Use a digital whiteboard to enhance student engagement

by whatsmind

Digital whiteboarding has added to the experience of student engagement. Modern software solutions offer major benefits to conventional whiteboards, offer better interactivity, and help facilitate a higher level of collaboration. Let’s find out how a digital whiteboard helps improve a student’s learning experience.

Digital whiteboarding has rendered educators amazing benefits, but a major one is getting better student engagement. They are a major replacement for conventional white and blackboard and offer additional specifications such as digital augmentation and online connection. It helps offer better teaching results and develop a more active environment in the classroom.


The interactivity of digital whiteboard proves to be its major advantage over traditional whiteboards. Apart from the core function of allowing teachers to draw, write and explain things on the board, it also offers user interface options to redo and undo things, clean the board immediately and share information from other devices. Further, you can also add audio, video, and images to the screen.

So, you have several ways through which digital whiteboarding can help make classes interactive. It also includes the use of polling to light up classroom debates and helps teachers use digital media to prove their points. 


The digital whiteboarding software also allows users to share information and show presentations and other things from other devices. This is a major help in modern classroom settings, where students can see the board and add their annotations or notes to it.

It enhances the student’s engagement and serves as a great resource when students want to refer to the previous classroom note or discussion.

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Another way whiteboarding has transformed the education system is by facilitating a better level of collaboration. For instance, if the students have to deliver group projects, they can now work together on a collaborative digital whiteboard, present a presentation, share clips and resources and work together.

Collaborative classroom discussions lead to several innovative ideas, and an amazing brainstorming session can be enhanced when kids are working together by adding new and unique elements to the board. Different minds bring different elements, which leads to better results. Some digital whiteboards also allow students to cast content from their devices on the whiteboard and present their work to the whole class. This leads to a higher level of collaboration.

It allows the teachers to get immediate feedback from students through audience voting or individual response options to take care of further things accordingly. Meanwhile, the shared experience helps the class learn things and improve learning outcomes. It also helps increase engagement from students from preschool to college.


The higher level of collaboration and interactivity provided by digital whiteboards has showcased its potential and helped them make it a major part of several academic institutes. Whether using digital media on the board or sharing content or curriculum lessons with the class, a digital whiteboard serves as a great helping hand to teachers looking to enhance student engagement, higher interest, and collaboration.

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