A bunion is painful and gets rid of it with Bunion Splint

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One may have one bunion or two in both the legs and that will make life uncomfortable because that will not let the person wear their favorite shows, not let them walk properly, and the part of the foot will turn red, and the skin will become tender.

Next about bunion splint. It is difficult to deal with as the person will experience numbness after jogging or simply walking with shoes. There are a lot of orthopedic experts who will suggest treatments that might look ok for the patient or might not. Some treatments like surgery and over-the-counter options may work for the patient or they may seek other help like Bunion Splint.

Benefits of splint

Using the bunion splint at night helps the patient with some comfort but this is not the permanent solution. 

  • For mild and moderate bunions splint can be used at night only because no shoes can be worn on top of that. The splint is made up of a loop and hooks anatomical strap that is around the big toe and the other is around the mid-foot. The two straps are connected by a padded splint along the inner side of the foot and extend from the big toe. 
  • Due to the presence of the soft splint connected with the rigid splint, the underlying foot experiences comfort and convenience. 
  • The function of the mid-foot strap is to stabilize the transverse arch and longitudinal arch and the toe strap pulls the big toe away from the second toe. 
  • There is also a metatarsal pad that aligns the transverse arch when it is placed behind the ball of the foot. The hinge mechanism helps the big toe to flex during walking and it follows the contour of the foot gradually, mainly in the swelled area. 
  • The splint allows the natural flexing action of the big toe by straightening the bunion with the help of the motion. At night using Bunion Splint is beneficial because one can walk without taking it off. 
  • The splint gives immediate relief from the pain by straightening the big toe and reducing the bump.

Is splint relief temporary?

Yes, Bunion Splint has a temporary effect but no permanent effect. The toe is placed out when in use and it provides less relief when it is in use. Even when the splint is in use the toe looks good. Now, the question arises, will the bunion part be ok once the splint is taken off? The answer would be negative. This device can only help by relieving the pain by stretching the tendons and ligaments and helping in motion but there are no long-term benefits. 

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Postoperative benefits

Bunion splints help after the operation of a bunion to correct the ligaments, tendons, and bones. It never helped anyone in healing the pain that rises from a bunion or helps in getting rid of it.

  • Maintain correction when the ligaments, bones, and tendons are healing after the operation.
  • Helps in breaking apart scar tissue.
  • Helps with several movements.

Hence the splint is helpful post-surgery, but this is not the answer for freeing the toe from the bunion with the help of a splint alone.

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