How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

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Have you ever thought about putting more effort into your Instagram feed aesthetic? 

When potential customers go to your Instagram account to check out your brand’s profile, they’ll immediately notice whether or not you have aesthetic Instagram photos. Why is this important? 

83% of people surveyed said that they use Instagram to discover new products and services. If you have an aesthetic feed on Instagram, you’ll be more likely to pull them in.  

Aesthetics are a big part of brand building. Instagram accounts with aesthetic feeds get a lot of traffic. Keep reading to learn how to create an aesthetic Instagram feed.

Where Do You Start? 

When you start working toward having an aesthetic Instagram feed, you first have to figure out the vibe you want to create and figure out how to deliver it. Let’s look at the steps to get there. 

Know Your Audience 

The goal is to visually connect your brand to your customers. First, you have to get to know your audience. Who are the people that are attracted to what you’re selling? 

Your Instagram account needs to appeal to them so you can draw them into your little corner of the Gram. You want a positive reaction and to give them a feeling that they belong there. 

Color Scheme 

What is the color scheme or color palette you want to use on your feed? Using a color scheme helps everything feel connected and look like a curated collection. 

Choose six colors or less and use them throughout your content in one way or another. 

Once you have the colors you’re going to use, stick with the same type of lighting and use only a few filters and editing apps to stay consistent. 

Easily remove the background from photos with a background remover app. You can then edit them in Adobe Express and add a new background, graphics, and more that work with your color scheme. 


Once you have your color palette, now it’s time to decide on a theme. This means staying true to the theme by using certain composition guidelines. 

One or more aspects of your Instagram posts should have the same look or feeling. You can do this by highlighting or using a certain color, pattern, or photo style.  

For example, if you want to have an outdoor vibe, all of your photos should either be outdoors or have some type of natural element. 

The Grid 

Don’t forget the grid. When someone clicks on your account, they’ll see a grid of thumbnail photos. You want it all to flow so that it’s aesthetically pleasing. 

Play around with your pictures and decide which ones to put in sequence. Use your photo album on your phone or computer to arrange your images first.  

Aesthetic Instagram Feed Ideas 

Your brand will flourish now that you know how to create an aesthetic Instagram feed. Keep everything consistent to bring in new followers and avoid confusing your current followers. 

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