people around you. 

The paw prints of your dog or the mold can also be a very memorable piece of your dog for you. A pet dog becomes like any other member of your family and so it is very natural for you to keep a memorable piece of your dog. This is a very unique way to keep your dog’s memories alive. There are different ways to take the paw printing of your dog.

You can take the print of your dog’s paw with ink pads and paints, you may also take the help of clay dough to take the impression, and the salt dough is also very common for taking paw prints

Make Your Pet Comfortable

Pets are very sensitive. They are very innocent and fail to understand the outer world. Hence when you are planning to take the paw prints of your pet, be very kind to your pet. Hurting your pet in the paws printing process is something you might not prefer.

Make sure your pet feels comfortable during the whole process. If the pet is not comfortable it may bite you or hurt you in some other ways. So, it is always better to be careful.

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Taking the Print

Whenever you decide to get paw prints of your pet dog, you can get the readily available paws printing kit available on the market. It can be an experience to cherish as it shall provide you an opportunity to bond with your dog. There are several ways to accomplish the process. Foremostly, make sure that the paws of your pet are clean. Avoid carrying out the process if its paws are cut or injured. Next, see that the paint you are using is children safe as they are easy to clean.

  • Washable finger or body paints shall work the best and is cost-effective. Water-based paints are also considered good as they are non-toxic and can be removed easily. Just dip the paws of your pet in the color and gently take the print on a piece of sturdy paper. Hold on the paws on the paper for a couple of seconds and then lift it. 
  • The dough is another safe way to get the prints of your dog’s paws. Mix a proportionate amount of salt and water and kneed it to make a ball. Cover it with wax paper and push your dog’s paws gently into it.
  • Another good option for getting your pet’s paw print in ink. You may get archival ink that is non-toxic and has lesser chances of fading away. But if you are apprehensive about using ink, you may always opt for the other above-mentioned paints. 

Preserving your dog’s paw prints shall ensure a memorable keepsake of the life that you two spent together. The bond between you and your pet is intense and creating a memento is a marvellous idea.


You can create a unique memento by scrapbooking your pet’s paws print. Once you have done the paws printing of your pet you may let your imaginative power go wild. You may combine the paw prints with the pet’s picture or may laminate it along with a fur sample of the dog. 

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