Phishing Training For Employees: Why It’s a Cyber Security Must

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Across the world, 81% of organizations have seen an increase in email phishing attacks since March 2020. Phishing poses a significant threat to every business, but many companies do not regularly deliver phishing awareness training to their employees. 

Do you want to learn more about why your company needs to prioritize phishing training for employees? 

Keep reading this guide to learn more about this important aspect of cyber security and to learn the best ways to train your employees about phishing. 

Phishing Is Increasingly Common

Phishing is an increasingly common crime. It is one of the most common methods of breaches in cyber security and can be done in many ways. Because it is more and more common, it is essential that employees are prepared for these attacks. 

Often, it is a matter of when and not if an attack happens. 

Your company is likely to experience many phishing attacks in the coming years. When you prioritize phishing training, it will help you prepare your employees for when this happens. 

Plus, it will help you identify potential risky behaviors and employees that may lead to an increase in phishing attacks. For example, you may have employees that are more gullible than others and may be more likely to click on a malicious link!

Or, new employees may not be familiar with your phishing training and policies. Identifying these potential risks will help you protect your data from unnecessary loss. 

Teach Employees to Spot Phishing Attacks

Next, phishing email training can teach your employees how to spot phishing attacks! This is getting more difficult as criminals are becoming more creative.

Even those that are familiar with cyber security best practices can be tricked by phishing attacks. For example, email addresses can be disguised and spoofed. This may make it seem like the message is legitimate. 

There are also many different types of phishing attacks. Plus, the attacks are getting more sophisticated and hard to spot. With this training, you can teach your employees to spot each of these methods so they will not take action or follow through with the information in the email. 

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Improves Employee Response to Attacks

Teaching employees to spot phishing attacks is only the first step. You also must teach them how to respond to the attacks. What steps can they take after being targeted? 

First, your employees must report the incident. If one employee was targeted, it is likely that others will be targeted within the organization. Make sure your IT department is aware of the phishing attack!

If the phishing attack was serious, it may also need to be reported to your local law enforcement. Having the right response to phishing attacks will help you prevent them from happening again in the future!

Then, your employees can take steps to prevent future attacks. For example, they can find ways to strengthen their company passwords. 

Remind Employees About Company Policies

When you conduct regular anti phishing training, it also helps you remind your employees about company policies and procedures for cybersecurity. Even if you regularly remind your employees about phishing attacks, they may still forget about your policies. 

Training will keep this information fresh in their minds. Plus, it will help you reinforce other important policies. 

For example, you can teach your employees to prioritize strong passwords, proper data storage, and more. 

Create a Security Culture

Another great benefit of email phishing training is that it helps your company develop a culture of security. Improving cyber security is essential for businesses in every industry. Still, it takes more than a few experts to improve business security. 

Businesses need everyone to commit to keeping their systems and data secure. This means that every one of your employees needs to be accountable if you want your cybersecurity to be effective. 

Phishing training will help your employees understand what they can do to improve your business security. It will also prevent them from becoming passive and will help them take an active role in your company’s security. 

Meet Compliance Standards

Next, phishing training can help your company meet compliance standards. Depending on your business and the industry you work in, you will have to meet different standards of compliance. 

For example, businesses in the medical field must meet HIPPA standards to protect patient’s privacy. 

Many of these compliance standards require businesses to have property data security protocols and practices. Doing regular phishing training will help you and your employees stay up to date and compliant with these standards. 

Prevent Targeted Attacks

Phishing training can also prevent targeted attacks. While phishing traditionally was sent to a large group of users with impersonal messages, these attacks are becoming more personal and targeted. 

This can make the information in the phishing message seem realistic. In fact, many phishers will include your name in the subject line, have a company logo on their website, and more. 

When someone has personal information about you, it can be easy to trust them. However, phishing training is comprehensive and can help you prepare for these targeted phishing attacks. 

Need Help With Phishing Training for Employees? 

Phishing is becoming an increasingly popular method for cybercriminals to steal important information from businesses. Luckily, phishing training can prevent many of these attacks.

Teaching your employees about phishing can help them learn to spot and respond to phishing attacks. Do you need help with phishing training? We can help!

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